Channeling Sessions – Group 20

Uniqueness and Cooperation

Recognizing that each individual stands in their own creative power and creates according to their own specific and unique design with their own specific and unique reasons and ramifications, helps you to remember the cooperative nature of interactions with others. It should also point out to you your willingness to allow these others room for free expression and exploration of their beliefs. However, this is not to say that you are then their victim, for at any moment, you are also free to make your own choices. And so the cooperative interaction proceeds. Your choices will impact the interactions, just as surely as theirs will. This applies in all interactions and so it is useless to say that you must give up your power of choice when interacting with others. It also is just not true.

Fear as Communication

At times it may seem to you as if you are standing still, as if your choices have been made and yet there is no evidence of that in your experience. We say to you that the evidence is there. Continue to make the choices and allow the evidence to reveal itself. We suggest to you that you continue in your process. One way to do this is to recognize and identify where in your physical body the fear resides and do your transformation work based on knowing this information. Remember, the fear is simply your interpretation of an energy. An energy which attempts to communicate with you. And so, it might be wise to go in and allow the communication to take place. You might be surprised at what you discover. It is only another part of you seeking for you to have that which you have chosen already. There is no separation.

The challenge, if there is one, from your point of view, is that the fear SEEMS to have power. The fear SEEMS scary. The fear SEEMS to be saying that there is something you need to avoid. We would suggest that you reinterpret the message of fear and use it as a signpost for a place that needs discovery. The more you can do this, the freer you become. The freer you become, the more surely you stand in your own creation. Remind yourself that you are always standing in your own creation and that your goal here is to do so consciously. To bring the power of your own creation into your conscious awareness. To bring the whole of yourself into your experience of space and time. Your entire experience is built around the exploration of your creative power. So it seems reasonable to expect to have to face your fears here. After all it is not so far fetched to assume that those areas you came to explore will be the same areas that require your focused attention in order to obtain expanded understanding. If this were not so, you would already have explored these areas. You cannot change that which you cannot see. Therefore, we suggest to you to go bravely into these areas of fear, for these are the areas that will reap the greatest reward. Ask yourself, what it is you came here to achieve. Ask yourself, why you have chosen this experience. Ask yourself, what experience is it that you are seeking. The answers will carry you. The answers are magnificent. The answers reveal the true nature of your being. And that is certainly worth the price of overcoming a small amount of fear. And it is certainly a cause more worthy, a goal more esteemed and more highly valued than any circumstance along the way. Remember as you move through your creation that it is your creation and ultimately there is nothing to fear.

Conscious Knowing, Rest and Molecular Changes, and Gentleness

The rational mind will know whatever it is you allow the rational mind to know. And you have done an excellent job of integrating the processes in all parts of your being. How do you know this? For one thing, paying attention to yourselves, you have watched energy movement. As you integrate various aspects of the self: rational mind, conscious mind, unconscious or knowing of the larger whole, there is a natural balancing of energy which you have perceived. You find yourself in periods where it seems as if there is nothing you FEEL like doing and you feel a little bit, shall we say, uninspired. Recognize that during these times, if you will follow the impulse, as mundane as it may seem, to rest, and to relax and to just be with yourself, you will be accomplishing a great deal. For it is at these times that you are integrating the denser energies. These are actually changes to your molecular structure which seem to slow you down. Actually they are doing just the opposite but you are forced to perceive from that slower perspective while you are in the process. Remember when there was so much fear in you that this would have been impossible? Remember when the balance of trust was so small that you couldn’t go for a minute, much less a day, a week, or several weeks?

Once again you are in the process where there is more room in the spacious present, and as you learn to adjust to having more room, you will have new impulses and creative ideas. This does not mean that you need to fill each moment with doingness. Quite the contrary. It simply means that the space you perceive within the self is larger. This is a natural consequence of letting go of all of those emotional energies which used to crowd around inside you. And now, as you move into the process of integrating all parts of yourself with this new experience, we remind you that perfection is, and even in those moments when you are feeling uncertain, or unsure as to exactly what you are feeling or why, that simple allowance will give the process room to unfold naturally. Do not assume that because you are not feeling excited, joyous, energized or any of those “positive” emotions at any given moment that this is cause for alarm. There is such a thing as resting. There is such a thing as being in the midst of integration. And so we come back again to being in your ease, following your impulses.

Be gentle with yourselves. For even in these moments, if you are paying attention, you will see that there is a part of you that feels the need to make a judgment upon you. We tell you there is no need for this. Acceptance of what is, trust of what is, these are the only requirements. And of course all of this is based upon a knowing that what is, is built on the foundation of your choices and thoughts, of which you have perfect trust. In some ways it may seem all rather circular to you. And indeed, springing from the self as it does, it is.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.