Channeling Sessions – Group 27

Shifting Away

Now. The energy patterns you are perceiving are no longer comfortable. And therefore, because you have gained some distance, they are acutely obvious. You would not miss them when they appear in your experience. But we think you would not miss them either, if they stopped appearing. (chuckle) So, why now? Why this? Anytime this sort of experience occurs it provides ample opportunity for understanding and new choices, clarity about what works and what doesn’t, and the room to love yourself. The restriction that you feel is the disconnection with yourself, the out of alignment with yourself that makes you uncomfortable. Ultimately the questions never change. Which you, which world. And by making choices, based on the idea that you will fail or have failed, you find yourself in a place which is most uncomfortable. What do you want? This situation also serves another purpose. Allowing you to, on a more dramatic level, make choices for yourself. Observe the energy patterns that are no longer yours. For they ARE no longer yours. When we tell you that all you need to do is choose, we are not being flip. All you need to do is choose. This means following your impulses. It also will mean, to whatever degree you are willing, choose freedom. Or, if you feel unable to choose it at this time, choose something else. It seems to you that this heaviness attaches itself but it cannot attach until and unless you choose the attachment. The past cannot take you, only the present can take you. The past cannot hurt you either, but that is for you to choose. That is for you to decide. It is not such a difficult choice. It does not require that you DO something. In some ways you are like a person who has healed their whole body and yet remains with a splinter in their toe. Now, do you look at the splinter to the exclusion of the body? Does the splinter determine that you have failed? No. The splinter reminds you of what you have accomplished. And the rest of the body gives you the courage to go forward and remove the splinter. Focusing only on the splinter, to the exclusion of the rest, leaves you feeling drained, disempowered, less than well. So widen your focus. And for a moment, ignore the splinter. When you do this, you come back to yourself. And suddenly in the larger scheme of things the splinter is not so important. It is important to the extent that you use it for what it was given to you. It is an opportunity to see again, clearly, what you no longer choose. To make it certain in your mind, to leave no questions. We would say it has served its purpose. It seems you are no longer interested in feeling this way.

What’s the Point?

The objective of the new world is not to never experience anything but ease and joy. The objective of the new world is to know exactly where you are, so that you may make the choices that serve you best.

Only Through Integrity

You cannot resolve any issue using the old methods. It simply will not work. We gather you noticed this. (laugh) It is a matter of your own alignment and integrity. Ask yourself honestly, how can the solution lie outside of your integrity at this point in time? It cannot. The solution lies solidly in the other direction. By the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, this is good news.

Old Traps and New Reminders, The Discomfort of Others

And now, it is time for you to let go. Let the new world solve your problems. Let your new choices bring you what you want. Why struggle? Didn’t you give up struggle? The trap is laid. It is always available. And you have done well to recognize it. Be very clear. The old road is not your road. And your road makes anyone on the old road highly uncomfortable. This is not a problem. (Laughing) Indeed, it is a solution.

Sometimes discomfort leads to action, one can only hope. In any event, it is not YOUR discomfort. It is not YOUR problem. Let the discomfort fall where it will. It is a part of the perfection of creation. It will find its way home to exactly those who have chosen it. We will offer you this advice: When dealing with this, in those situations where you are generating discomfort in another, simply by knowing and saying what is, you do not need to go to discomfort yourself. In fact, it would be highly helpful if you would instead, maintain your sense of humor. After all, it is not YOUR discomfort. And to the extent that you remember this, you can be free of it. And to the extent that you are free of it, it will find its way home to those who are not yet free. It also relieves you of the burden of being the bad guy. Bad guys don’t spend all their time laughing. So you can say, “ha ha ha ha, this is not true!” and leave it at that. Remember to be gentle with yourself and also remember that you are extricating yourself from an old pattern. An old pattern which takes you no where, because you cannot save anyone but yourself. And you’re doing very well. And the better you do, the more the discomfort for those who are not with you. This is natural, don’t fight it. For now you are letting them FEEL what is theirs to feel. We would say this is an excellent thing. We recommend it. It is not simply that you cannot resolve anyone else’s problems or issues, it is that in trying to, in moving into those old directions, you prevent movement, for yourself and for them. That is why it is so uncomfortable. That is why you feel so “YUCK”. So unless you like “yuck”, we suggest, let them stew. Let them protest. Let them holler! It is none of your concern. We also point out to you to notice how the more you move into your ease, the harder it is to move back to discomfort. And the more obvious the discomfort is to those who are still in it. So you see, you set the perfect example, provide the perfect teaching, become the perfect lesson, simply by being where you are. Perhaps this will give you some clues about changing the world. What else do you need to know? We suggest you notice how the answer to this question has changed for you. The change tells you everything you need to know. And so the riddle, the question contains the answer, begins to unwind in front of you.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.