Not Boaring At All

Here’s a little story, just happened today actually, that shows how helpful (and important) it can be to make sure we are listening to our inner guidance and acting on those impulses/intuitions!

I was walking out to run the well pump, which is located around a hill from our house. It had rained recently, and when I got to the path that went through a small gully the dirt still looked quite muddy and there were fresh cow plops on the path that I also didn’t want to step in or slide on. I looked at the path a moment more and then decided that the smart thing to do would be to walk AROUND the gully. It was a little bit longer walk, but on grassy and level ground.

When I got to the end of the gully, a few hundred feet away, I heard a great crashing in the trees and undergrowth on the hill. I turned around quickly and a big, black, wild boar was charging out of the bushes, across the road, and down through the gully… right where I might have been had I taken that muddy path. The boar disappeared into the distance and I quickly lost sight of it from my vantage point above the gully.

Now, it would have probably been more scared of me than I was of it, but I had NO interest in that or seeing up close how big its tusks were – LOL!

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