Channeling Sessions – Group 21

Aggression, Moments of Integration, the Calm Before Creation, Psychological Impact on Physical Reality

[We had both been feeling a gathering or presence of great energy.] On the larger scale, you have perceived correctly the coalescing of energy into form. And this should be a cause for excitement, as you are, little by little, allowing yourselves to perceive in the larger frame of reference. And so a part of your understanding now contains the idea of the explosion of energy that is creation. And an understanding that transforms your ideas about violence or aggression as they relate to creation. For indeed it is a joyous aggressive violence in one manner of speaking. It is a cauldron of swift moving and highly excited energy, boiling into existence. This is no passive act.

And so, in some ways, you are now reordering all of your thinking regarding all of your ideas of passive, active, aggressive, etc. For on the one hand, you perceive this coalescing energy; you perceive its incredible power. And on the other, you perceive yourself in a state which seems almost torpid and we say to you that both of these perceptions are yourself.

Again it is a separation from the outer perspective which assigns all physical results, physical cause and action. That is to say, no physical result is ALLOWED within the outer perspective one-line consciousness, without some correlating physical cause or action. While you on the other hand perceive directly the inner creation and creative force while perceiving a lack of movement in the physical. It is precisely in these moments, in these pauses, in these calms, that the greatest power is released because the self is integrating in new ways and creation is taking form. If you look back over your life or any life, you will see that there are always these moments of calm before the emergence of new creation. Creation of events, creation of new experience, or creation of new physical objects, etc. This is clearly evident when you look at the pattern of how This One (Becky) came into the house where you now sit. There was a great period of stillness, of retreat, sleeping, reading, and general “hanging out” as you call it, just prior to the events which lead to the first introduction to the idea of this house and the relocation. And while it seemed at the time to be a frustrating and somewhat unpleasant experience, there was also a subconscious awareness of the creation taking place.

The difficulty in moving through this kind of period with confidence and ease comes when you rely solely on the physical expression and experience for the evidence of what is going on. For in the physical at these times the activity is very low. But if you look back now at this particular segment of time during the months prior, what you will see is that the momentum was building to a particular point and at that point, the energy was released. Even during the time that the energy was being released, the house became known, the other planned trip took place, and then the money was created. It was not clear to This One that the pattern was already completed and created. There was a sense that energy needed to be expended to bring it into creation. And that sense was actually the attractive force of the completed creation pulling itself into the new place, the new experience. And so it is now in this same way, that the creation is formed and completed. And yet at the same time it is evolving and emerging into the physical world. And so there is the calm, which allows for the great focus of energy in the creation itself, the explosive force which brings it into your physical realm, but this explosive force is not directly perceivable in the physical realm. It is only through your own development of perception and abilities to open to your whole selves and the larger framework that you are capable of seeing and perceiving this process.

Stop for a moment and ask yourselves what the process looks like from the physical realm point of view in your current moment. It will make you laugh because you understand it is completely invisible. It looks as though the two of you have decided to pretend that you can do what you like and “so far” the real world has not caught up with you. From the outer physical realm perspective, it is only a matter of time. And yet from your perspective, this idea is beyond amusing. How is this so? How do you know better? You know better through your connection to the inner experience and those realms which create the physical. In the moments before creation emerges into physical, the evidence in the physical does not exist. And this is why you can say that creation requires no precedent. It is not that there is not a precedent, for indeed there is, the energy comes together, the creation is born, it does not step out of nothingness. It is simply that it steps out of nothingness from the point of view of physical reality.

It is sort of like the idea of giving birth. If you think of the baby in the womb as being outside of the physical perception, then the birth would indeed be quite a shock. But to the mother who carries the child and who knows intimately from the moment of conception and before, the relationship with the child, there is no surprise. It is an expected event. This is also one of the reasons that so many of the teachings in your time are focused on the psychological and perception of inner self. For it is through this pathway that you come to be able to perceive that which is in physical terms, formless, and yet is responsible for all of your physical reality. It is only from the physical perspective that any line could possible be drawn which would say that these are psychological understandings and not relevant to physical creation. For the truth is, physical creation is dependent upon them in every sense of the word. Without the psychological, without the basis in consciousness, the physical ceases to exist. So it is quite an irony indeed to decide that any of these teachings can change your perspective, your point of view, your psychological outlook, how you “FEEL” about yourself, but have no great impact, no impact on, the greater reality of your physical being.

Again, it is your ability to perceive that allows you the opportunity to create more freely, because it is your installation of boundaries around the psychological self which limit your own understanding and expression of physical creation. If you believe that changing your psychological outlook cannot impact your physical realm directly, than it cannot. This is why the exploration of the inner self, the integration of all parts of the being, the releasing of fears, doubts, and old habits of thinking actually bring you to a new level and power of direct creation. It is not that creation ever operated any differently, it is that you operate differently within it.

Imagine that you are looking down at the ground and you see a beautiful stone. And you believe that this stone is so connected to the earth that you cannot pick it up. Your belief in that moment not only conveys itself to the physical reality you create, but also actually inhibits your own action. That is to say, you don’t even try to pick it up. In many ways what the two of you are doing is creating a new set of rules for creation or letting go of the old rules in such a way that the new rules emerge naturally. You are standing on your knowingness of the lack of boundaries between the inner and the outer physical experience. You are proving to yourselves that creation actually follows the form of your thoughts and beliefs in every regard. You are removing any barriers between yourself and your larger experience. This has been your path from the beginning. And as you take it gladly upon yourselves and bring it into your conscious awareness, it takes on a whole new life. It also allows you the opportunity to observe the old ways in which you put up limitations around yourself, between yourself and your experience. And it makes these ways evident to you in the lives of those around you.

You will find as you move along this path, the more subtle ways and evidences of how you have limited yourselves. And as you step more and more completely into the larger knowing, you observe less and less doubt, less and less fear, more and more spacious present room to maneuver in. We will suggest to you now that where you go from here is a great leap of expansion in your ability to perceive beyond the barriers of physical space and time. What we mean by this is, that you will begin to be able to expand your perception in ways that correlate more directly with the larger framework than with the ideas of how physical space and time operate. This gives you a great opportunity to expand your own awareness and to move all awareness on your plane to a larger understanding.

You are also going to find yourselves able to perceive and direct in a more direct fashion, your creations of your experience. This will give you the opportunity to use discernment in new ways, to make a different set and kind of choices, than has previously been available to you — not only in regards to yourselves in your own lives and what you consider to be fun or not fun, but also in regards to the lives of others with whom you interact, as regards their willingness to know more and your ability to open up doorways for them to new perceptions and awarenesses of themselves. There will be times when open doorways will be ignored by those around you and these will be opportunities for you to use your discernment and choose absolute freedom, not just for yourselves but for everyone concerned. You will find it much simpler to leave judgment behind when you remember in these moments that absolute freedom IS, and is the highest course of action.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.