Remote View Daily Website

Yesterday John told me about a website a friend of his had linked to online, called Remote View Daily.

If you sign up (free) you can participate in daily remote viewing experiments where they randomly choose an image, you enter five keywords, and then they ‘grade’ you on your results the next day. Both John and I signed up yesterday and entered our five keywords – we compared them later and they had vague concepts in common, but not much – LOL! Today we’ll get to see the actual image and compare our results.

This seems like a great way of getting practicing tuning in, especially since you can do it on your own time, and not have to enlist another person to choose objects or images for you to view. Stop by and try it yourself: Remote View Daily.

Matrix Code in Runes

I’m a fan of the ideas in the movie, The Matrix, as many of you probably are. I’ve had an idea for a fun design in my head for a while now and I finally got to creating it! It’s the green matrix code, but done in ancient Norse runes (like they’ve used in the Lord of the Rings movies too)! Here’s the design with details highlighted so you can see what it looks like:

I’ve added the design to t-shirts and things too, although it’s hard to see the details on these tiny images, but you get the idea – click on any image to browse all of the available stuff:

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REM Cloud – Twitter for Dreams

REM Cloud is like Twitter but for dreams. It seems like it’s not just a focused platform for sharing dreams (including perhaps lucid dreams or OBEs) with other people you know, but also for finding possible thematic or symbolic correlations with other people’s dreams and even possible interpretations.

I’ve signed up under my usual online name, so if you’re signing up at REMcloud and want to follow me (and me follow you), do a search for ‘foxvox’. Could be interesting! 🙂

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Superconscious Relationships

A online friend, psychic, and radio personality, Margaret Ruth, has just recently had her book, Superconscious Relationships, published! I haven’t yet read it myself, but the concept is quite ‘conscious creation’, so I thought I’d do a little information sharing here so more people could find out about it!

Here’s the official book blurb: “Want perfectly satisfying relationships in your life? 1-2-3. Done. It is that simple to cut through relationship information clutter and realize the universal operating laws of how superconscious relationships form. By understanding the 100-0 Law and setting a goal to experience healthy, joyful and whole relationships, you will only need a few things to make your people connections a powerful engine of personal satisfaction and expansion. Enjoyable, provocative, witty, compassionate – this sage book debunks the widespread relationship myth-information and identifies new superconscious habits with exercises such as The 100% Accurate Indicator of What is True for You and other book features including case histories, exercises, visualizations, illustrations and insights from acclaimed psychic Margaret Ruth’s decades of successful experience with thousands of radio callers and clients. Start having more satisfying personal connections today. You simply have to be willing to experience Superconscious Relationships for yourself.”

And here’s a few words from the author about the book and her background: “I have been doing psychic readings in the Salt Lake area for over a decade now and am most well known for being a regular guest on the top FM station morning show. After so many years of doing relationship readings in a compacted, pithy, radio-friendly way, I have written up some bottom line relationship ideas for my audience, which is the under-40 demographic. As you will see, the book aligns with my Sethian and Conscious Creation outlook. The book is my translation of this knowing for a group that is not perfectly familiar with the concepts. My attitude is that most relationships experts and books focus on how to fix not-good relationships and that it is actually easier and better to simply aim to have healthy, joyful, whole ones and then not so many fixes will be necessary. “

Either click on the image of the book above or click here to order the book at amazon and get more information.

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Lucid Dreaming iPhone/iTouch App

Our friend and lucid dreamer/reality creator, Jen Beaven, has created an app for your iPhone/iTouch that helps you do a random ‘reality check’.  That’s a technique where you ask yourself at various points during the day if you’re dreaming, with the intention that you’ll also remember to ask yourself the same questions while you’re sleeping/dreaming, thus giving yourself the opportunity to become lucid in your dream!

The app works like this – when you refresh the page you get a random tip from the following categories:

  • Dream Actions are simple actions to perform which may give unexpected results in the dream state.
  • Dream Signs remind you to examine your surroundings for a sign you might be dreaming.
  • Dream Tips are hints and tips to improve your odds of having a lucid dream.
  • Dream To-Dos are things to try once you’re in a lucid dream.

For more information about getting this app for your iPhone or other Apple product, click here. (For 99 cents you also get the ad-free version with a few more options.)

The good news is that if you don’t have an iPhone, you can still get a widget that you can embed on your own website or blog, and there’s also a Google Gadget version you can put on your iGoogle home page too. Click here for more info on the widgets and to see the widget in action – refresh the page to get new examples.

I embedded the widget on my homemade home-page for my browser, so whenever I open a new tab, my homepage comes up and a new tip or idea comes up – very cool!  So check out Jen’s latest creation!

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