How I Got Into The Vortex

We are pleased to have an old friend as a guest blogger for this post, Andy Monheit, writing about the power of perspective!

How I Got into the Vortex
By Andy Monheit

At the Abraham (with Esther Hicks) workshop in Folsom, California, held on March 3rd 2012, I had a discussion with Abraham about how it felt to be in the Vortex and how I felt I had come to find myself there. Some people on the Facebook Abe forum asked me how I got into the Vortex, so I wrote the following:

I got into the Vortex by realizing that I was already there and understanding how it was that I could be fooled into thinking that I wasn’t in the Vortex. That’s it.

If you are reading this, I want you to know that the “you” that is reading this, is already in the vortex, and the very act of trying to figure out “how” you can get into the vortex is one of the very things that kicks you “out.” Only you are never “out,” you are simply using your mind (AKA the “power that creates worlds”) to create a world where you believe you are out of the vortex, and once you have that belief (that you are outside of the Vortex) everything you experience will only serve to verify that belief even more.

Yeah, it sounds complicated, because words are a poor medium to explain this. Think of it this way: It’s like a picture that is also a visual illusion that can be seen two different ways. In this case, if you look at it one way, your life seems to be an endless struggle where you have to constantly work at improving yourself and if you see it the other way, your life is a lazy ride down the river that gets better and better. What I’m going to try and do here is get you to see the fun way to see the illusion.

First, let’s deal with the idea that you are already in the vortex. As Abe has said so many times, we look around at our life situation, we come up with a preference – the rocket of desire – that our inner being, our larger self, takes note of and becomes, thus adding to itself and changing its vibration to a grander and newer version of You. This newer improved vibration rockets back to you in your physical body like electricity flowing down the wire into a toaster. In our case, rather than having a wire bring us the energy of aliveness, it comes to us via each living cell tuning into the energy of life like trillions of mini-computers drawing information from a strong Wi-Fi signal.

It is at this crucial point that we make the choice that determines whether we will experience life in the vortex or as though we were out.

When Abraham talks about us “pinching ourselves off” from the fullness of who we are it seems as though they are saying that we are crimping some sort of energy hose and reducing the flow of vital life force. But what if that interpretation is incorrect and the total fullness of that new and improved vibration is always allowed fully into your body and it is only what we do with that energy once it is inside that determines how much of it is available for us and how fast our dreams will materialize?

If that were true, and we are actually already full of the high frequency vibration that we are seeking, what could be the possible ramifications of that knowledge? Well, for one, we could sit back and relax and let the Law of Attraction do it’s thing and respond to our vibration and bring us all that we had been asking for. Does that idea sound familiar? Have we heard that said before? Of course! Abe says it all the time: Stop paddling! Let go of the oars! Let LOA fill in the Grid!

So why don’t we let go of the oars? Why do we struggle?

We do it for a couple of reasons. One is a preconceived notion that if we were really in the vortex our immediate external reality would be a lot better than it appears to be right now. We think we want it all now, but Abe reminds us, we didn’t come here to have everything manifest instantly. We came to “ride on the river,” to experience the living of life as our dreams slowly and surely come true. We came for the journey and the end result or manifestation is often just the lure or impetus to get us off the couch and making that trip.

So if the journey is why we came here, it is natural that the world that we perceive in front of us at any instant will be less than what we want! (That’s the GAP that Abraham talks about.) That’s the way we set it up! We want to have the fun of experiencing the movement toward our improved reality and in order to be able to have that perception of movement we must experience the life in front of us as somewhat less than all we have become. How much less will vary from person to person and from moment to moment.

The experience of life as less-than-what-we-have-become is OK if we have the knowledge that we are moving forward easily into a constantly improving reality. But what if we do not have that knowledge? There-in lies the rub – if we do not have that faith, that knowledge, that we are already the vibration necessary for LOA to bring us effortlessly what we have become, our tendency is to see ourselves as lacking in some way – and that step of seeing our inner vibration as lacking in any way begets a whole host of consequences that do nothing but slow our progress down. When we make efforts to shore up something we perceive as flawed we end up putting more and more energy into a lost cause. Just as Esther had trouble finding her “lost pen” (Even when she looked in the very place where it ended up being!), her premise that “the pen was lost” blinded her to the greater reality.

