Channeling Sessions – Group 19


Power, another interesting concept. In your culture, power is seen as dangerous, corrupting, and at the same time highly desirable. Something which everyone seeks to attain and yet which ultimately is capable of destroying even the purest and highest. The dichotomy of this thinking itself leads you to the understanding of the nature of power if you allow it to. The truth is, you ARE all powerful, spiritual beings. The deception is in thinking that the power you seek is outside of yourselves. Is this beginning to sound familiar? The further deception is that the power you seek is over others outside of yourself. When the only power you have ever needed, you have always contained, which is the power of creation in your own reality. And this power, when understood, when appreciated, and accepted as a natural component of the event of your beingness, moves easily and perfectly and displays itself in the joy and ease of your creation. It is not corrupting; it is not corruptible. Instead it is the opposite. It is all encompassing, and it is totally freeing. And the beauty of this power is that the source or shall we say the path, to unlocking it is directly, unequivocally, and perfectly aligned with your own self-trust and understanding of the larger self.

You cannot move into or operate from this powerful place of your beingness without integrating the understanding of the larger self. To put it another way, it is actually impossible to use this power in any way other than for goodness and creation. We can hear the arguments already. But understand that which you term as misuse of power in the outer perspective, that is to say, one using “power” to oppress, restrict, or subjugate another, is never the use of true power and is wholly dependent upon the willingness and cooperation of the subjugated to deliver themselves powerless to their oppressor. This is not another case of ‘blame the victim,’ it is only an accurate description of what occurs in these events. And we want to point out here that these events are only possible when those operating within these events are functioning under the self-imposed strictures and limitations of the separated self. This should be obvious enough as the separated self is the only way to experience powerlessness. Keep in mind as you consider these ideas that the perfection of your creation IS. And that all of these self-imposed limitations have allowed you to experience the knowingness of self in a wholly new way, which has brought about the possibilities of integration of a conscious mind with the larger self. When you consider this, then perhaps the experience seems worthwhile.

Fear, the Rational Mind, and What Are You Focusing On?

Beneath the fear is the knowing. But of course you already knew that. It is not a question of whether or not the rational mind impedes the process, it is a question of connecting to the knowing, placing your investment or your energy where it goes naturally as opposed to rising above it and into the chatter of fear. The chatter is always available and when you are experiencing your knowing it’s just that you are not tuned into the chatter. Your unfortunate propensity to test yourselves on all things creates a sense of challenge, the possibility of failure, fear, etc. While at the same time your knowingness would tell you that you cannot avoid your own creation. Watch how you immediately shift out of the knowing, back into questions – which creation can you not avoid? More misapplication of the rational mind. Remember it is not your job to control with the rational mind. It is merely your job to observe and choose.

When you follow your impulses from your place of knowing, the results will lead you to your true choices. When you follow the rational mind’s doubt, the results will lead you into fear, a sense of powerlessness, the urge to take some action. In your knowing of perfection, and your knowing of trust, allow the fear to dissolve into the nothingness that it is. When you overlook or ignore the choice to go to your knowingness, when you prefer the drama to the calm sense of what is, and to the knowing of your perfect safety, then you set up in yourself, all of those things which you continually protest you are trying to avoid. You cannot move toward something and avoid it at the same time. Therefore, suggest to yourself that this is merely an old pattern which it is quite simple for you to let go of by turning in a new direction. As you do this, the fear will make itself evident and you can release it. Remind yourself in these moments that you DO create your own reality. And ask yourself specifically, what you choose to experience. Remember to be gentle with yourself and to acknowledge yourself for moving in a new and opposite direction from the standard party line. It would be quite simple to follow the old patterns – to buy the beliefs of fear and powerlessness, but that is not your choice. And since it is not your choice, you have made a great leap into the unknown and you do this based primarily, solely on your own internal knowing. Commend yourself.

Fear of Consequences, Deliberate Choice from Knowing, Looking Outside for “Proof”

Remind yourself that the consequences, although they seem to be dire, are actually quite minor indeed. They do not cut your head off, no matter the infraction when we are talking about electric bills. And so in one sense you can comfort yourself with the idea that the experiment you are running, while it has consequences, is not life-threatening. This is also a good time to remember that linear time is composed of moments, pieced together, and not consecutive. So the question is, what moments do you choose, what result do you want, what experience do you want to extend into your future, what experience do you want to keep in your present? When you ask yourself these questions, do not ask them from the background of what is possible from the rational point of view, ask the questions from your point of knowing. From your position of standing in absolute freedom. From a place of trusting yourself completely, to be able to have whatever it is you choose. For to do anything else places you outside of your power and entrenches you firmly in the outer perspective of powerlessness.

Recognize that these choices place you nicely within the realm of the heretic. We suggest to you that this is not a bad place to be at all. And the more firmly you anchor yourself in your own knowing and truth, the more true this becomes. But you know, based on your own understanding, that choosing anything less is choosing powerlessness, is choosing arbitrary rules of physical time and space as your keepers. You know better. We remind you of this and suggest that you continue to remind yourselves. Your experience in interactions with others tends to support old beliefs so long as you are looking outside of yourself for what is going on.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.