Channeling Sessions – Group 28

Working Through the Process

Once more you are moving through, choosing, and discarding. Keep this, let go of that. And at this level, it seems to you it is different than trust, but it is not. It is perhaps that those things now being let go of reside closer to the core sense of who you are, and so the letting go is a little bit more tricky, but there is nothing to fear, and nothing to worry about. Continue to remind yourself of the process of choice and it will be easier. (long pause) We recommend diversion. While at the same time, we suggest to you that it is perfectly all right to feel whatever you are feeling in the moment and move through the process of feeling it. Remember that all of it is your creation and whatever you’re doing in the moment has its own spontaneous perfection. And this is riding largely on the work you have already done, so that you are naturally moving along with your impulses. Even when it seems that you are wondering what the hell is going on or feeling mildly disconcerted or even feeling as if somehow you are on a side path, which you may be, working through minor details of belief, bringing things to the surface, and letting them go, naturally and easily.

The process itself contains its solution. There is nothing more you need to know or do. Your earlier choices and your reconfirming of these choices has already set the path. Now you are merely on it, which is in itself a large accomplishment. And while there may be thoughts or ideas connected to others which seem to be less than ideal, recognize that these have their own perfection and simply allow yourself to be with them. This is new and is a different experience, where in the past, rushing to change or fix or connect would have been your standard response. Now you simply be with what is, and in some ways this is what brings your discomfort but you see rightly that there is nothing else to be done. Let the moments fall as they will. Let your life unfold as it will. You have nothing to fear. In the end, this is what you are learning. Continue to allow yourself to see the larger picture. Not only where you are, but the larger picture within which you are moving. This makes it easier for you, both to go on and to be where you are. The more you center in worry or doubt about where you are, the more difficult it becomes, so choose to go along with where you are – you know that it is all working out perfectly. You do not need to know the future before it happens. You simply have to be open to the possibilities of what you want. Remember that by feeling what you are feeling and being where you are, you do not forfeit choice. Choice is. And by allowing yourself to see your moment points and feel your experience, you discern more easily and more naturally what you want and where you are. The intersections of all probabilities are in your now. This is all you need to remember. Making your choices from this place, with ease and a sense of acceptance, reinforces your creation, and revitalizes your connection to that probability.

But we would suggest that you not be so serious this time. Gently insert your choices, no adamance is required, just a quiet and simple acceptance. We remind you to rely on your inner knowing for guidance as to the nature of this place. Do not be asking the world outside of you to show you what you know. Instead, allow the world outside you to reflect back to you your own inner knowing and choose this as your experience. Whatever reflections do not fit your new choices, accept them as the dwindling remains of an old point of view and simply let them go. It is at this time, that the challenge to stay in your now point, focused in the present, becomes more real to you, as the old patterns reveal themselves for release. Again we stress to you, there is nothing you need do, other than what you already know. Play with it. Be easy with it. And this will allow it to be easy with you. All of the smaller details over which you have been concerned, have now been released and illuminated and so naturally, lacking their distraction, your attention is turned to your larger focus and goal. Be aware that the new focus of attention is not a requirement for you to conquer or worry over. Notice how lacking the smaller elements over which to fuss, that your old instinctual patterns turn you to fussing over the larger. Let us tell you again – this is okay. This is not a flaw. It is simply an opportunity for you to observe, choose, release.

Changing Assumptions

Take the time to look out at the scenery going by from a perspective of knowing that you are on the path you have chosen, rather than from a perspective of wondering if this is the right path. Allow yourselves the freedom, the freedom to rest, the freedom to be exactly as you are in each moment. Again this is a shifting, similar to the earlier shifting and releasing of mental entanglements. Recall that at that time, time and space seemed somehow different to you, less crowded, less strident. This new shifting is more subtle in its nature, connects you more directly to your body, connects you more directly to your immediate physical environment. This new shifting makes room within your physical experience for a larger perception. The details become more clear and it may seem to you that your focus is drawn to those things you still desire to change. We suggest to you that at those times you honor this desire for change, see it changed, accept it, and let go. Then at the appropriate moment, for the action to take place, follow the impulse and the change occurs. In this way, you release the tension around these areas and send your energy into the new creation.

Releasing Old Conditioning, No Compromises

Understand that a part of the new creation is a required shift in emotional relationships and attitudes, such that, behaviors no longer acceptable to you provoke a response of unacceptance, in you. There is nothing wrong with this. Follow the impulse, release the energy. Recognize where your past training in these areas of politeness, suppression, and going along with were against your own inner desires.

You may find yourself putting your foot down, rather forcefully, and of course, recognize that any time you do this, those who have, in the past, thoughtlessly and relentlessly taken advantage will be startled, perhaps unpleasantly. This too, is perfectly all right. Retraining is retraining, and is not to be feared. The agitation that you feel in these moments comes from the conflict between the new desire being honored and the old pattern seeking to enforce itself. The energy produced, a sense of frustration/ resentment/ irritation, is simply the friction of the release. The best use of this energy is movement honoring the new desire and destroying the old pattern. Make no apologies. None are necessary. Not to yourself, or to others.

Apologies are counterproductive at this time because they provide the message that the new desire needs apology. It does not. This reordering of more of the inner space goes on, on all levels. You have rightly sensed that much of your dreamwork at this time is also allowing you to release this old energy. Continue on this path of directness, on this straightforward and honest approach. The more directly you proceed, the more directly you arrive. This is a reclaiming of your own ground. This is a reclaiming of what is yours to own and the respect that is yours to demand. You are setting out new fenceposts. And this is a good thing. Set them where you want them the first time, and you won’t have to set them again.

In a sense, you areovercoming the old art of compromise in those areas where it never could serve you. Compromise is not a requirement and you know this instinctively. The discomfort also arises because it is easier to carry the picture of yourself that is agreeable and compromising than it is to carry the picture of yourself that is not. We would suggest that the uncompromising self is in better alignment, more able to be honest, and ultimately is the self which requires total acceptance. Do not be swayed by momentary discomfort. So have it your way and remember clarity and directness. These are the tools to take you where you seek to go in all things.

It may seem to you at times, that the new desires and impulses are capricious, or insupportable. They will clash directly with old patterns of rescuing, conciliation, putting OTHERS in front of self. We insist, adamantly, that this is not so and that if you will follow the course you will see this clearly. Instead, the opposite is true. And the new impulses and desires, the course which seeks first and above all else to highly honor the self, ultimately, leads all of those in contact with you, to this same place.

In time, you will learn a smoothness and gentleness to this approach. At present it may seem to you that you are being abrupt or short tempered. This is partly because old patterns depended upon the force of anger in order to establish the most minor of boundaries. As you realize, recognize, and honor the new integrity with the self, the stridence will gradually dissipate. In any event, it is nothing to be concerned over, merely something to be aware of. You have been letting people step on your feet, and now you have decided that it is time to stop.

Please understand that on the path of your choosing, this is not an idle whim, but a basic requirement. We hope this has restored, to some degree, your confidence in yourself and your confidence in the process. We offer this understanding as our rose for your valentine, with a reminder that the first valentine is you, and until everyone who knows you knows this, you will still have a lot of kicking to do.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.