A Lucid Dreaming Web Series – Lucidity

This is what happens when you start searching the internet for interesting websites about lucid dreaming… you find things like the Lucidity Saga! An absolutely crazy, jagged, funny, grungy, funky, psychedelic, in-your-face, independently-created video series about friends led to learn lucid dreaming because they need to stop unconsciously sharing dreams with each other before the psychological damage drives them insane… even moreso. *grin*



Or, as the creators describe it:

Starting in January 2010 Lucidity is a new breed of web series. In fact it’s a Web Saga. Created not for product integration, but rather as,”An honest desire to encourage people to lucid dream and explorer alternate levels of awareness and consciousness,” expresses Creator Sean Oliver, “The dream is still a mystery. People live their lives thinking that we understand it, but the truth is we don’t, we ignore it. If we can’t accurately comprehend the dream state then perhaps some of our assumptions about normal consciousness are misguided as well. I think we should all explore that. Awake and asleep. Alive and dead.”

The entertainment industry is on the brink of evolution. The awesome unstoppable powers of the Internet coupled with modern advancements in technology have allowed creativity to finally champion economics. Produced from the pockets of the poor and made from the minds of the mildly mad, Lucidity is digital proof that you don’t need Hollywood and millions of dollars to make your dreams come true.


That’s all the warning you get from us! Now, go watch it now!  (preferrably not at work, but only because it’s loud, and you may find yourself watching it for longer than you should, and then feeling too psychedelic for that afternoon meeting.)