A Personal Symbol For Death

I grew up going to Catholic mass every Sunday. I mostly just went through the motions and it never really ‘stuck’, but apparently some of the symbols have stayed with me from those early days. For example, in learning more about the ways my intuition attempts to communicate with my conscious mind I’ve found that I apparently use the symbol of a cross to mean a death. It’s not something I consciously decided on, it just became evident that that’s what the symbol was trying to say. I usually get just a flash of a cross when I’m laying down to go to sleep or just getting up in the morning, only semi-awake. And the cross looks very different, depending on the situation.

The first time it came clear that it was a message I saw multiple crosses on a hillside in a particular pattern, and then discovered that the Shuttle Columbia had blown up. When I saw a photo of the crew online, each person was in the same position that the individual crosses had been. I once saw a plain cross with a bright glow behind it when my favorite great aunt died. I even saw a little cross made of twigs and stuck in the grass and discovered a small lizard had died on our back porch.

A few days ago I saw another cross. It was gold and rather elaborate. I tuned in to see who it might apply to, but everyone in my immediate circle of friends and family seemed fine. So I just set it aside and forgot about it for a few days. Today I learned that my friend’s grandmother had died a few days ago. I’d actually never met her, but I’d heard about her and an elaborate gold cross seemed to fit her quite well. And actually, I’d forgotten about the gold cross until I’d heard from my friend.

I’m curious about what other symbols my inner self is using and how I’ll become more consciously aware of them!
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