Catching Those Subtle Thoughts

For some reason it always surprises me when I become aware of a thought I’ve been thinking that had been flying just under the radar of my consciousness.  Something I’ve let run through my brain unconsciously for so many years I just stopped seeing it.  They seem to show up when I’m intent on moving beyond them – the feel of the new thought or vibe I’m reaching for suddenly highlights the old unconscious thought in a sharp contrast. I probably wouldn’t even notice those old thoughts if I wasn’t pushing myself to change. And if I wasn’t now able to catch the icky or negative/limiting vibe that these old thoughts were still broadcasting. New vibe? Feels good, open, promising. Old vibe? Feels restrictive, annoying, like a shirt made for someone else.

What sometimes helps me dig these old thoughts up more completely is pretending that I’m already experiencing the situation that I’m reaching for, or just about to. If I find it hard to inhabit that new vibe fully, I start asking myself why. How do I feel in this new situation when I picture myself with my family? When I’m working? When I’m at the store? What do I feel other people are thinking about me in this new situation? (This is, of course, never about what other people would really be thinking, but what I’m PROJECTING onto them.)

After I finally SEE the old thought/belief, it feels like it’s all suddenly just layed out on the table in front of me and I can sweep the old ones into the trash can – what a relief! And… onward into the new vibe with no anchors, weights, or hooks holding me down.

Anyway, it always sounds weird to me when I try to write down these internal processes – like describing to someone how you choose which kind of soup you want in a restaurant – fascinating reading – LOL!!

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2 thoughts on “Catching Those Subtle Thoughts”

  1. This reminds me of something Seth said (in a nutshell): It’s not that your beliefs are unconscious; rather your beliefs are often SO conscious that you look right past them and see them as ‘facts’ rather than beliefs. Waking up to them can be fascinating!

  2. Exactly so! 🙂 In this context I think he also said something about they myth of things being ‘subconscious’ and it’s ‘just’ a matter of choosing to see them. ‘Just’ – LOL.

    – Kristen

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