Things Falling Together – Finally!

After a long time of clearing out the old, focusing on the new, and letting the universe guide us towards the best outcome, we’re moving finally! We wanted to move to Upstate New York to be closer to both of our families, but for a long time it seemed the energy was just stuck and no opportunities were presenting themselves. It’s really tough to be in that kind of place, when it’s an energy-level thing and trying to PUSH things along doesn’t help. But now, we can finally see the road ahead.

We found a great little place to live thanks to Craig’s List, and will be driving cross country with a car and a moving van, starting on Tuesday! I like to think this is the beginning of a new phase in our lives – sure feels like it. I seem to be discarding all the old thoughts I wrestled with for so long in favor of the newer, more elegant ones, and easily, with no consternation or mental tension.

Also, we’re moving out of a converted county schoolhouse and into a cottage that was used just for a vacation rental until now – I like that symbology! We could USE a vacation after all those hard lessons we’ve had out here!

Here’s to a smooth trip and a happy destination!

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Interesting Probability-Dimensional Shift Story

This isn’t my story, but one I ran across in my travels through the internet – a relative’s house completely disappears and then comes back – witnessed by two different people at the same time. And not only for the couple telling the story from their perspective, but for another couple who ALSO had trouble finding the house that day. Intrigued? Click here to read the entire story!

Levitation/Biofeedback Toys

NPR (National Public Radio) recently published an article mentioning that a few toys would be coming out soon that help you control your brainwaves – if you focus your thoughts correctly you’ll be able to ‘levitate’ (there’s a fan involved) a ball. Seems like a pretty physically-based kind of biofeedback tool – interesting.

And maybe as you practice, you’ll start to EXPECT levitation and be able to apply it in real life WITHOUT the tool! (I recall Robert Monroe spent so much time in the astral that one time when he tripped down the stairs he just sort of floated to the ground instead of falling and injuring himself.) I wonder if this is the next step after the Wii? LOL! (read full article)

Going Organic!

(begin overly excited and shiny marketing voice) We’re VERY happy to announce that the designs in our Conscious Creation Shop are now available on Organic t-shirts for men and women, Organic Fitted t-shirts for men and women, Organic Kids T-shirts, Organic Toddler T-shirts, Organic Baby T-shirts, and even Organic Baby Bodysuits/Onesies!

Just click on any design on the shop front page and you’ll see the new Organic apparel along with the regular catalog of products. And the best part is that the Organic clothing is really, REALLY soft – so not only is the organic cotton produced without chemicals, the texture is wonderful for people with sensitive skin too.

Stop by and check things out if you like – thanks! (end overly excited and shiny marketing voice)

Energy of the Mind

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” (Aristotle) I love it when I happen upon a quote that makes a ‘click’ sound in my head when I read it – heh. So much so that I created some inspirational t-shirts and such with this quote – such as…

Click on any of the sample images above to see all the tees and sweatshirts and such sporting this quote. Thanks for looking!