Channeling Sessions – Group 8

Dreamlike Qualities of Physical Reality, Perceiving Essence

We’ve reached a new threshold of awareness. As you move deeper and deeper into the mystery, it’s like a tunnel in the mountain. You’re drawing all the other aspects and expressions together in the now. It is a natural thing (for them to be drawn to this now). The gathering that creates this space also creates it as a dreamlike experience, and the feeling of seeing for the first time. Also motion. Camouflage becomes less substantial. So that’s why you have the dreamlike feeling and at the same time youre physical. It doesn’t break the threshold, or morph but you do see the underlying motion of each object. It’s as if you are seeing the intention behind the object.

Experiencing Essence, Relativity, Expanding Perception in Physical Reality

So the way you experience “intention” is by perceiving on some level a sense of visual movement around the perimeters of each object. So we’ve lost a sense of absolute resolution or definition of detail. Like you look at a line or edge and you see it but you also don’t. Oryou see it’s not-ness. It’s the relativity of the object which gives it the ability to be perceived. It’s actually a realignment of the perceptual ability within the brain so that the functioning elements of the brain become aligned with the spiritual truth of creation in a way that alters the way they function. It becomes like a physical manifestation of higher seeing. Higher knowing. It also provides a widening or increase of space of current probabilities so that the current probability becomes more flexible. It’s actually bigger. Because it is containing more. As these expressions and aspects of self gather together it’s like the difference of knowing that you are in a house on a street and knowing that you are in a house on a street in a country. Knowing the difference in the spatial feel to it. It is an overlapping, a joining together of the molecular structure of seemingly disparate worlds, in the same way the bisected light joins together some time in the future (after the bisecting). Your scientists only see it in its simplest form. And you are currently experiencing it in an almost infinite complexity. It is actually an expanding of your awareness. A widening of conscious focus.

It is not a change in the nature of reality itself. It is only a change in your ability to perceive more of it simultaneously and remain consciously aware. So it’s a great expansion of your conscious awareness. It brings together elements which previously affected you beneath your conscious awareness so that your conscious awareness is now free to interact.

Clarity, Trust, Moving into a New Creation

There is a new lucidity and transparency. You feel it in your body. It is like washing years of dirt off a window. And for so long you have looked out this window, seeing the layers of grime and smudge. This sudden clarity startles you. As if you can say “Oh my God, I can see out the window!” and you can see. So now it is so bright, you shade your eyes and glance peripherally still not certain that you can trust direct vision of what you know is in front of you. So you close your eyes and name the things you want to see out the window rather than open your eyes and see them. But you know they’re there. You can feel them because, lucky for you, you have heard and understood the truth about the nature of reality and creation. You do not have to hide in a dark closet. You can come and sit before the window and look and point directly to what you choose. The more clearly you see it, the faster it is here. Notice how light and energetic you feel. It is the energy of new creation coming into being. Trust it. Keep choosing it. You are right, there is nothing left to complain about. You have chosen to have everything you want. This can hardly be considered a sorry state of affairs. It is simply a matter of walking through the last few steps to completion. This is because the completion is not an ending, but a beginning. And as you have mastered this new way of being, and knowing of your own creation, you have already come some distance on the new road. All of the events before you are the natural extension of this road. As you make it your path and your lives.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.