Channeling Sessions – Group 3

The Intentions of Fear and Love

We would suggest to you that whenever you KNOW that you are in fear, that you STOP, whatever it is you are doing, simply STOP, and deal with fear. Do NOT try to deal with the so-called events or emotions around which fear has gathered. For in the long run these are incidental. Rather, deal directly with fear, call it by its name, and ASK IT ITS INTENTION. If you will do this, you will know who fear is. And fear will always tell you its intention is to remind you that you are still not lovable. Then, you must choose. You may decide that fear is correct. In which case, know that any act which you perform at this moment, from this place, is not loving. You may decide that you have finally had enough of fear. In which case, we suggest that you ask for love. We know you believe you cannot do this. But you believe many things which are erroneous. So ask love, what is love’s intention? You will know if you are with love or still with fear, depending on the answer you receive. Any answer which is less than complete love and joy is not love. Do not make the mistake of listening to fear try to talk to you about love. Fear does not know about love. Only love knows about love. Love creates universes. Love is not passive. Love has infinite power. And love is relentless. It is time for you to separate your romantic notions from the truth.

Choosing What You Want, Spotting Beliefs Around ‘How Creation Works’, What is Real Anyway, and Who Do You Think You Are?

What is your true choice? And how are you honoring it? How are you bringing it into form? Through your focused intention? And do you really believe that there is some action required in the physical, and if so, what is it? And if so, do it! Perhaps this helps you to more clearly understand the need or the use in the past in other belief structures and cultures for ritual, for the act of bringing forth through ceremony, for these represent and translate to the physical act with which you are so preoccupied. If all probabilities exist and if your beliefs and choices align you accordingly to various probabilities, then shall you not simply choose the probability you seek? Is this not right use of the rational mind? What other use would you put it to? Other than to dispute what you know, that is.

Call forth that which you seek. And acknowledge and consider it done upon this calling forth. It is simply a question of you stepping into this choice. How do you do this? You do it. You align with the knowing of yourself which tells you this truth and you accept no alternatives. You move literally into that life. So that your thoughts, your expectations, your projections, your feelings and your ideas all align with that life. If you believe that there is something more for you to do then you must discover what this more is and do it. Or you must change the belief. The choice is yours.

Whenever you find yourselves in discussion of how creation works, of how beliefs work, of progress or failure, of success in your venture, or impatience with waiting for success, you are in these moments actively living your beliefs. So you must look at these moments and decide what you are being told and what you are telling yourself. If you are saying, “There is some further requirement” then you are withholding the outcome until such time as you discover the further requirement and fulfill it. But it is all belief. It is no more real than any other belief. It is only your experience of events through these beliefs which convinces you of their reality.

So you must decide. Does the experience make it REAL or is the experience an accurate reflection of an active belief? This will lead you to the question, “What is real?” What IS real? The rational mind will always supply the answer based on past experience. But we would caution you that this is NOT reality. This is your experience of reality through the filter of your belief system. If you believe it is hard, it is hard. If you believe you can UNCREATE, you can, and do. If you believe in the trustworthiness of the self, if you believe it is possible, it is correct, it is right, and it is appropriate for you to have what you want in your life, then you will. To the extent that you do not, you do not.

Now that wasn’t so hard. And here is your biggest downfall – in the moment that you look at your life, and you determine that you do NOT, and so you do not, you judge yourselves. You say, “What is wrong with me? Why is this so hard? What am I doing wrong?” And hopefully, “How can I change it?” Forget the first three, remember the last. And once again, we are back where we started. You change your experience by changing your beliefs. How can such a simple concept be so devilishly tricky? It is tricky because the rational mind accepts experience as fact. Now, you of all people, having been given multiple magical experiences by yourselves and by others seeking to show you the ease and grace that is possible, even YOU still follow this rule: “Experience equals fact. Fact is immutable. Change is impossible.” But you know better. You know in each moment where your larger frame of reference lies. AND you know if it lies WITH you, that is, towards what you seek, or against you, that is, in denial of what you seek.

You can ask yourself at any moment and know the truth. And if you will, once having asked this question, ask yourself further, “Beliefs, show yourselves to me, which create this truth in this moment” – they will be plainly evident. So long as you remember that they are NOT facts, but only beliefs. This is a game you have played with yourselves for eons. For if you ask yourself at any moment to look beyond what you KNOW to ask what you know ABOUT what you know, you will know instantly in what frame of mind, in what probable reality, in what reference point to the higher self you presently reside. And then you may choose. If you do not wish to reside where you are, then you may choose to reside somewhere else.

The greatest obstacle for you is that your rational mind will tell you, does tell you, continually tells you that this is not possible, precisely because the rational mind interprets all experience as FACT. “Water boils at 212 degrees. The air has oxygen in it, which you breathe. The earth has an atmosphere which keeps you alive. Your current position and the past which brought you to it has complete control over your present moment and any future moments. Everything is predictable. There is no such thing as creation. Or if there is, it is not reliable.” Be clear. This IS the common belief system in which you operate. Every belief you hold, nourish, or contemplate outside of this system, must be uniquely strengthened. Must be cherished. Must be properly maintained, and protected. This is the task you have chosen. To live the magical in the world of the mundane.

