Channeling Sessions – Group 40

When Times Get Tough, Walking the Dream, The LifeLong Career of Observing Thoughts

These are trying times. It seems to you that you are at the limits of your endurance. You are at the limits, but we would say it is not of your endurance. It is when you approach these limits, these peripheral edges of knowing, when you take the greatest risks and achieve the greatest expansion. It is also when your fear is the greatest. And when you find it the most difficult to trust. Is this not so? You are right in understanding the acceptance and the examination of the now moment and all that it contains, recognizing how in its way it is individual and different from all other now moments preceding it.

You can see if you look at these patterns that again the rational mind is up to the trick of convincing you that all this experience is the same. That each day is essentially the same day repeated and yet when you look at this with your full awareness it is clear to you that this idea is absolutely ludicrous. You have veritable lifetimes in a 12 hour span while other people have nothing but a repetition of death. It is no wonder it makes you tired to be around them, so don’t be around them. You have made your choices – now accept them. It is not so terrible as you think.

Recognize how the energy which you project comes directly back to you. Do you not see this in the events of the day? You have given yourselves opportunities to validate the choices you have made. When you ignore the opportunity, then the self will repeat the question…is this the choice you made? And each time the question grows louder, but only in so much as you are clear about the fact that you desire to make the new choice, and then refuse to validate it. So you must ask yourself clearly and honestly, do I believe that it is as simple as “I can have what I choose. And if I do believe this, why are there things in my life that I say I do not choose?” It is a wonderful paradox.

For indeed the answer must be that whatever is in your life, is what you have chosen. We can see you do not like this answer. And yet we ask you to explain to us how you can make it different. Accept the belief. Within your framework of reference this is very much like saying, “I choose to walk on water and so I do.” The rational mind has a warehouse full of all the reasons why this cannot be so. And yet you know quite clearly that it IS so. We suggest you burn the warehouse. It is fairly simple to do. Simply remind yourselves again of the nature of creation. The nature of love. And the nature of reality. And then you choose to allow the magical to operate in such a way as to free your rational mind from all of these unnecessary concerns. Remember that it is the illusion of cause and effect… it is the illusion of results based on the rational approach… Remember that these are not the bedrock of reality, but merely the rational mind’s way of explaining what it does not understand. So long as you must enslave yourselves to this understanding you enslave yourselves to limitation.

Walk the dream. Use the processes we have given you. When you find yourself asking in your mind how will this happen or when you
find yourself observing the part of you that believes it can’t happen, use the processes we have given you. Uproot that which you do not want and replace it with your new choice. When we suggest to you to watch your thoughts we do not mean for a day. And yet we are also not saying to you do not live your lives. We are suggesting to you that with practice this becomes a new way of living. For are you not seeking to remain within the expanded state of your awareness through the present now moment that is your life? Now, we will caution you not to berate yourselves for those moments when you fail to achieve this new goal. For this is certainly counterproductive. It is like meditation. If you argue with the mind for losing its focus aren’t you leaving the focus even further behind? And so you breathe, recall the focus, retrain to the focus, and move on.

There is so much that you have recognized as unnecessary to your experience. To that extent, you can say to yourself that it was the purpose of the recognition that brought the event to your experience. As opposed to asking the question, “Why did I create this?” It is very simple to tell when you have brought forth such an experience for the purpose of recognition and release – it feels like shit. (laughter) You do not covet your shit (more laughter) you let it go. So when this feeling appears in your experience, rather than seeking out some cause within yourself, simply look at the experience which is producing this feeling, recognize it, it is very simple. This is shit! Do not attach it to the self. Let it go.

Think of it this way, within the larger world of your physical reality, there is a great deal of shit. Have you not seen it? In any place where, as your esteemed teacher Emmanuel has already pointed out to you, fear is the master, you can be expected to find great piles of shit. (laughter) This does not mean that it is your job to go around and own them all. It DOES mean it is your job to recognize when they walk into your experience and open the door wide and show them the exit. We would like to be very clear here. We are not saying that there are not beliefs which you may choose to change, replace or let go of as you grow. We are saying that as you accomplish this task, those around you who are less willing to examine their own motivations will bring you their shit, quite happily, in great hope that you will take it from them, make them right and help them to continue to avoid the self that is their own. This is not open license – you will know. You have had very specific demonstrations – take them to heart. It does not require a judgement against the person, it requires discernment and a willingness to be done with shit. Again this is why the processes we have offered you are not for temporary use only.

Clarity of Intention, Trust the Knowing

We suggest to you that you consider your understanding of intention and allow yourselves to know the truth of this process. The intention is great. The intention is clear. And in those areas where it is not clear it becomes clear. And so the task before you now is to trust the intention, to trust the creative power of the intention. To replace ALL thoughts of doubt or uncertainty or rational explanation for what can or cannot be, with the knowing of the intention. Can you see this? Excellent. Do not be concerned about the details which are not yet relevant, but be clear in the clarity of the intention for it is true that in this way, all of your goals are accomplished. And it is also true that in this time, you have come to this place through your own willingness to observe all of the self without fear of judgment. It is your lack of defensiveness, it is your lack of the need for pretense or to protect yourselves from knowing the self that brings you to this place. Do not attempt to look outside of the self, particularly at any others, for any kind of understanding in this process. For there are no others in your direct experience at this time who have been this willing. Do not filter your intent through the ideas of the rational mind.

That is to say, do not allow yourself to dilute the clarity of your intention with the false mechanisms and reasoning of the rational mind’s approach. Go back to your understanding of creation and intention instead. If you will carry this process in the front of your mind throughout your experience of the now moment in your days, you will greatly accelerate all of your processes. We also wish to remind you that as you are doing this, you are to stand firmly and safely in your own trust. Do not make this the new task master but use it instead to allow yourself to be where you are and accept that intention is carrying you easily to your desired goal.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.