Channeling Sessions – Group 11

Cycles of Discernment and Analysis

It is true you have learned to use your discernment well. Do not get caught up in overanalyzing; however, you have recognized several important things. Allow yourselves to recognize them and move on. This is important for if you over analyze and stay connected to the old ideas and thoughts, which are not yours, you create them as more real than they are. Open yourself, see. Make the new recognitions and move on. This is a good exercise for you in general. Also, acknowledge the increase in your intuition, and the proper use of impulse as it occurs in your day.

Connecting with Others of Like Mind

There is a coming together now that you have seen in your vision, a new momentum. And as you will be building this momentum is built around the creative force and excitement of the individuals gathering who are ready and who understand intuitively where the process is leading. These beings like yourselves are on a single journey home to absolute freedom which is connected to their intuitive knowing brought into a conscious awareness by their desire and focus.

Dis-integration and Integration, “Walk-Ins”, Ideas of Identity, Psychological Structures

This is a coming full circle, an integration, the opposite of that phenomena you discussed earlier today – the Dis-integration. The dis-integrated beings which are also extremely common in your culture, have no true effective creative power. Because the forces of disintegration work directly in opposition to the understanding and smooth operation of the creative self. It is the overall goal of the self or the being, to accomplish total integration and when certain influences are brought into too high of a focus, or certain understandings are encountered in full force, before the self is able to assimilate them, the intensity alone generates a fragmentation of probability. It’s as if you were using a sledge hammer to put a tiny tack in a picture frame. Imagine the frame as the self. If the tack were to hold the joint of a corner, the sledge would separate the joints by its force and the frame would be over impressed with the power of the sledge. Now suppose the sledge is unconditional love or divine inspiration. The self at once yearns and is repelled by this force in disproportionate tendencies, and so, in one probability, the impact may produce a sort of autism, the being so lost in the joy, they forget to focus back in physical reality. While in another, the being may retreat from love entirely, and so become that which you have been discussing as “walk in”. [A walk-in has been described as a person deciding to leave a body while a “new” person comes in, circumventing the birth-death cycle. We wanted more information on this as that definition didn’t seem quite “on” for us.] Now. As to the issue of separate souls in. Again, this is a misunderstanding of the concept of soul. These beings are not separate individuals, just as you are not a separate individual from your body, but are an integrated whole with a specific focus. So to say that these beings rely on the memories of the body for continuity, this is correct, for this is true for each of us. It’s also true that you manipulate these memories according to your own creative thrust or potential. Psychic energy of the self is multifaceted, containing infinite potentials, variables, and tendencies over the event of its expression. So while you can say you grow into a new concept or understanding, you do not say the understanding takes over your body. Again, the confusion arises around the issue of identity. This is in large part a direct reflection of the outer perspective of physical reality. Think of it this way, in a physical body, Kristen is not confused with Becky. Becky does not wake up and say “Oh my God, I’m Kristen!” or vice versa. On the other hand, both can see an infinite number of expressions pass by on the face of the other, and if one of these faces were to stick, there would be considerable consternation. Now, let us move to the psychological where structures are not so easily distinguishable in your terms, and where many patterns move consistently through the system. Do you understand? Now, these patterns, all part of self, are capable of being extremely distinct from each other. Let us say, the victim pattern is a psychological structure and the hero pattern is another, and yet both are present in the same being. There is a fluidity of movement of self through these structures. This is the event of selfness. Now let us say that the sledge is introduced at the intersection of self-ness with one of these structures, which is a core or central structure to the being focused in physical reality. And let us say, that this particular structure dis-integrates itself from the whole at this time. Generally, you will see it surround itself with fear, and it will be retreated so as to protect itself from the fear. Now. The interesting thing about this solution is that actually, the fear becomes the reflection in this area. So that the self’s ability to access those emotions which the core structure was involved with, is diminished or eliminated. This of course, is a short term solution which immediately sets into action a longer term solution of reconfronting the fear so as to re-integrate the structure. Often this is done by inciting peak or intense emotions in other areas, in a series of patterns. The being, unconscious of the situation will continually act out dramas designed to reawaken and illustrate the value of that which has been denied. As to yourselves, recognize the power of your own discernment in ascertaining the value or meaning of any information received from another, remembering that Absolute Freedom requires no less. And again. Discernment will guide you as you make your heart’s choices regarding these beings in your world, in your selves, and your interaction with them. Again, absolute freedom allows you to choose. And as you choose, creation moves. We caution you both, remember compassion, impulse, and intuition. And to discern these from mental entanglements, and empty yearnings.

©1996, Rebecca Mundt and Kristen Fox.