Channeling Sessions – Group 13

Trust, Experiential Knowing, Intuition, Expansion, Multi-Selves

As this process unfolds around you, it is like the lowering of the sides of the box so that your vision is expanded in all directions. And you become aware of, to some degree, the many worlds you operate within. There is a loosening around the edges of what you consider rational or possible in physical reality as you know it. The actual form of your creation seems to elude you although in other terms it is plainly visible. It is simply that those other terms as you think of them are still separate from your experience of physical reality. This is because, although you understand the mechanisms and the concepts of idea constructions intellectually, you do not yet have direct experience of the process in a conscious manner. Ultimately, your conscious mind must therefore operate within a framework of trust; trust in concepts, trust in intuition, trust in what is ultimately unseeable and unknowable from the point of view of the rational mind. For while you stand within the physical world, you limit your access to other than perceivable physical data. This is why there is required a leap of faith, a departure from standardized belief structures which no longer serve your purposes. This is also why you can sometimes feel as though you are stretched out over empty space as you lean into the new structure. Eventually, it becomes necessary to step out of or completely let go of the old structure. So at this point you more or less hang suspended between the two.

In real terms your forward momentum has already carried you well within the new structure, but in your terms, it still seems as though you are anchored to the old. This is a reflection of the way in which you have perceived your physical reality up until now. For on the one hand, the very evidence of the physical reality itself seems to indicate or validate the reality of the old structure. However, viewing physical reality from the new perspective becomes possible as you understand the partnership between yourself and physical matter in this creation. So while it is simple for me to tell you that each nuance of your physical experience is truly your creation, in your terms the outer physical experience still seems, to some degree, to operate outside of the conscious realm of your creation. Each of these physical experiences is habitually viewed as outer or separate from yourself. For this reason, and in this manner, your task becomes to extend the self outward, knowing each experience physically encountered is truthfully a seamless reflection of your creation. Eventually, you learn to operate naturally and freely in this perspective.

The choices that you have made have brought you unerringly to this place. Otherwise, the entire possibility of any creation would not exist. It is the direction and intention of your focus which has brought you to where you are. Just as it will be this direction and intention which will carry you forward into the future you are creating. This direction and focus upheld by the new belief constructions also alters your past, as you have rightly perceived. However, that past may or may not, based on your choosing, be directly accessible to your conscious awareness. You might imagine it as a message in a bottle set upon the ocean. The self which sets the message on its journey is joined by the self that receives it, although the two distinct points, that is the sending and receiving of the message, may or may not be experienced by both. We congratulate you on allowing yourselves to experience so directly the ease of being which allows your various probable selves to so effectively provide for you those qualities of being which you choose. And we remind you that it is just those larger frameworks of quality of being which ultimately allow your new creations to come into existence in your physical reality.

As you approach this intersection with the larger, roomier belief systems and idea constructions, already in place, those areas of your being, minor vestiges at this point, of apprehension, or a lingering fearfulness of your own power will provide miniature experience events which offer you the opportunity to let go even more completely of the old structure. These are nothing to be fearful of. Again, they are fresh opportunities to present yourself with choice in knowing your own trustworthiness. Use these events as opportunities to turn inward and stand firmly in your new world. Remind yourself that you did not bring yourself this far to forget, or betray yourself. Be grateful and give thanks to your own self for having the courage and the wisdom to choose this new road. And remember, as you observe others around you that each one is expressing the same yearning for this new road in their own way. And any limiting beliefs revealed in this process are revealed simply for the purpose of discerning your own choices. Therefore, you need not accept or reject any others experience. Remember your ease and follow your impulses.

Releasing Old Ideas of How Creation Works, Reintroducing Fear

Notice how you have been observing all of the rules about creation. As if somehow these rules were more powerful than your own experience of your own creation. Do you see how you ask yourselves, “Do we need to stop thinking about this creation for two weeks?” “Oh my god, when does the two weeks begin and end or do we have to start over each time we think of it again.” If you like we can play a game of two week intervals. But it is definitely not necessary to the process. So I would say to you, that unless you enjoy this drama of reintroducing fear, then you can choose to give it up at any time. Understand that it is natural for your conscious mind to be seeking the explanations in the outer experience, that is, seeking evidence for your new reality/ creation, in the physical world, where you know it will appear. After all, where else would it look. And what we say to you, is that this is fine, so long as do not play the game of opposites, either or, and be disappointed when your conscious mind fails to find what you are looking for. You may think of it as a good distraction along the road. It is sort of like counting telephone poles. Or looking for certain license plates on a long journey. And so long as you play the game lightheartedly, this is fine. Be clear there is no distortion here. It is clearly understood what you have set out to achieve and while you may contemplate and further examine in your own minds, the subtle details of your creation, these do not, we repeat NOT, in any way, impede its perfect progression.

Refusing Old Patterns, Making Room, Living in Two Worlds

Natural impulses lead to natural action. Again and again. You have also observed the benefits of leaving behind judgment and black and white thinking. For today, precisely that kind of thinking would have severely altered not only your experience of the day, but your creation of it as well. Take a moment to acknowledge and understand this. By sidestepping judgment, by refusing to become embroiled in old patterns, entanglements, and dramas, you have allowed the way to be clear for relationships to continue and to grow between yourselves and others. All of this action/motion, is significant and important in the overall quality of your creation. By making room for others to experience themselves, you make room for yourselves as well. It is an extension of grace that you were previously unfamiliar with and it marks the extent of your progression to realize that it has become a natural or sort of second nature way of response for you. For indeed you are safe in the universe and all of those who interact with you to whatever level they are able to consciously recognize, are aware and thus attracted to you and your point of view.

The immensity of this gift is still unrecognized both by you and by those with whom you interact. Now take a moment, and review the past few days of your creation. You will see that there are moments of perfection throughout them. You will also see that the moments of self-imposed doubt, fear, or uncertainty are still visible though to a much lesser degree. Remind yourselves of the time when simply stepping out of these sessions, or out of each other’s presence, seemed to require a bravery larger than what you could contain. The balance of the world has shifted and it has shifted in your favor. Now has it done this outside of you because you are lucky or has it done this as a direct result of your willingness to apply what you know to the deepest levels of yourselves. We have said before that there is no turning back. And this was meant as a comfort to you although at times we’re clear that it did not seem to be one. Take firm grasp of that which you want, of your choices in the moment, and turn them over with trust and a sense of ease to us, yourselves.

It would seem that there are now two worlds operating within your experience and in some ways, that is an accurate assessment. Understand that this is the verging on the point of intersection so that it is as if there are two roads, each moving, each propelled by the creative forces of their own creation. And from your vantage point, it is now possible to observe them both. But the task is not nearly so arduous as you might think, for really all that is required is for you to choose which road, which you, which world. These questions should be familiar to you by now. Perhaps the arduousness of the task comes from a place of fear within you that perceives that the choice is not yours to make. But we tell you that it is, and that in truth you have already made it.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.