Visual Illusion - Old Woman or Young Woman?Here’s a visual example to explain this idea of how a misaligned perception can hold you back from what you want. Take a look at the illustration to the right.

If you have seen this illustration before you are no doubt familiar with how you can perceive the drawing in two ways – one as an old woman with a big nose and pointy chin and the other way as a young woman with her head turned away and just the tip of her nose showing below a wisp of eyelash. Don’t read on until you have seen them both.

In my mind, the perception of the old woman can be seen as the immediate reality we are perceiving in our current now – it is less than we desire. We might have an ailing body, a poor financial condition, a lack of meaningful relationships etc., She stands for the lower end of the GAP between what we want and what we have.

The young woman can stand for the high side of the GAP – the life we aspire to live, the improved bodily condition, the improved financial picture etc. The trouble starts when we become fixated on the old woman (our current reality) and assume that our vibration is that of the old woman and not that of the young woman and we set out to make corrections to the picture. We think about how we need to get plastic surgery to correct that big nose, or how we need to get special creams to put on her skin so she can look younger. But everything we do to work on the old lady has the effect of making us focus on her more and more, with the end result being that we see the younger woman less and less and eventually lose sight of how to even see her at all. (Abe calls this syndrome “What-Is-itis.”)

Focusing on the younger woman as much as possible would be the equivalent of knowing that you already were the younger woman vibrationally and your only job was to have fun while you watched as the old woman morphed into the younger woman. You would be content to stand back and look for signs of the universe changing the old woman into the young one.

But usually our impatience with things not happening fast enough makes us want to do something to speed up the process and the ironic thing is, when we adopt a mindset that we “have a problem that needs to be solved” we inadvertently utilize our incredible energy to create that very reality – of “having a problem that needs to be solved.” We become a dog chasing its own tail! No wonder it takes so long for our dreams to manifest!

Another reason it is hard to believe that we already are the Vortexian vibration we aspire to be is a belief that, if that were true, we would feel and think like super men and women. ”Surely, it seems reasonable” you say, “that if I have had a strong desire to be rich, and I am Vortexian vibration already, that I should know how, at the very least, to become rich? Shouldn’t I should know what lottery tickets to buy, what stock is ready to pop, what words to write in a book that will make me a millionaire?” Again, the answer goes back to the concept that we wanted to experience the journey. You even wanted to experience the moment of the inspiration of all those things – so your only job is to live your live with the knowledge and expectation that those things are all coming in perfect timing.

You should consider yourself to be like one of those expert skiers who has paid to have a helicopter take them up to a high mountain peak. All your life you have been building this mountain and now has come the time for you to have the joy of skiing down it. Is it necessary that you already have a knowledge of all the terrain you will see on the way down? Of course not! You want to experience the thrill of exploring your way down the mountain.

OK, if I adopt this idea that I already am the vibration of my Vortex, how will I feel?

Interestingly enough, except for a feeling of profound relief, you will feel pretty much like the same person you were the day before, because, after all, you have always been Vortexian Energy and the only thing that has changed is that now you are willing to play with that idea.

The feeling of profound relief comes when you realize there is no need to struggle – no more looking the Answer because You are the Answer you have been looking for. You are the 100%! There is nothing left to do but be who you are – and it sure is nice thinking that who you are is the Vibration that is going to bring to yourself all the wonderful feelings you have been looking to experience.

Another thing you will feel is increased vitality and energy because when you don’t think that you are your Vortex Vibration, you channel much of your energy into fruitless effort to change what can’t be changed through effort. When you think you already are your Vortex vibration, you see no reason to waste any energy on pointless effort – either changing external circumstances or internal ones – so you end up with more energy for yourself.