Channeling Sessions – Group 22

Mystery and Frustration with the Process

The rational mind, the conscious waking self, does not appreciate mystery. And certainly your creation, as you call it, has all the trappings of a mystery. At some point the rational mind gets tired of the game. Instead, all we can offer you are the reminders of a few of the basic tenets of reality. You know the ones. Creation is. Time is an illusion. You are safe. We realize these, at the moment, tend to make you angrier. So there’s not much point in our repeating them. But they are still true. It is also true that you cannot look in linear time and physical space for the answers or solutions you are seeking. Our placating words do not mean much to you at this point. However, we suggest to you that you take it to heart when we tell you all is well. Perhaps you can relate this to, in a religious experience, what would be called a crisis in faith. The straw that broke the camel’s back. It is as if you have been pushing on many doorways at once from the dream state to conscious awareness, seeking for some evidence, some proof of this understanding. And it does us no good to remind you that the proof is in each and every one of your moments of experience. And so you drag yourself back again and again to the outer perspective question – wanting to know how all of these things will be dealt with – what is your plan – the rational mind is hoarse from screaming. And it seems to you that we are like dumb robots or worse, dumb animals, mimicking the same endless response: “Be in your ease and be in the moment.” If we were physical in this moment, we are quite certain you would throw something at us. We would also remind you, at this point, to delve into, and perceive, your inner feelings. For in some ways, this little drama is laid on top of a sense of knowing and relaxed calm. So that it is not supported on a deeper level by panic or some great fear.

We recommend to you, if you are going to act it out, that you determine how to obtain some joy from this process. Assume this is joyous anger. This seems quite a contradiction in your terms. And yet it is highly possible. If you focus the energy as a means to accomplishing that which it is you have chosen, it is your way of telling the rational mind and conscious self that you will no longer tolerate their unbelief and so they are pushed aside in a moment of creation. After all, they will deal with the results well enough, and it is not their job to bring the creation into form. It is only their job to perceive what is here. And they are reminding you of their perception. It is certainly preferable to give them voice than to put them in a box of good behavior. We do not take offense, after all, they are acting in good conscience.

The rational mind is pointing out to you that as far as it’s concerned, there are some issues that need to be dealt with here. As it would say, “How do you plan to pay the electric bill?” And it is not a healthy form of integration to squelch the rational mind any more than it is to cut off the intuitive, or the perceptions from the larger framework. The trick is to allow for the expression while remaining in the larger trust. So go ahead and have a good rant. And then come back to yourself. Making your choices from a place which says I am serious about this, as opposed to, this is hopeless. And then focus the energy elsewhere.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.