Channeling Sessions – Group 38

Individual Landscapes, Feeling Tones

Class has definitely been in session. Each of you has been in your own classroom. And yet in another way you have been all in the same room. This is where the work gets interesting. For while it is the same work for each of you it is distinctly different. And you begin to understand and relate more directly to your own personal psychic territory. And in many ways this is like beginning to recognize the landscape you have been walking in all along. For before you would see the landscape but take it for granted so in some ways it was not visible to you. Now the particular elements of the landscape are revealing themselves to your conscious awareness. Certain rocks. The way a hill looks. The shapes of things. The texture and feel of things.

As you become aware of the familiarity of these things, these features and you begin to acknowledge them and recognize what it is they represent psychologically to you, you begin to know the self in deeper ways. It’s like following the center of a whirlpool. And each of the little details which you are able to observe with the conscious mind can give you clues. You do not have to assume that you are unable to know these things. You need only assume that you CAN know these things and they will begin to be clear to you. In the same way that you analyze or look at your dreams, your nighttime dreams or your dreams from sleep you can now look at the dream of your daily lives and see the symbols as projections of the self and begin to work with them more directly.

It is not so much the object for example, as the timbre or feeling surrounding the object. So again it is as if you are giving yourself the opportunity to observe the feeling tones at any given moment. And if you can observe the feeling tones while simultaneously observing the events in that moment in your physical reality, the objects, other people, other things which play into that event in the moment, and see all of these as the symbols, you will see very clearly where your beliefs are in the moment.

You are already doing this simply as a matter of course for it is a natural development of the processes you have been engaged in. Or beyond the processes you have been engaged in. So you can ask yourself what it is you are choosing to know or to accomplish and you can ask the symbols to give you clues and messages to directly answer your questions. How you proceed from here is simply up to you. Where you take this from here is simply up to you.

For you have reached the place with more freedom than ever before, where there is more freedom than ever before. And ultimately the truth you know is, it is only a matter of choice and adventure. There is not any DANGER. Or any consequence that you do not choose or would not allow at this time showing up unexpectedly at this time. And the more you reinforce this knowledge and extend your thinking and expand your willingness to accept the things you truly want the more easily it all can fall into place. Again the natural process of expanding trust in the self is now moving into its own forward momentum based on progress already accomplished. It is no longer a question of clarity of focus or any other form of effort. Because all of the foundation work is complete. It is now a question of how willing you are to take yourselves to the next steps and how quickly you want to arrive there.

Seeking Answers The Old Way, Unchartered Territory

It is pointless to seek to find an answer based on the old understanding of the rational mind and this is your final hurdle. The old understanding of the rational mind cannot take you where you are going. And let me be clear in this by saying I am not saying the old “understanding of the rational mind” as in to understand the rational mind, I’m saying the way of understanding that the rational mind USED to apply no longer works for you. The longer you continue to try to use the old understanding, the longer you can sit here. This is your choice.

Now, you may say yes, but, but even before the words are out of your mouth, every other part of your being knows the answer. So let me remind you of the answer you already know. Simply because the rest of the world in which you operate operates from this understanding, is no reason to place the same limitation upon yourself. And you already know this. Not only do you already know this, but you have made a point of explaining this to others. So it seems really pointless to use it as an argument against your own forward motion and creation. It is sort of like the man who wants to tell Orville Wright that man was not meant to fly after he has just landed his successful flight. I don’t think Orville was listening.

And so in this way, the completion is a past event. It is only that you don’t have an airplane to show you this. Because you are operating outside of what is normally perceivable by the five senses in the outer physical world, the airplane is here but you have not yet seen it. You may take as long as you like with the understanding that your prolonging this event will not change it. Sit here for three years. Your choice. The prolonging of the event will not change it! Let me see if I can be more clear. There is no way for anything to disrupt what is already set in motion. Delay yes, disrupt, no. So finish your work. And do not be afraid that tomorrow’s challenges will not be as grand, as rewarding or as exciting as today’s.

For they will be.

