Channeling Sessions – Group 43

Rejecting That Which You DON’T Choose, Healing Comes Through The Self

Again, it is necessary for you to be willing to reject that which you do not choose. And while this may be a painful lesson for some, any compromise is your undoing. For compromise suggests a lack of trust and faith in the self. And you are quite correct in assuming that all healing must come through the self. And while it may be reflected nicely in another, the healing must happen within YOU. For the healing of another, while it makes you “feel good” ultimately does nothing to serve your own higher purposes. That is, unless you take this healing to heart and so begin your own work. It is highly distorted to think that you will heal through another person. For you cannot. Just as you cannot be born or die for another person. And yet through honoring the self and healing the self, you create the ingredients and the example of what is possible. This is the extent of the gift you are able to offer to each other. Do not be fooled into thinking that you can or that you SHOULD attempt to take on one another’s burdens. For this is merely a rearrangement of what none of you want. When you own what is yours clearly, and definitely, and with a lovingness to the self, then there are no discrepancies. There is no guilt. There is no blame. And there are no veiled repartees.

Fear will tell you that you cannot do this alone. It will distort even the most holy of ideas to convince you that there is some savior, some lover, some perfect One outside of the self who is required for your redemption. This is a lie. It is the redemption of the self that is required. And you may take as long as you wish to come to this decision. But you will not truly be free until you meet this choice and choose for yourself. So you must choose. Are you evil? Are you sinful? Is fear your master? Are you its slave? Or are you Love? Are you Love in all its unpredictable, spontaneous, wholly original and outrageous glory. Love that allows, love that allows each of you to discover for yourselves who you are, what values you hold high, what is acceptable to you, and what is not.

Love is not a slave to fear. Love can look fear in the eye and call it what it is. And love leaves no room for blame or guilt or reasonable doubt. Love says, HERE I AM. And you say, you weren’t supposed to look like that. So who is incorrect? Who is uninformed? We would suggest to you that whenever there is a question in your mind about the motivations for your actions, or your words, that you are not in Love. Any act made in fear towards another will bring you what you send. This is not a reflection of love or love’s weakness. This is a reflection of you. For love, no matter how loving, cannot reach you and even in its most high and glorious way, you will distort it.

If you will follow this little circle which we have now shown you, you will see how the healing of the self, by the self, and through the self, is the only path which can bring you to that which you seek. There is nothing wrong with this. It is inherent in the design of who you are. For how can you, truly, go through life, knowing that you carry within you the essence of god and acting as if fear were your master and expect to experience the love you seek. You cannot.

Honoring Your Path, Course Corrections

There is a rightness and dedication to higher principles at work here. For each of you, there is a path, a path which will be honored and ring true within the self. In each moment, your challenge will be to honor that path which is yours. And to release and reject that which is not. In the days to come, if you will follow this as the guidance to bring you to the true joy of knowing and living a loving life, then you cannot fail. And in each moment, when you slip, when you honor what is less than the self, when you succumb to fear, when you believe in what is NOT true, and what brings you less than that which you seek, you will bring yourself again to the place of choice. We urge you that in these times, you reset your course promptly and faithfully. Do not waste time reviewing the fault, the error of your judgment, or the rational justifications for your actions away from the self’s desire. Instead, correct your course. Review, forgive, move on. The more efficient at this you become, the easier your task will be.

Of course you are free to argue with us. You are free to hold fast to an opinion that does not serve you. You are free to lose love completely in order to remain “in the right”, “in control”, and “beyond reproach.” But these will be hollow victories indeed. For having known love, you know better. And so we encourage you to be gentle with yourselves, and ruthless in your practices of self love, and diligence. If you are unclear on a thing, if you are uncertain of your feelings, stop. Take the time, for time is all you have. Get clear. Then move into action. We are quite sure that now we have quite upset the tea cart and given you all plenty to think about. Consider carefully, for the decisions you make now will carry forward into your lives and bring you precisely what you choose. The basic concepts, building blocks, are all about/around you.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.