Things Falling Together – Finally!

After a long time of clearing out the old, focusing on the new, and letting the universe guide us towards the best outcome, we’re moving finally! We wanted to move to Upstate New York to be closer to both of our families, but for a long time it seemed the energy was just stuck and no opportunities were presenting themselves. It’s really tough to be in that kind of place, when it’s an energy-level thing and trying to PUSH things along doesn’t help. But now, we can finally see the road ahead.

We found a great little place to live thanks to Craig’s List, and will be driving cross country with a car and a moving van, starting on Tuesday! I like to think this is the beginning of a new phase in our lives – sure feels like it. I seem to be discarding all the old thoughts I wrestled with for so long in favor of the newer, more elegant ones, and easily, with no consternation or mental tension.

Also, we’re moving out of a converted county schoolhouse and into a cottage that was used just for a vacation rental until now – I like that symbology! We could USE a vacation after all those hard lessons we’ve had out here!

Here’s to a smooth trip and a happy destination!

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3 thoughts on “Things Falling Together – Finally!”

  1. Does a tree think “and now I will discard my old leaves?” Nor does a flower think “and now I need rain.”

  2. Isn’t it amazing how when we choose to get out of our own way and simply “allow” things to unfold, regardless if it’s a move or something FAR bigger, it ALWAYS unfolds with unwavering perfection and always happens in perfect timing?

    It’s been going on that way for for 13.5 to 14 BILLION years, yet we still tend to attempt to “make things happen” which inevitably only serves in slowing the process.

    We tend to “judge by appearances” rather than trust in the immutable and unwavering process which always delivers just as we ourselves are choosing, regardless of how “conscious or unconscious” that choosing might be.

    Great post…Thanks for the reminder.

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