Where you are headed from here is uncharted territory. For now you live the creation. You are living it even as we speak, though you fail to recognize it. And it will require exactly as much difficulty, challenge, obstacle, as you require it to hold. So decide what you want. You have shifted now into a level where the physical must reflect as you have chosen, because the choices you have made are anchored firmly in the larger reality.

Let us see if we can come up with a demonstration for you of this. Imagine you are a fish in a fish bowl. And the fish bowl is within a large tank of water. You as the creators have changed the color of the water in the tank. The water in the bowl will change, it has no choice. So in this sense, if you will recall long ago, you were given an analogy about a box. And you laughed heartily over the idea of those beings who would uphold the idea of the box long after the box had disappeared. Well, laugh heartily, my friends, because the box is no longer with us.

Playing with Doubt Again, Essence of Oppression and Sentimentality

This is your final round with doubt and then again your rounds with doubt will never end in one way or another as long as you are in physical form, but we say to you at this point, you have staged the last battle and won. So now it is not a question of whether or not you will jump. You have jumped and landed. And the ground is still solid beneath your feet. The only difference is now it’s your ground, and you know it. If you will look back you will see a great deal has been accomplished. Simply by acknowledging and recognizing all of the aspects of your various selves which you have brought into this experience, you will expand your vision in ways that support your continued movement.

This has been a dear and wonderful picture. It is the end of your oppression and suddenly you understand that the oppression is dear to you. Oppression is dear to you because in the vastness of the universe and the vastness of knowingness, oppression is illusion. And as you step thorough the illusion it loses its power and never again will you know oppression in the way you have known it. Now, from your point of view, the whole idea of oppression being dear is ludicrous, but from the P.O.V. of the larger knowing, it is perfectly understandable. Remember why you came here and understand that this is a parting of the ways. You have crossed a new threshold and never again will you go back to repeat these lessons. It is a form of matriculation.

Do you remember when you found out that Santa Claus wasn’t ‘real’? Now, of course, Santa Claus did not oppress you, but the tender feelings are the same. And just as you have passed through the lessons and learnings into the rational world of the outer perspective, so now you pass out of them through these new thresholds, these new doorways. And they gleam brightly and fill you with joy while at the same time they separate you not only from the old experiences, and the old order of the rational mind’s understanding but also from many others in your experience. Many others who are not yet at the threshold. Many others who may not even see or perceive the threshold yet. And some of them will be lost to you. But you must remember that the loss is a temporary thing. For they will all come home to you in the end.

So now we would recommend to you that you make your choices boldly without hesitation, that you move forward into those choices boldly. That you find each place where you are still using the old understanding in your thinking and you change your mind. Did you forget to mail some certain piece of paper? Mail it now and know it was done last week. Choose the outcomes you desire based on your desired outcome, rather than on the old understandings. For truly at this time there is nothing between what you desire and what you experience. Other than those things which you yourself place there. That should be fantastic enough for most people. But for you, it is a fact of your experience. So let us move on and get next ready for the new work which will begin. For the time of resting and waiting is over. And now it is time to move into the new world. We care not a whit who understands or believes in us. And we suggest that this is the proper attitude.

You must ask yourself, do you believe in who you are or do you doubt it. And the answer to this question, you answer the whole of the matter and there is no longer a question of who you are. Or rather, we would say the questions of who you are do not come from you. For you are surrounded by a world that has no idea who you are. And yet you must also remember that the world you are surrounded by knows you intimately even if all the people in it do not seem to recognize or remember you. Their forgetfulness will not touch you. It is only your forgetfulness which has any power, so do not forget! It is the integration of this process which has caused you to step into this feeling of “limbo”. Because your rational understanding in the old way, must expand enough to let go of its concepts of time and in the process of developing its new relationship to time, you experience this period where you seem to be at a standstill, but you are not. And now it is about time for the whirlwind to begin. Make very good use of this. You are rested and you are ready. Call upon yourselves in each moment. And move ahead with boldness. There is nothing else to do.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.