Channeling Sessions – Group 16

Levels of Actualization and Awareness, Transformation

It has been argued that the purpose of this life is to explore roles and characters and idea constructs and that it is not necessary to become consciously aware of the creation process. And to some degree, as with all things, this is true. However, there is also a point as you move through these “levels of actualization” where the game for all intents and purposes must begin to become apparent. Again this is a natural process and not something to fear or to mourn or to rebel against. Indeed, there have been thousands, millions, infinite numbers of multiple probable selves moving through this experience of role playing for some time now.

And there have always been those along the way who have understood and moved into a new level of understanding. These individuals have become the focus of great movements of consciousness – religion, new understandings of science, etc. Each time, a new level of awareness was attained and introduced to the whole. Each time those who were ready or willing or desired to, allowed themselves to perceive this awareness to whatever degree. Each time the whole of consciousness, in your reality – clarification, “reality” will confuse because “reality” can be construed as meaning your individual, private reality or creation, let us say PLANE here – has had the opportunity for probable shift to embrace the new awareness completely.

Now take a moment and consider that a conscious awareness resides within a room. In this sense, we are suggesting an imaginary conscious awareness made up of a group of beings and an imaginary room. And consider the idea that some within the group begin to perceive that the room exists only so long as they believe in it. And so these individuals begin to move much more freely in the larger arena of All That Is. The other individuals comprising the group of awarenesses, in the beginning, may or may not perceive these changes in the individuals who are no longer contained by the room. Over time, as more and more individuals see beyond this imaginary boundary, the boundary becomes less “real” so that eventually those individuals who have not yet explored or perceived the nonexistence of the room, find themselves looking out and seeing beyond the boundaries of the room, quite accidentally. Some of them will argue that it is their natural state to remain within the room. This argument is akin to those ideas which say it is your natural place to unconsciously play out roles in this human drama without comprehension of your own creative will and power.

Now, in your experience, we would say that by virtue of the number of individuals exploring not only the nature of the boundary of the room itself, but also all that is outside of the room, in the larger arena, that you are presently in a situation with a large number of beings standing in a room which they agree exists despite mounting evidence in their own perception to the contrary. In some ways, this is why the idea of total reorientation seems large and yet small. It is huge from the perspective of outer perception powerlessness, beings as victims, and yet the distance one travels as you have witnessed yourself, to arrive in the new territory, is not so great. This is because the new territory is literally rising to meet you. It is also interesting to note that at some point the territory is here so that from the perspective of the beings in the room, the room has suddenly dissolved and the only way to retain the illusion is to actively create it yourself. This is your future.

Mounting Evidence

Now we also suggest that in contemplating these ideas, you consider constructing material from your own direct experience which will illustrate for you how all of this works. When you begin to look for such material, you will be astounded at just how much is available. Consider events over the recent months and make a list. This will help you to discern and illustrate the point.

Choosing, Seeing without Judgment, Personal Power

And so it seems again we come to which you, which world. We remind you, these are the questions of a conscious creator and are good questions, indeed. We further remind you that the questions themselves are designed to evoke that which you need to consider as naturally as opening your eyes provides you with a view of your own creation. If you find yourself feeling fearful at the thought of such questions, you may actively remind yourself that the fearfulness is but a guide to some information which it is worth your time to know. Allow fearfulness. Release fearfulness. And ask yourself, what is the basis of this fear. Answering this question will lead you down a journey of your own thoughts which you still believe have the power to control the outcome of the question. As you go along this journey, take the consideration and power of choice along as your companion and ask yourself, at each available moment, is this what I want? What you will discover are the places where you have invested your power in such a way as to believe that it is outside of your own direct control. We suggest to you that there is no such place and there is no such thing. However the choice to believe this is still yours.

Take a willingness to see without judgment, honestly, just what it is you must let go of, in order to give up the label of victim. And be sure to bring along your largest understanding of trusting yourself. And when you have covered this new, exciting, sometimes precarious and dangerous terrain, go back to the original question and be sure to notice how differently it feels. And from there we will suggest that over time you will discover that you are safe, that you are free.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.