Channeling Sessions – Group 31

Impatience as Struggle, Connecting with the Goal

As to the notion of impatience or pushing things in the direction you wish to go… Every moment spent in the ease and acceptance of your goal brings you closer to it and every moment spent in conflict, doubt, or a sense that the goal is somehow not attainable or not being attained in its proper manner, binds you. That is to say, it does not move you further away, it simply stops your motion. We tell you this to reassure you and remind you of the certainty of your goal. Remember the outcome is already chosen.

In the moments when you feel the doubt or uncertainty, the frustration or impatience, and a sense of a need to move forward to MAKE things happen, in these moments remember. The outcome is already chosen. When you remind yourself of this, it allows you to come back into the acceptance. This is the best use of your moment points in regards to your goal. Nothing else is required.

And again, we remind you that the way that you know this, the simplest clue about each moment point, for your discernment, is that the most powerful moment point towards achievement of your goal is the moment point where the goal is already accepted. It may seem to you that these are ideas or thoughts that you have heard before, perhaps ad nauseum, but you find as you move through this process, that the clarity of understanding of these ideas is shifting. You are now in a place of knowing the truth of these statements. You are now in a place where it is possible for you to experience these expanded moment points in full awareness of what it is you are experiencing. This greatly accelerates the process itself. It allows you to reconnect to the completed goal.

The energy patterns themselves are experienced as the essence of those feelings. The energy patterns themselves are the basis of creation. Do you comprehend our meaning here? What we are saying to you is that by bringing yourself into the energy pattern, you and the creation come together.

We would also suggest to you at this time that you allow yourself to be more highly discerning of the areas of self- judgment. That is to say, what has been happening most recently in your experience is a new level of awareness of the judgments themselves. Now you may begin to allow yourself to insert the level of observer directly upon the judgment experience. In this way, you may “nip it in the bud” rather than having to follow and move through the entire unhappy experience of self-judgment before you move out of it. This will greatly decrease the amount of time in any given day that you spend outside of self-acceptance and ease. It will also smooth out those days where you seem to habitually be prone to discomfort with the self.

The most powerful thing you can learn here is complete acceptance of the self. In fact, we would say that this is the one and only significant goal of total reorientation. What is interesting to us is that in your minds this would reduce the significance of the idea of total reorientation, while in our minds, it increases it. Understand that this is because of your powerful focus on the physical time-space continuum in which you are currently having your experience. For even though we have explained all of this to you clearly, the rational mind, which categorizes all experience, still tends to think of physical time-space as real and psychological experience as secondary.

Allow yourself to relax with the knowing of this information. That is the first step in moving into more direct acceptance of the self. Do not fall into the trap of judging the self based on any experience with ideas about this being a less than perfect creation. There is no such thing. You have had many great revelations in the last days. Each revelation has been, in fact, a new understanding of a psychological way of being, a new uncovering of an idea of how things work within the self. None of these revelations have been directly related to any external or outer physical experience. That is to say, they did not cause any physical experience to the best of your knowledge. However, what we are saying to you is that they cause ALL physical experience and that the revelations themselves were created by you, for you, using physical experience to demonstrate the ideas.

You have done excellent work, both of you. Not only by acknowledging and perceiving the new information about the self, but also by using the information in your larger process. Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, as it were, as gradually the larger picture comes into your focus and point of view. How you proceed from here is totally a matter of choice. We would suggest that you use the ideas in this session actively in your process. Remind yourselves often. Be gentle with yourselves. Self-acceptance is a gentle and loving experience.

Feeling “Strange”, Shiftings, Opening to and Discerning Information for Ourselves

There is a great deal of activity now. You are noticing the changes as they intersect more directly to your physical being. This is not something to be concerned about. It is, after all, a natural progression. It allows you to pay attention in new ways. As you begin to manipulate different levels of energy in your physical body, it is quite clear to you that there is more information available, there is more you want to know, and you are ready.

Pay attention to the ways in which you tell yourself that you do not know, or that you do not understand and allow yourself to shift from this old pattern into a new pattern which is allowing you to be open to awareness. To be open to say, “Here is something I want to know.” And allow yourself to have the knowing. This is quite different than your earlier or past approach and it brings different results. In either case, the knowing is always available. And you bring it to yourself through whatever methods or means are most in line with your ability to comprehend at any given time. So that different sources of information are brought into your awareness at just the right moment.

There is no coincidence here. You are meant to follow where you lead yourself and having achieved a certain level of discernment is a part of the process. For you will not blindly accept information that is given to you by others, but rather will contemplate it and take what makes sense to you. Apply what works for you, and leave the rest. A part of this discernment has to do with the sheer quantity of information and determining relevance or usefulness at this time. For while it’s all good fun to find out about things, to pursue various interests simply as a sort of idle pastime, there is a more direct purpose which guides and brings you to that information which you seek.

As to the physical symptoms, recognize that once again you are leading yourself to a path of feeling and any information that you require is available. Follow your impulses in this regard. Assume that your intuitions are correct. And use the information accordingly. There is no point at this time in resistance. When you find yourself in resistance, simply relax, let go, and choose acceptance. This will make the process much smoother. For the resistance merely represents doubting yourself, doubting your ability to accomplish, and old attachments which no longer serve you.

These are not things or patterns to be feared. This is your emancipation. So rather than indulge the resistance, indulge the self, accept what you know. Understand that it is your nature to always question. And at the same time to not overindulge the tendency at the expense of your knowing. That is, when you know, the questioning is the surface chatter born of habit and does not need your indulgence. Also recognize that it is no longer necessary, if you accept the knowing, to give yourself such uncomfortable or strident messages, either in physical or emotional form.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.