Channeling Sessions – Group 29

acred Cows, Limiting Beliefs, Action, the Appeal of Dreamland

You are pushing against new boundaries, or should we say old boundaries, sacred cows of the rational mind. And now your definitions and your reforming of basic ideas and concepts, integrating into yourself in new ways, creates a different dynamic. It is as if the rational mind makes a last ditch effort to suppress knowing, to drag you back so that you find yourself wondering where the ease went, while at the same time, in a subtle way, ignoring impulses. Impulses to rest, and to relax. It is a new twist on the old game where the rational mind, knowing it cannot coerce you into thinking there is some action necessary, now uses a new approach, wherein, it simply brings you a vague sense of the idea of action. This is a clever plot when you think of it. For without the specific call to action, you have nothing to refute. And the rational mind holds you in a sort of state of suspense.

The key here is the attempts to distract you into non-belief or away from impulse. But either way it is a ploy which cannot long succeed, so long as you remain aware of what is going on within you, where your thoughts are, what you are feeling, what your impulses lead you to. You can recognize its presence, that is, this distractive pattern, by a sense of vagueness, a sense of something unformed and yet oh, so mildly troubling. In these moments, stretch, take a look around, and ask yourself where you choose to be, and where your impulses are leading you. This should do fine at bringing you right back home to yourself. And indeed, you grow stronger and stand more solidly in your own new selves each day. Each moment.

Do not make the mistake of overlooking the smooth flow of events, the ease with which things happen, the ease of your own communications with each other, whether physical or telepathic. Again it is a trick of the mind that in each new place from which you stand and look out, you are somehow endowed with a sense of the familiar. This can lead you to overlook the significance of your own accomplishments, particularly when these accomplishments are so closely aligned to your mental outlook, your beliefs, your thought processes, your creation.

It is one thing for the mind to attempt to interfere with accomplishments which are centered outside of the self or which involve the physical body, that is, climbing a mountain, for example, as opposed to altering a thought process. When you climb the mountain, there is physical evidence to support the accomplishment, although it is not to say that the moment the accomplishment is completed, it does not return to the realm of the mental, for it does, as a memory. However, the physical act itself serves as a benchmark to the rational mind, which it, out of habit, respects. So in this case, perhaps it is a good idea to create a few such physical benchmarks within your daily experience. In this way you can give the rational mind tangible results of the mental work going on.

Allow yourself to pay close attention to and follow easily and without debate the impulses that come up. This gives you the energy and the room to integrate so many new things. The place where your journey now takes you truly outside of familiar territory. This is a good thing. It is also a stretch. In some ways this is why the dreamworld seems more appealing at this time. Because it seems closer to and more relevant to your process than the rules and structures of outer perspective physical reality. And so it is easier for you to understand, integrate, and communicate through your dreamwork on this level. It is also why you are longing for more rest periods. For these allow you the more frequent connection to your dreaming self and it is there that you are receiving the confirmation and encouragement for your creation and your path.

It may help you to remember that the waking state is also a dream state, although a bit of a different style and with a decidedly more direct feel. Nonetheless, it is a dream state. It is made up of the same criteria as your dreams, simply manifest in a way which seems to you to make it “real”. Keep this in mind when your rational mind wants to feel perplexed, concerned, or worry about your own creation projects. Remind the rational mind of the dream condition. For the mechanics of creation do operate in exactly the same way both in your “real physical world” and in your dream world. Remind the rational mind that it has no problems accepting situations, events or instant materializations in the dream world and through its knowing and understanding of the nature of reality, it should have no problem with any such events in the “real world”.

Also remember in your waking state, as you move through your conscious awareness of the “real world”, that it IS a dream. And allow yourself to marvel at how intricately and perfectly you put all the pieces together to provide yourself with a seamless experience. There is no part of the experience that is not subjective, that is not generated by the self, regardless of appearances. As to those who require to know what is going on, remember that these too are your creations, this too is your own rational mind requiring understanding, seeking illumination, requesting aid in acknowledging and accepting that which you have created.

Self-Alignment, New Level of Ease, Process of Awakening

Each step, at this time, brings larger and larger portions of the whole self into alignment and sometimes these are portions of the self which have been excluded or kept outside for long periods of time, either simply by “accidental” experience according to the ego, or because they are actually areas of unconscious patterning now being undone. Quite often in this process the unconscious repatterning will be done in perfect harmony with the larger self without even any reference or relationship to the old patterns. It is as if a new self is created and the old is simply left behind, no longer needed. In the building of a new self, there are new components as well as some old ones.

You do not need to concern yourself with the rules for how this is accomplished, rather, simply concern yourself with observing how the rules of your thinking seem to apply, how the rules seem to reveal themselves around your patterns of thought and in those moments, make choices. A simple enough process yet it requires awareness, for without awareness it is impossible.

You will find that the new level of ease is much broader and more relaxed than the old. It allows you a sense of expanded absolute freedom in the present if you will tune in and allow yourself to be aware. In doing this, you again automatically release the old patterns.

Continue to ask yourselves what it is you are seeking, what the value fulfillment is for you, and how you want to experience it in the moment. Then give yourselves that experience. Pay attention to those moments when you step out of your ease and make a conscious choice to step back in. Do not worry yourselves about the old thoughts, rules or ideas which seem to separate you from your ease, rather, simply observe them and allow yourself to have a new ease and see how they change. You are learning a new sense of alignment, a new, larger acceptability of self. It is all inclusive and it speaks to you from a deeper place in your being. A place you are not used to connecting to in your conscious waking state.

The process is unfolding naturally and perfectly and so again, frequent reminders in your waking conscious state, to trust, may be helpful. The visibility of patterns and modes of behavior which you are outgrowing, not as options available to you at any time, but as patterns and modes of behavior which come from unconsciousness, are simply more evidence of the perfection of the process. At times, the rational mind is fearful of all that it sees, wrongly thinking that if it sees the patterns, this must mean something is wrong. It does not. These are vestiges of old, old fear, of pervasive fear in your culture, which keeps unconsciousness as the primary mode. For when one fears to see then the only safe place to go is unconscious. The layers and multiplicity of these patterns in your culture play an enormous role in keeping all of the players in line with the common belief systems. The further you remove yourself from them, the more uncomfortable you may find others in your presence and the more little ploys your own rational mind will contrive to try to convince you that this is not a good idea. We remind you all is well. Perfection is.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.