Channeling Sessions – Group 17

All Things Known Despite Doubt, Trying to Predict Form, The Need to “DO”, Advice for What to “DO”, Levels of Freedom

First of all, this one (Becky) is feeling a limitation in her ability to effectively transmit information. This limitation is a representation of a new layer of doubt within the ego. As we move deeper into information which objectively seems to reside outside of the knowing of self, we would remind you that all things are known to the self. Even though making this reminder can sometimes be a catalyst for more fear, we tell you there is nothing to fear. And so, we offer the advice to relax, and allow it to happen. Your intellects as well as your intuition have been working overtime trying to determine just how this creation of yours will manifest itself. This has been good to the degree that it has expanded your awareness of what is possible, for you now consider the ideas of probabilities shifting and simultaneous time as well as spontaneous creation to be equally valid from an intellectual perspective as any other ideas about how things actually happen in your physical space-time. On the other hand, your preoccupation with these ideas sometimes leaves you exhausted. For indeed it is a great deal of work to constantly reassess.

We suggest to you that these activities be viewed as another way that your mind, and in this we mean your conscious mind, attempts to tackle “problems” and find solutions. And while it is a good thing to line up the evidence in your favor, it is also not necessary other than at times when it makes you feel better. You have asked yourselves to live in a different world and it seems to you that that world has not really appeared yet. And we are telling you that you have always been in that world. It is only now you are beginning to recognize it. When you find yourselves pushing, recognize that this pushing is yet another exertion of rational mind in an experience of finding itself needing to DO something.

We have told you before that creation does not occur by the direct application of the rational mind. Your intellect cannot create in this fashion. The confusion arises when you decide that this means the conscious mind cannot choose its creations. That is not what we are saying. The conscious mind DOES choose its creations. It is simply that the conscious mind does not actually do the work of creating them.

Think of it this way. In a factory, which builds cars, there are people whose job it is to create the design to determine how many doors, what materials, and various features. You could say these people are the rational mind or conscious awareness. These same people do NOT, however, actually put the cars together. That is the job of others. They do not order materials. They do not assemble parts. They simply create the design. Now, naturally, they must make the design known to others in the factory, and so it is with the conscious mind. In your case, what you are experiencing now is similar to the design team, rushing in and out of all the other areas of the factory, while the assembly is in process, looking for the completed car.

Now, on a practical level, the design team knows where the completed car will be found and when, or they have some good idea. But in your case, it is as if they have forgotten this and are rushing around, trying to influence how the rest of the workers do their job. Now this could be seen as encouraging, it is not necessarily counterproductive by any means. Although it may momentarily distract the workers from what they are doing. The point is, either way, the completed car will end up in the showroom. You catch our meaning here, we assume. Now in your case, this can be a little bit more difficult to trust as there is no factory for you to run through, constantly checking.

But if you look into your lives, and your experiences in each moment, you will see that the evidence of the creation is already in place. Ask yourselves, if there has been some misstep or some occurrence in your lives which runs counter to the idea of the creation and you will see that there hasn’t been. On other levels, you will also see that you have been reviewing and reassessing certain beliefs and areas of thinking within your own minds regarding the issues of abundance, material possessions, having what you want, judgments, etc. And you have rightly determined that these are all processes which you are involved with as preparation for that which you are creating. There is no set course, nor predetermined plan, nor even any point at which you must arrive prior to the experience of the creation. It is simply a matter of the natural progression of things, that you consider these issues. All in all, you are doing quite well. And there is really nothing to be concerned about. Although sometimes it seems the more we tell you this, the harder it is for you to believe.

We suggest that you direct your focus back to the present and employ a good game or two. Practice your skills in knowing, telepathy, and such other areas. This is not simply a good distraction, but also serves to prepare you in other ways for those events you have created in your future. We also suggest you maintain those relationships which have recently begun to take significance. Spend more time with others. In this same way, we advise that you also continue to expand your awareness of the present moment. Give yourselves conscious suggestions that you will be able to perceive beyond and outside of the official line of consciousness. In this way, you can begin to expand your awareness in other ways. Use the exercises, all of them, that is to say, simultaneous time, visualization, core transformation, and dreamwork. Reintroduce a new element of play in your experience and your experimentation. This will help to reduce the level of tension and remind you that the significance of your experience is in the freedom and not the restriction.

At this time, you are asking yourselves on deeper and deeper levels what it is that brings you fulfillment, joy, happiness and a sense of ease and excitement in your lives. These are important questions and they form the foundation of the new life you are creating. We suggest to you, that it is not necessary to feel boredom or restlessness. That these are only cues which provide the impetus to seek further for what you truly want. We also remind you that in your culture, while many people would profess a great desire and jealousy to have the opportunity to do what you are doing, the truth is, they would never actually accept the opportunity. The reason being that the exploration itself requires a kind of dedication, which most of them lack. It is far easier to stay in the world of distraction, so don’t be too hard on yourselves. You will also discover that this energy of distraction sometimes creates a false longing within you – the longing is itself an urging for rest, for diversion from the self.

It could be said you have been relentless and we caution you that in some ways, this relentlessness can become the building of a new box. The alternative, as we have constantly reminded you, is to find your ease and follow it, no matter what it looks like. The drive for action, the drive for production, the drive for doingness, can sometimes seem overwhelming. And there are going to be times when the best way back to your ease is to allow those drives and to do something. Remember, judgment is not a requirement, and most certainly, judgment of yourselves is high on that list. As you move through this path, you will continually discover that the level of your freedom is deceptive. You believe yourselves free and move further, and the process reveals to you ways in which you are still not free and so you move more, and this process repeats itself.

Ask yourselves, is there an objective here. What is it I am seeking? What do I wish to experience? What do I wish to know? In the answers to these questions, you will find your own vitality. Now we suggest that when you are operating from the assumption that everything is taken care of then you naturally move into considering how to entertain yourselves. It is this spontaneous move toward play that will take you in the direction you want to go. If you go back to our analogy, think of the design team, and if you wish, choose a new project to begin. Remind yourselves of those other areas which you have already explored and expand on them. The rest will take care of itself.

Be in your ease and follow your impulses.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.