Channeling Sessions – Group 25

Completion is the Process

Now as to your other question regarding your own completion of the process. We remind you that the completion is the process. Therefore, expression of doubt as to whether or not you have or will soon achieve your goal simply lengthens the experience of that part of the process. For certainly within you is the complete knowing. Remind yourself of the process of fear and trust, for even as you discuss it rationally for the book, you seem to overlook its immediate implications. We have told you before that the process is complete. And that we have no conditions. We ask you now to remember this. You are continually evolving into higher and higher levels of acceptance, integration and understanding. This is the process. And without it, none of this would have been possible. Ask yourself what you are looking for proof of. When you stand in the center of your knowing, you’re simply there. There is nothing to fear, and there is nothing to do. Continue to remind yourself of this.

It is not a chance event which brings about that which you seek. It is your creative power, which, as you have seen, and you continue to see, is all that you need to deal with. It is time to be at peace with the power of your own creation. We have told you from the beginning that there was nothing to fear. And you have learned to believe us. Not because we continue to tell you, but because you prove it to yourselves. If you will continue to operate from this knowing, then the place where you will arrive is certain. After all, it is the place of your own creation. It seems to you, still, that there is some possibility or chance for some other outcome. We remind you that this is also your creation. And so you must decide. And this is, in the end, why the challenge you have accepted is so important. For you have chosen to confront yourselves on every level of your being and you have chosen to confront yourselves in the areas which seem so tightly connected and rooted in your own survival. Whatever it is that you would choose, it is chosen. So whatever it is that you experience is chosen. You are learning to live with this as a matter of course, as a matter of the fabric of each moment. It is also possible for you to remember, as you do this, that in each moment of choice, it is choice that you are making. If you will remember this, and remember to, quite naturally and effortlessly, insert your highest desire whenever the thoughts come up of questions, of wondering, of outcome, of choice, then it will be a simple process for you to move beyond this completion. We challenge you to let go of everything you know and choose instead those things which are of your desire.

New Questions in Absolute Freedom, Being Bound to Fear

You have stepped into the new country. Perhaps you recognize it by its lack of struggle, by the ease with which perfection just seems to happen, by the things that you know, appearing in the road ahead of you. By the lack of doubt. The absence of fear. And the opportunity for choice. It is indeed a new world. And so how would you proceed? What is it that you seek? What connections do you want to make? How do you wish to express yourself in the moment? These are the new questions, born of a new understanding. Born of absolute freedom. Absolute freedom to choose, to be, to experience. Whatever path you step upon from this moment forward, you can be certain of one thing. It is a path of choice.

The old ideas that such a path, that such a life could be boring take on a new level of hilarity. “It is so boring out here in the larger landscape of ATI, where as, it was so interesting inside our box.” It is not boredom that you fear, but uncertainty. But you cannot know this until you stop hiding from yourself. The attachment to known things, whether they be patterns of behavior or physical objects, or even repetitious events, is strong. It is even more powerful when the being is in fear. The unrecognized fear holds you in the old patterns and limits your choices to such a degree that you do not understand the profound nature of the limitation. It is only by moving through your fears to freedom that you can experience choice in a meaningful way. When there is nothing left to fear, life gets exciting. As long as you are held in fear’s grip, then fear calls the shots. And fear itself is too exciting or overstimulating to your system to allow you to even properly contemplate freedom. So you tell yourselves that you do not want to be free, because what would be the challenge? When the truth is, you cannot contemplate freedom because you’re bound to your fear. However you go about extracting yourself from this dilemma, ultimately it is worth the price. And listing all of the obstacles that you created along the way is rather irrelevant. For without the obstacles, you could not have seen what it is you are doing and remove them to get free. All pieces of the puzzle are required for the puzzle solution. This is why having reached absolute freedom, there is no need for blame or guilt over the past. All of these judgmental types of reasoning fall away when they are understood as a part of the road you travel to come to where you are. In fact, each of these “obstacles” or “challenges” offers you the jewel of its unraveling and fulfillment, and points you firmly in the direction of your own highest value fulfillment. That is, choosing struggles in relationship and love is designed to lead you to powerfully loving relationships. Choosing struggles in self- acceptance, abundance, and self-worth, is designed to lead you to powerful abundance and self-worth. This is the blessing, or the gift, inherent in each challenge you face.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.