Channeling Sessions – Group 18

Ease and Magic

It’s interesting to note that when you no longer require the complications of mental entanglements, things just drop naturally into place. Everything happens with a kind of ease. The ease itself is the nature of the new creation. Stepping into the natural flow, understanding how Framework 2 (Potentiality) surrounds and encompasses Framework 1 (Physical Manifestation/Reality), and allowing your knowingness to move easily within the larger framework. This is the realm of true magic.

Separations, Details, and Perspectives, Knowing, Labels, Value Fulfillment, Extending Trust, and Self-Leadership

When you really understand that your entire existence is a direct experience of spirit then your need for separation and the idea of separation is resolved, becomes less important. After all, separation is merely a way of choosing focus. And when you become aware of the wholeness of your being, then the separation is no longer separate, but is merely a part of the larger whole. This wholeness of being is much closer to your natural state. It is the absolute recognition that all of the so-called lines or boundaries you establish are merely representations of ideas. It is sort of like the idea of using a magnifying glass to look at some small detail. You would not then decide that the perspective seen through the magnifying glass was real and other perspectives were not. And yet, to a large extent, this has been the evolutionary path of your culture, so that all things that fall outside of the ring of glass are considered to be other than real. When taken from this perspective, it seems a ludicrous way of doing things. But when you are engrossed in the study of the detail, somehow the larger vision escapes you.

This brings us to the whole question of which you, the ego-self or the whole self and we tell you that the only way you can understand and determine the answer to this question is to spend time exploring the conscious mind, which, when you do, will illustrate to you directly that there is no separation. The conscious mind can know everything known to the whole self. It is simply a matter of choosing. When you make the assumption that the ego or conscious mind is less than, is somehow limited or cannot know, then miraculously, you don’t know. And once again the question becomes, what ideas or thoughts of identity are you willing to give up for the larger knowing?

Now this has been a natural process for the two of you. Consider, for example, applying some of the old labels of your past to yourselves at the present. You will discover that right away the labels seem confining, inaccurate, and generally unnecessary. They also have a heaviness or density of feeling which you naturally reject. You are no longer feminist, environmentalists, activists, of any particular generation, of any particular trade, or in any particular subgroup or vocational group. Instead, all of the ideas around these areas move freely as you explore yourself. There is no sense of loss in the attachment to any of these labels, rather there is a sense of expansion and freedom as you let them go. But, if you were to observe yourselves in retrospect you would see that at each moment or point, when you let go of a particular label, a certain resistance was present. This resistance made you uncomfortable in that moment. But since you had already dedicated yourselves to the new path, you tolerated this resistance and discomfort, and chose to dive into looking honestly at how the label affected your thinking. In each case, the label was discarded.

This is one of the reasons that active discussion and conversation is so necessary to the process. It is one thing to consider ideas in a vacuum, it is quite another to confront yourself through others in discussion where you actually see the biases and strictures of these ideas as they apply to your thinking. Essentially, the process is one of becoming defenseless. When you are no longer attached to any particular label or point of view within the cultural system, you no longer have to defend any particular position. This relaxation of perspective allows you to move more easily within the greater self. The cultural fears and biases around this movement suggest to you that without the labels, without the self-definitions, you will lapse into a kind of apathy which will be reflected in the larger culture in some form of destruction, decay, or even de-evolution. That is to say, without your ardent nature pushing forward in these definitions, “who will fight the bad guys,” “who will save the starving masses,” “who will save the planet.”

The truth is, once you begin to move within your larger nature you will accomplish all of these things simply by your being as you go out and create that which brings you value fulfillment. Additionally, all of those beings in contact with you through daily life will be inspired by your freedom to begin to choose their own. And ultimately, in the larger scheme of things, as more and more of you operate from the larger self, within your own trust and freedom, the positive results in your environment, among your peoples, and generally throughout your plane of existence, cannot be avoided. This is because it is the overcoming of your own fears which allows for the possibility of the overcoming of fear within the larger structure. It is also worthwhile to note that the further you go along this road, the better you feel. And the exuberant joy which overflows from your being ripples out into your creation into your landscape, in all directions. In this way you actually arrive at the place where your creations evolve naturally and you naturally and spontaneously gift them to yourselves and others with the full knowing and an integrated experience of the sacredness of all things. A terrible fate indeed.

We state these things in this way to stress to you the actual nature of reality as opposed to the cultural viewpoint regarding what is required of each of you. It seems natural enough in this presentation and yet it is a complete reversal of all of the rules of your society. Ultimately, it is a complete disregard for, and understanding of, the unnecessariness and uselessness of the whole concept of protecting the self. Protecting the self can only lead to restriction and limitation. And the only way to escape this fate is through total trust and absolute freedom, which you have claimed for yourselves here. It is the safe universe which your larger self knows and lives in, and when you claim it with your conscious mind, then you actually expand the framework within which you have your experience. The excitement you have been feeling comes from the knew knowing, the new experiencing of choice as the only directive. This experience is allowed and comes about in direct relationship to, and in correlation with, your level of trust.

This is why that path you have followed has been one of extending trust outward and moving into it. And naturally, you have arrived at your destination, the expanded self. One of the benefits of moving into this kind of an experience in your life, is that all of the previous issues of ‘need to know,’ responsibility, karma, rightness of being, worthiness, etc. ad nauseum, are no longer issues with which you have to deal. By moving into the larger self, all of these are brought into their proper perspective. That is to say, the larger trusting and knowing overwhelms their narrow points of view so that they are no longer an issue. The expansive good humor and joy that you feel carries you effortlessly through your experiences, precisely because you now understand that there is nothing from which you need protection. This is not something that can be achieved in any other way. It is only through direct experience of the self that you may come to reside within the larger self, for it is only through the process of gently setting aside each of the self-imposed restrictions that you may enter the larger arena.

Again, in discussion, this seems such a simple task. And in its way it is profoundly simple. However, it also requires that complete leap of faith that total reorientation of beingness. It is not something one may do half-heartedly. It is not something someone may achieve on a part-time basis. To the degree it is achieved it is achieved completely and to the degree that it is not, it is not. Therefore, each person must find their own way. Each person must follow their own inner process. And each person’s inner process will be a natural one.

This is why the weaning of self from outside points of view and separateperspectives has been such an obvious part of the process for you, because there truly is no outside source which can take you on this journey. No matter how holy or how advanced or how eloquent any discarnate being, teacher, guru, spiritual master, or leader may be, the only one they can lead truly out of the darkness is themselves. This will be true for you as well. You provide inspiration. You touch others through your own experience. But ultimately, each person must shoulder the responsibility of their own evolutionary process if they wish to reside in the larger being of themselves. If you were able to perceive directly the teachings of all of these great masters who have come before you, you would understand that they have all told you this in their own way. And while their teachings may have been manipulated to serve other purposes and structure, the original message was always the same. There is no separation from that which is divine except the separation which you yourself impose. And no one can remove the separation but the one who imposes it. This is the basis for free will and choice and it is the basis of your experience of consciousness in this physical realm.

As you move more completely into this new experience, you will perceive the difficulty each of these masters has encountered in making this truth obvious without becoming the object of others’ deification. We are quite clear that you would not consider yourselves to be deities in this sense and the idea of others making you into deities is quite repugnant. And we suggest to any who are serious about choosing this path, that they consider the idea from the perspective of themselves becoming holy objects to others. For this will give them a sense of the illusion of an external source to any creative power.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.