Channeling Sessions – Group 36

Accepting the Chosen Goal, Belief Spotting

Whatever you focus on, whatever you choose for your goal will come to pass. The greatest task in this is staying clearly aligned with the goal, the acceptance of the goal without any of the attached ideas from the rational mind about how this will happen, because at this time they are still learning the discernment between the information that comes to you through the channels of higher self, and the information generated by the conscious mind and its need for answers.

While you are still in this process of learning the discernment of building the trust, which allows you to drop the reactive mental workings of the conscious mind, it is easier to simply avoid this whole area of thought. This is not to say that your beliefs are not directly tied to outcome because of course they have to be, but if you will focus on the beliefs themselves, and do the process work there, then your progress is much easier, steadier, and faster.

As much as possible use your practice of observing your thoughts so that whenever thoughts arise having to do with how or what mechanism will be used for this money goal to be delivered, rather than focusing on the thought about the goal, follow those thoughts one step backward and seek to identify the belief from which they come. Once you have done this, you can deal directly with the belief, either changing it or affirming it, depending on what you find. This will occupy your conscious mind and strengthen your position as it relates to your new point of view regarding the reality you operate within. Each time you are able to catch these thoughts, and proceed with this exercise, you can also affirm to yourself that through this process your goal is assured. You can, in this case, produce more efficient results as well as clearing old beliefs much more rapidly. Do this in all areas where you have goals.

This is a process of bringing all of your conscious aware activity into the realm of examination. In each moment, as much as possible, stay in the observer role with yourself, watch the thoughts that come up around daily activities, such as eating, resting, working, dealing with the children – in each case, there are beliefs operating. You have accomplished enough now that you should observe a good proportion of the thoughts as positive and affirming of life which you are creating. In each place and in each case where these beliefs are uncovered, reaffirm the power of the belief which is now in place, recognizing that each belief so set in place is a major contribution to the new foundation.

You will find this practice will naturally begin to shift not only your perception but also your behavior if you are diligent with yourselves in such a way as to commit as much as possible to no longer tolerating beliefs which work against your best interests. Follow the impulses brought up as regards diet, activity level and daily routines with the understanding that by following these impulses you also, again, strengthen the foundation which brings the new life and the finished creation into your present experience. Be clear with yourselves that you do not do this as a reaction to fear of failure. Be clear with yourselves that this is the final step to actualizing all of these chosen goals into physical experience. This is the weaving of the desire into the present.

From the observers point of view, it is not only a reasonable approach, it is also highly sensible. That is to say, understanding the flow of impulses without action taken on the impulse itself is not likely to produce the desired result, whereas diligence applied to the carrying through on the physical level of just these impulses and changes in belief which you seek to achieve performs the function of manifesting the impulse or idea into physical expression.

In many ways, this is the final stumbling block, where those without commitment will find their progress blocked. It is not a question of work ethic. It is not a question of self-discipline in the ways that your old belief systems think of these things. And yet it is a matter of commitment to the self, diligence, alignment with integrity and discipline in its new form as it aligns with the intuitive. You are propelled much farther along by the work already accomplished in the areas of trust and expansion of personal ideas of freedom and choice. It is through this process that you have arrived at this point where it is now possible for you to simply shift the energy into physical expression.

Do not be sidetracked by attempting to analyze or understand the beliefs you uncover that work against you other than to see their relationship to other tangential beliefs which may yet need to be uncovered. Rather, simply identify the belief, choose to remove it and replace it with the belief you choose. The other function that this piece of the process serves for you is the occupying of the conscious mind with achievable tasks in the moment. Recognize the great progress that has already been made so that you are now able to examine these thoughts and their underlying beliefs without an emotional charge or fear attached to the process.

Recreating the Self, New Freedom, Achievement and Failure, Loving the Self

The difference here between what you are accomplishing and any other goal achieved within the physical system within which you operate, by simple manipulation or effort over linear time, is that through the achievement itself, you accomplish the larger goal of having literally recreated the self in the process. So that rather than having the single goal and still having all of the underlying issues to deal with, you have brought yourself to this completely new level of experience. This allows you a much greater freedom in your choices and actions in the future because you have freed yourselves from the tyranny and bondage of the old life not only in terms of the physical manifestation but in this entire other arena of the inner and outer self.

