Channeling Sessions – Group 30

Friends and Family, Being Awake, Freedom to Feel

You have come a great distance, not only with yourselves but also in your relationships with others. For it is through these reconnections with friends and family that you begin to see how much you have changed, how far you have come, and suddenly new feelings of unwillingness to cooperate or corroborate old belief systems stir in you a sense of something being different. Insert rational mind, different = wrong. And you do not go into either the old pattern or the rational mind’s detour. Instead, you walk through the experience, feeling, observing, and choosing. We ask you, what is wrong with this? How could it be better? What improvement do you seek? Perhaps it is the rational mind longing for its own unconsciousness, after all, it is not as easy to feel, observe and choose your way through each moment as it is to sleepwalk. Well, that belief in itself is one you have already begun to leave behind you. Indeed, not only is it easier, it is entirely more vigorous and exciting. We would say, it is living. So allow yourselves the freedom to live. Allow yourselves the freedom to be awake. Allow yourselves the freedom to feel. And through it all, trust and accept the self. This is the greatest victory. Do not confuse it for a failure. No matter what anyone may say to you. Be joyous in your achievements. Be gentle with yourselves. Be in your ease. Follow your impulses.

Discovering Perfection, Self-Judgment, Rules and Roles

So. You begin to unravel the threads of this complexity of your experience. It is pointless for us to continue to tell you of the perfection in each moment. On the other hand, it is through your own experience and discovery of this perfection directly, it is through the integration of this perfection as a knowing that you achieve what you seek. And you are beginning to comprehend this. It is by walking awake in the dream that you are able to allow and accept the self. It is through this allowance and acceptance that your creations are born.

The most difficult task is always the dropping of self-judgment. Oh, it is fine and another thing entirely to drop the judgment of others, but dropping judgment of self is a deeper and far more highly discerning task. The reason is simple for it is the self’s discernment reflecting back into the self. As you understand this and achieve it more and more, you will be able to observe yourself at any moment without rancor, without disappointment, without impatience, without any sense of all that there is something to DO about it, and simply accept what you observe, hear what it tells you and take in the information. It is the final level of defenselessness.

And to be sure, if you look back now, you will notice that the days that flow easily and smoothly are the days in which your acceptance of self is high and your mood is generally effortlessness. The effortlessness is directly related to the ease and room you give the self to maneuver in. The more watchful and tightly you attempt to control or set conditions upon the self, the narrower your movement, the more restricted you feel, the less joy can enter in. So make this your practice. When you feel the heaviness of judgment thoughts which you are leveling upon yourself, gently pause and say to yourself, “I am perfectly acceptable exactly as I am in this moment. And nothing I do, think, say, or feel can alter this.” Then allow yourself to move through whatever it is that you have stopped to judge in yourself and see it flow easily and smoothly into wherever it is leading you.

The great secret about all of these areas of self-judgment is that by releasing the judgment and moving into acceptance of the self you are able to clearly see whatever it is that you need to see in the moment. You are also suddenly free to move in whatever direction you choose. Judgment prohibits choice. Acceptance releases choice. Again it may seem that these are simply esoteric notions, psychological ideas or extraneous thoughts relative or relevant only to moods and psychological being or well-being. But we remind you that these issues and ideas are the basis of your physical reality.

Your entire experience in the physical springs directly from your relationship to the self.

Every restriction you feel and experience in the physical is a restriction you have placed psychologically upon the self. We do not think it can be more clearly stated than this. And each person chooses the vehicles, the methods, the ways in which they will interact with the world. That is, how they will achieve the results they are seeking. What forms are acceptable or not acceptable. The mechanics of how their own personal reality functions.

This is why it is pointless to assign rules and roles and expect everyone to fit into them. The reason that this total reorientation is a personal inside job, is that the only way to create change or to better manipulate and function within your own creation is to understand the very individual and personal psychological structures which form and maintain it in the first place. While it may be interesting to understand somebody else’s form and structure, it does not necessarily enlighten you about your own. We are not taking into consideration, in this last statement, all of the multiple ramifications of interaction with others, etc. That is, counterparts, aspects, etc., you know. In other words, the WHY we are connected to any individual in the first place. Rather, we are stating as a general rule that the tasks inherent in the process are individual and specific to the individual in nature. And this is a good thing. It is an absolute requirement, for without this requirement there could be no individual creation.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.