You know in your hearts that you are unwilling to succumb to the mundane. You know in your hearts that you have chosen this challenge because you needed to restore your faith in yourselves, and in the never ending creative process from which you spring. For you could not, through your rational mind, endeavor to accomplish any of the things which you hold important – you could not write, you could not sing, you could not paint, and you certainly could not create your reality.

And yet the rational mind is a stern taskmaster. Constantly demanding answers. Endlessly insisting on reassurances. And this is why the retraining of the rational mind is so important to the process. And also why the proper balancing of the rational mind within the whole is so paramount. For so long as the rational mind is dominant in all things, the perception of experience as fact greatly restricts your creative ability.

So you must choose. You must decide if your past equals your future or not. You must decide if all of the evidence of your experiential life is TRUTH or well-narrated fiction. You must decide WHO creates and WHO controls. And if you insist on giving the controls back to the rational mind at every moment where there is a question or doubt, then you continue to restrict yourselves. The rational mind is not your enemy. But the rational mind can be perceived this way if it is NOT retrained properly. When the rational mind perceives experience as the culmination of beliefs and knows THIS as fact, no longer assigning experience as fact, then your ability to expand your perception and change your experience naturally improves.

Perhaps you should, for the time being, take every thought which suggests to you a limitation or a reminder of an experience which “proves out” a limitation, and simply assign it with the label “belief.” Imagine if you were to look at your whole world this way – every single thing in it is only in it to the extent that you believe that it is. You believe your car is parked outside and so it is. You believe you are currently focused in Washington State in the United States of America and so you are. This would be closer to the truth then the assigning of any experience as fact. And if you can perceive ALL of your experience this way, then it is not so difficult to expand your experience to include those things you want, you seek, you desire, to the long list of things that you are already experiencing as a result of your beliefs!

For is it not true that physical objects are more spacious than object? Is it not true that the molecules within physical objects are made up of particles vastly smaller than the distance of space between them? And is it not true that the computer you type upon is more space than computer? And yet you BELIEVE in it, and so it works. Listen to the rational mind now. The rational mind says, “This is lunacy.” The rational mind says, “There IS a computer on the desk.” And you smile at the rational mind and say, “Belief!” Apply this EVERYWHERE. Apply this in every moment. And in every thought. You will see that everything works much more easily from this perspective.

All of your coincidences make perfect sense – how else could it occur but in the way which you BELIEVE, and in a way which SHOWS you what you believe. You believe in telepathy? You experience telepathy! You believe in creation, you experience creation. You believe in limitation? You experience limitation! This is the sum total of your life experience! So rather than trying to sort out the underlying beliefs, why not simply admit that it’s ALL beliefs. The cars on the street, the birds in the trees, the bunnies on the lawn, all belief. All you, creating, to show you yourself. All belief! Who are you? Who do you believe you are? Imagine that the truth is that you do NOT exist. That this is simply a void space which you have filled with your imagination and you have filled it SO well that you have believed that your creation is REAL. But there is nothing here.

There is nothing here but YOU. All of you. Experiencing all of you. And calling it real. And no amount of evidence that you pile up will change it! Ask yourself when you’re dreaming, when you’re caught up in the drama of a dream, do you not feel the ground under your feet? Do you not experience the reality of the dream? You have trained yourselves so well in this dream of physical reality that you hardly EVER allow yourselves to experience the KNOWING that it is your creation, that it IS your dream. Sometimes, in your dream states, you will remember you are dreaming and you will say, “Oh, this is a dream. Oh, I can change this if I want to because this is a dream.” See if you can do it in your physical reality dream! The nature of the dreams are the same. “This is a dream. I can change it if I want to.” And change it. In the dreams, you never ask yourselves, “Oh, HOW will I change it??? Oh, how will I make it happen?” You are not helpless, it is YOUR dream. You say to yourself, “This is a dream, I can change it!” – and you change it!

Choose. Act from the place within yourself that knows and request the rational mind to participate in the uncovering of the beliefs. And the selection of new choices. Let the rational mind tell you all of the things it wants, and then give it to them – give it to yourself. Now, perhaps, some of you are going to be very frustrated with us. And with yourselves. Perhaps once again we will be accused of saying things so directly that are so simple and yet which you will lament are so difficult to achieve. We are smiling as we remind you that this is a belief. PLAY with your lives. After all, what is the WORST consequence possible? You will DIE and wake up from the dream. And perhaps you will do this before you do what you are so sure you want to do. You will lose your love, you will lose your grand idea.

Choose. And remember that the fastest way to lose your love or grandest idea is to forget that this IS the dream. Do not be afraid. Take your grandest visions of yourselves and create them! For what else could you possible be here to do? And what risk are you taking? None! The only real risk is that you fail to seek, to be, the grandest vision of yourself. The rest is all details. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, earlier, later.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.