Channeling Sessions – Group 7


It is the same paradox, this seeming impossible and yet totally¬† illusory obstacle which makes the knowing of creation more definite and tangible on the one hand and more difficult to perceive in the “real” world on the other, the closer in proximity to it you become. For ask yourself what warning does the dawn give you before it arrives?

Creation IS, No Rational Basis, Absolute Freedom, Explanation and Understanding

For as we have said before, creation requires no precedent. Creation is. And so it is also that your rational mind will not impact the creation, once the creation is set. You cannot think away the sunrise. You cannot prevent it for one instant. This should be of some comfort to you.

This is also why we continue to say to you “Absolute freedom has no rational basis.” For as you try to ascertain a rational basis for the rising of the sun, we tell you there is none. This way when you seek rational basis, you seek an explanation. And an explanation is not what you need to be seeking. Understanding, on the other hand is worthy of your time. Understanding evolves through observation and experience. It’s simply a matter of redirecting your curiosity. In this way the unknown becomes known to you. But not in a manner which provides an explanation. More simply, in a manner which provides understanding and acceptance of what is. For example: we would like you to give us an explanation of creation. Do you find this amusing? (“I find this impossible”) Exactly. And yet you can observe this in operation all the time. This observation becomes linked to understanding and so you can forego the seeking of explanation. But you must cooperate with these tendencies. For if you struggle against them, seeing the creations and yet still seeking explanations, you will simply continue to circle the same small ground.

Impatience, Trust, Acceptance

As you work your way inward and outward, from inner to outer expression, you will or may have already observed accumulation of a greater and greater data bank of trust and acceptance. It does you no good to rush the process and be impatient. For you are being impatient with yourself. You are saying “I demand acceptance” you are saying “I demand proof of my complete trust” And we are saying that when your trust and acceptance are complete, the proof will be there. And these will evolve in spontaneous perfection and all you must do is allow and observe. The more you are choosing your total acceptance and trust the faster it is coming. The more you experience evidence to the contrary the more you are slowing it down. This is why we keep saying to you that the answer lies not in looking at the outer world but in seeking within for the truth and power of your own creations.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.