Channeling Sessions – Group 5

Becoming Conscious, Choosing As You Go and Predictability, Rational Mind as Observer, Allowing Creation

Becoming conscious simply means becoming aware of your thoughts and choosing the thoughts you will entertain. Another way to look at this is the same way you look at drawing a picture. You choose the materials you will use, the colors, different materials, the markers, pencils etc. Sometimes the drawing appears. You draw the lines and wait to see what you get. Making choices as you go. Sometimes you choose a subject first and attempt a rendering of that subject. Either way you are drawing. One is more full of surprises than the other. One is more predictable. The predictable work may seem to be more difficult to accomplish, precisely because you have preconceived ideas about the nature of its being. Ideally, you can choose the subject intuitively and then allow the drawing to emerge by following impulses which flow naturally one to the other. In this way you remove the rational mind from the process as director. It becomes the observer. It’s quite an easeful and simple process, and yet achieving it can sometimes seem difficult. It’s not the individual lines that make up the picture but the over all effect of all the lines.

And just like drawing with a preconceived subject requires a certain kind of courage, trust and faith in ability, so probability shifting or reality creation requires the same. It does no good to say that ‘I do this all the time anyway’ unless the results in your life are already everything you want them to be. By becoming the process like the drawing the awareness of the final design grows steadily over time. It is a form of emergence more than a form of coerced movement.

The key ingredients you already know: Trust Desire Willingness Intention Focus Determination are all various aspects of the same kind of energy which is actually a form of allowance. You allow creation. Just as you cannot force the seed to sprout and grow, you cannot force creation. Only by making room, by becoming large enough for it, by relaxing your grip on one perspective you allow the other to be visible. It should remind you of Seth’s Bacon in the refrigerator. In the case of your people, most often, it is restrictive fear which holds back creation.

The State of Your Beingness

It is the state of your beingness which determines the probability you walk in. The freer your being, the more easily you can move between them. The more easily you can express each moment for the truth that it is.

Wheel of Probabilities, Psychological Perspectives, Room to Move

Remember that you are standing in the center of time ringing around you in a great earthly hub are all your probable reality selves. So you are moving like the center of a great wheel and everywhere you go, the wheel goes. And various events come in and out of your focus depending on how you look out from the center. It is a fairly simple matter to change your point of view. It’s not so difficult, once you understand how to accomplish it. Not through physical action but through a psychological shift. When you know what is, then it must be. By stripping away the layers tied to your critical issues you loosen the space around you and create more room and freedom of movement. In some ways it’s like identifying the parts of you that cannot stand in the new creation. Once they are identified they release themselves naturally.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.