Remote View Daily Website

Yesterday John told me about a website a friend of his had linked to online, called Remote View Daily.

If you sign up (free) you can participate in daily remote viewing experiments where they randomly choose an image, you enter five keywords, and then they ‘grade’ you on your results the next day. Both John and I signed up yesterday and entered our five keywords – we compared them later and they had vague concepts in common, but not much – LOL! Today we’ll get to see the actual image and compare our results.

This seems like a great way of getting practicing tuning in, especially since you can do it on your own time, and not have to enlist another person to choose objects or images for you to view. Stop by and try it yourself: Remote View Daily.

Published in the Lucid Dream Exchange!

Birthday Box Watercolor by Kristen FoxI just got word that the Autumn Edition of the Lucid Dream Exchange is now online! I’m especially excited about this issue because it’s a special lucid dreaming, art, and creativity issue, and I’ve got a short article in it about my lucid dream inspired art activity!

You can read/download the entire issue in PDF form – just click on the following link and then click on the LDE cover image to open the file:

Special thanks to Lucy Gillis, co-editor, for coordinating with me on this!

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Levitation/Biofeedback Toys

NPR (National Public Radio) recently published an article mentioning that a few toys would be coming out soon that help you control your brainwaves – if you focus your thoughts correctly you’ll be able to ‘levitate’ (there’s a fan involved) a ball. Seems like a pretty physically-based kind of biofeedback tool – interesting.

And maybe as you practice, you’ll start to EXPECT levitation and be able to apply it in real life WITHOUT the tool! (I recall Robert Monroe spent so much time in the astral that one time when he tripped down the stairs he just sort of floated to the ground instead of falling and injuring himself.) I wonder if this is the next step after the Wii? LOL! (read full article)

Lunar Eclipse Photos (August 2007)

John and I woke ourselves up at 2 a.m. and dragged ourselves outside to watch the lunar eclipse last night. It was very cool – it really did turn a reddish hue and I can see why it seems like the moon turns a blood red! I took a few photos during different phases of the eclipse and with different camera settings – you can see the four best ones below:

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