Channeling Sessions – Group 41

Recognizing What Is Yours, Integrity and Compromise, Necessity of Experiential Understanding

What you are seeing now is the clarity of your understanding of the situation of what it is to be in physical expression. Moving past the self-imposed dramas of acting in any way against what is yours or against what is you brings this clarity into focus. So that what is yours feels joyous and harmonious and that which is not feels more or less like death. Choices have become very clear and simple.

You should understand at this time that any doubt or sense of confusion within the self is only an illusion you have created on top of a truth that is plainly visible to you. That is to say, should you find yourselves questioning yourselves you are simply toying with yourselves. We do not recommend this. So stop toying. For truly you have had enough of toying. Honestly and truly. Your deep sense at this time of what is possible and your clear understanding of your power and position in this regard is your greatest strength. Do not capitulate this strength to any outside force, belief, idea, or persons. Recognize that your opportunities to express these ideas to others can be used as a tool to clarify and strengthen your position, and use it this way. For now you truly are in a place where you CAN use all experience, thought, and evidence to your advantage. You CAN believe, you can KNOW that all is working together for your good. To the extent that you acknowledge this – walk within this experience and know this truth in your being. It will, out of necessity, be experienced.

It is now a question of choice and focus both of which you have mastered fairly well at this time. It is not a question of doubting, wondering, patience, or any such diversionary or peripheral activity. Perhaps now for the first time you are standing in a place where your knowing supersedes your faith or your faith has been transformed through your experience of it, into knowing. This is the clarity of the teaching. This is the direct result of the experiential nature of your journey and your willingness to move into the experiential. Experiential expression of your beliefs.

You are acting now in your highest integrity because you have stripped away a substantial amount of the fear which undermines integrity’s every move. But one in fear for his or her survival will necessarily compromise integrity almost without question, almost without notice. It is only by being willing to step outside of the game of survival through the loss of the fear of death and a loss of the fear of consequences according to the rational mind’s perspective, that integrity can have room to expand to its fullest potential. So through this process, integrity grows, becomes stronger, more stable. It is this growth of the integrity, this expanded sense of the self within its rightness of being which allows you to access these higher levels of creative power.

Upon reviewing this idea, it should be quite clear and almost obvious to you that this is how it must operate. For without this natural correlation between the expansion of the integrity and the access to creative power, self destruction becomes far too predictable.

Yes. It is only through this process of the expansion of the natural integrity of the self through the release of fear that true growth and understanding are possible. It is through this process that the self becomes aligned to its true nature. And without this process, the separation not only from the natural integrity but in all areas where the self is out of alignment with its true nature, quite literally, and directly, disconnects the self from its creative power.

Within your physical expression, however, it is possible to operate at lower levels of this alignment of self through the manipulation of physical time and space. That is to say, it is quite possible to survive, to live, so long as you live within the narrow confines and rules of the physical existence as understood through the rational mind and ego consciousness. However, it is not possible to step outside of this frame of operation without alignment of the self, to the self. If you will consider this entire session as one piece of understanding you will see that it is complete within itself and offers you a reflection of the understanding which you have come to, in your own way, at this point.

However, the understanding alone, that is the conceptual recognition of these ideas without the experiential process which is the realignment cannot and will not lead to power. And it is in this way that the intellect may guide you quite literally through lifetimes of esoteric understandings and trainings so that there are a multitude of understandings of these concepts stored in the various aspects of the self and yet there remains no practical experience upon which to build the foundation of the alignment. This is one of the greatest “tricks of mind” of the ego/rational mind perspective of the physical experience. This is also why the understanding of the physical experience AS physical experience … MUST be expressed experientially. Said another way, this is the reason for physical experience. And so it will do you no good to hear these words and understand them on any level of your being even the deepest and most profound understanding of these ideas cannot circumvent the need for the experiential expression of these understandings. We hope that is clear enough for you.

The challenge of using language, words, and tools of the intellect to express these concepts, is always that the concepts themselves and their expression will be taken as the answer. When it is quite clear that without the physical experience of the concepts the answer cannot be obtained. We would say to you at this time this is why you have feelings, emotions, a physical body, and all of the various forms of expression that physical body is capable of. But you must step into the process yourself. Or not. Understanding that so long as you prolong the experience of the process, you prolong your intellectual understanding of the concepts with the correlating inability to experience the results the concepts promise.

It may seem to you that we have taken a circuitous route to the expression of this idea tonight. But we remind you that when you walk upon the earth, you do not always walk in a straight line and it is precisely the spontaneous haphazard meandering of your walk that is the experience. While the concepts may be presented in very neat and tidy and clean packages, the experiencing of the concepts through the process of realignment of the self to the self, is rarely straight, narrow, clean or tidy. For it MUST, by the nature of its being, encompass all of the various aspects of the self. We leave you with this thought, that up until now you would have considered it useful, helpful, even encouraging to hear from us, in fact you YEARNED to hear from us directly on the process and progress of your current path of creation. Tonight you understand through your own knowing that while our encouragement may be friendly, may be pleasant, may be any number of wonderful things, it is for the most part irrelevant to the process that is your creative path.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.