Channeling Sessions – Group 6

Circumstances and Choice

In the past you have felt yourself anchored to circumstance. Today you are free. Circumstances cannot touch you if you choose not to be touched. Let your eye be single. This statement has been greatly misunderstood. This is an acceptance of what is by choice, rather than by outer appearances. The rational mind would think this a fantasy. But this is not fantasy -this is reality.

Past, Present, and Future, and Be Where You Are, Choose What You Want

Reminders are all you need. It’s infinitely simple. You could sum up the secrets of the universe in two sentences: Be where you are; Choose what you want. Such a simple task. Seems infinitely difficult. When you are outside yourself rummaging in the past and the future, you are in places you cannot go. The point of power in the present, does NOT mean take the present and drag it into the future or use it to see into the future. None of this is necessary. The future will emerge perfectly out of the present. The song in the car is a perfect example of this. (We spoke of a specific song, and the next song they played on the radio was this very song.) You did not yell at the radio for playing the song too late. You spoke of what you wanted and in the next available moment it’s given to you.

“I Don’t Know”

Each moment you know more and more. Remember on your journey, when you are saying, “I don’t know,”, you are speaking your doubt. Mostly likely, in truth, you choose to know or not to know. End the practice of saying, “I don’t know.” It only encourages confusion. When you feel the urge, ask yourself, “What DO I know?” and accept the answer. Use your discernment.

Distraction and Physical Reality, Focus

The nature of the creations which you have observed seems illusive. For while you are on the path of conscious creation it seems to you that at first it has NOT been conscious. And then you see in these moments how the creation comes to be. It is the same as being in truth and being faced with physical sensations. It is a question of focus and intention. In this way physical reality is an actual distraction. You also see your natural tendency to react to distraction. Indeed. It takes all of our will to focus this one [Becky] at this moment. It is also an experience in recognizing the urges toward reaction and ignoring them (those urges). And you hold, in these impulses to react, an energy which, if focused in another direction, has great power. It also becomes at some point, appropriate to place your focus in the physical reality and state what you desire. In this way you speak your word upon the world.

Intention, Spontaneity

It is the intention that guides you, just as in the moment it is the impulse that guides you. With practice it becomes easier and easier. And the conscious selection of probabilities is a natural evolution. But this selection, this conscious selection, this evolution does not imply loss of spontaneity, adventure or surprise. It is like choosing the river you will put your raft upon. But it cannot name, nor shall it need to, all the variables of the experience of the raft on the river. Which fish to jump, which rock, which rapids. These emerge perfectly and spontaneously, evoking your responses in a perfect demonstration of spontaneous free creation. If it were any other way, any other choice would demand that you would *HAVE TO* CONSCIOUSLY create every other aspect.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.