So while others may achieve spectacular goals in the area of finance for instance, their position in the new achievement is much more tenuous. This is why there are so many cycles of achievement and failure in your culture. Because unless the issues of the self are addressed, explored, and altered, through examination understanding and choice, the old patterns of the old life remain intact beneath the surface, only waiting to re-emerge either in this same area, for example finances, or in another, say, relationships.

We would advise that rather than spending time in discussion about whether or why you believe this project to be complete that you spend time in discussion affirming the recognition and completion of these processes and affirming the actual new beliefs themselves. Share your understanding and experience in the moment to moment process of recognizing and following impulses, of recognizing and following thoughts back to underlying beliefs, and of the beliefs themselves, the new ones you are inserting and the ones you discover which are already in place, as well as briefly identifying those which you are discarding with the thought that perhaps the other person can benefit through identifying and discarding this belief as well. Make it into a game – think of it as hide and seek, think of it as a wonderful and exciting puzzle or a mystery which you are unraveling with great success rather than a chore, a requirement or a duty.

For the desire to move deeper in this process springs directly from the sure connection to value fulfillment within yourselves. This makes the adventure not only highly intriguing and of particular interest to you, but also emotionally rewarding and joyful. Exploit the understanding you have of this to its fullest potential.

That is to say, enjoy the process itself, understanding that this is part of the experiencing of the process. For if you attempt the process in seriousness, self-judgment, or with a feeling of “necessary work”, then you defeat your own purpose. We give you every opportunity to follow this line of thinking to its bountiful, logical, and self-fulfilling conclusions. For seriously, what is the point. If you are going to undertake this new way of living, of undertaking it from the old rational mind perspective. Indeed if you are going to do this, then never mind the whole job, skip it, forget about it, for it would be better for you not to do it at all, than for you to do it out of some sense of obligation.

The emotional timbre that you apply here is critical in the sense that it is a primary element of the entire experience. So if you would beat yourselves over the head with it, then we suggest you throw it away – do not even attempt to go down this road. But if this road is for you, then take it joyfully, with exuberance, excitement and anticipation of what will come, not a need to predict, but an excited anticipation to SEE, to DISCOVER what will turn up. If you will do this thing and do it whole heartedly and willingly, you will see your reward in very short order. Now, in the same way that your Emmanuel tells you to love the unloveableness of the self, you will set about the task of loving and affirming everything you find while making the choices and changes within the exquisite and discrete belief systems which operate your reality creation system. This is a task worthy of your attention. This is a task worthy of joyful application.

We suggest that you consider these ideas throughout all of the aspects of your experience. Apply them to your dreamwork. Look for the subtle clues which you are now giving yourselves. Make note of those things which you have already observed yourselves to be knowing. Perhaps keep a daily notebook. In this process of observing the thoughts, if you observe the thought that tells you of some action of later in the day, or some other event which you become aware of outside of the normal relationship to it in linear time that is your experience, make a note of it. You will begin to compile a large reference library of these events. You will begin to be able to see patterns, again, this is not a serious and heavy task to undertake but a light, playful, and joyful task. Look for the connections. You will begin to see the way in which your psychic constructs are formed. You will begin to see the relationship between objects, colors, emotions, sounds, and other sense information and the formation of events.

See if you can catch the sense trigger which begins the experience of the new information. If you suddenly know that you are going to be eating out on a particular evening while it is still 10 in the morning and there has been no discussion of dinner, make a note and travel back through the experience at that moment, looking for a trigger. Perhaps it was your cup of coffee, the color of your pen, the sound of a car going by, the look of a dish, or the smell of food. These are the gateways, these are the clues which lead you to greater comprehension of the larger consciousness within which you operate at all times. Through this practice you will begin to expand not only those things you know about what is going to be happening in your lives but also your understanding of how the events themselves are formed.

And now we remind you again, that your progress is excellent and that you may trust in a safe universe which is bringing you each experience you desire in the perfect moment and the perfect order. You should be well pleased with yourselves and we suggest that you take the time to cultivate this feeling within yourself and allow it to expand. This will bring you back to your sense of joy and play and adventure. So now we have given you a great game to play. Play them well.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.