RC101 – Lesson 4

RC101 – Lesson Four


Metaphysics and Probabilities or How the Heck is this all Possible?

By now, many of you may have been looking at these concepts and wondering: “How can all this be possible? How can there be unlimited abundance, when we can all see that the earth has a finite amount of resources and they are being depleted rapidly?” Another relevant question might be: “By only focusing on what you want, aren’t you just ignoring all the bad stuff that’s out there, like pollution and crime?”

This lesson will introduce you to the concept of infinite probabilities, and the way in which our beliefs and expectations guide us through such events. The information presented here is not particularly new. You can find the concepts in a variety of sources, including the Seth/Jane Roberts books, and Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe.  This presentation however will contain all original material.

Expectations Defined

In the Guidelines for Conscious Creation we posted at the end of yesterday’s lesson, the first one stated that beliefs are what we hold to be true in our lives. Expectations are those same beliefs projected outward into linear time.

There are some areas that you probably didn’t think to question, for example, the location of your favorite restaurant. Many of you probably assumed that it’s in a physical location, in physical space, and never considered that it’s only there because that’s where you expect to find it!

If you find this to be a weird, or even ridiculous concept we can understand completely, yet a close observation of daily life will often demonstrate just how unphysical physical reality really is. Have you ever misplaced something, looked all around the house for it, only to have it turn up in one of the places that you checked at least a dozen times? You probably shook your head and kicked yourself for not seeing it the first few times, instead of considering that the object may not have been present there until you went to look for it again.

Metaphysical theory states that anything which is not directly in our perception only exists as a waveform – in other words it’s not “solid.” It only becomes solid when we turn our attention in some way toward it – you literally get what you focus on.

In order to give physical reality the illusion of consistency, we have the luxury of our expectations to make our world familiar and comfortable. As I said above, expectations are beliefs projected outward in linear time, so that we find our favorite restaurant in the same place because we believe it’s there, and expect to find it.

What does all this mean to a conscious creator? It means that nothing is “fixed” in physical reality.  It gives you the power to change anything that you are not happy with, just by letting go of your expectations around the undesired event and focusing on and believing in what you do want..

For instance, if you believe that your car breaks down all the time, you can release that expectation. Tell yourself instead that your car has been repaired and is in excellent condition now. If you really believe it, then you will experience it – but of course that is the tricky part.

When you make a statement in contrast to what you are perceiving, pay attention to your emotional responses inside – are you resonating with doubt? Thinking “this won’t work, my car is still in disrepair” being honest with yourself will help you  and bring about the desired results faster.

Probable Realities and Personal Space Continuums

We began this course with the statement “you create your own reality.” I want to re-emphasize that concept now to demonstrate the very depth of this statement. Everything and everyone that you are currently perceiving around you is your own creation – you create every physical representation you perceive. Even this e-mail you are reading is not so much a message from me to you as it is a message from yourself to yourself.

The physical environment that you create around you is quite literally your own personal space continuum. This means that if you and your friend are standing in a room with a table, there are two tables, two rooms, and two versions of each one of you.  We use telepathy to agree on the size and shape of certain things, though in truth you can’t “know” whether the color blue in your continuum is the same as the color blue in someone elses.  Yet we agree with the label “blue” as a relative point of reference for communication and interaction.

Each of us, and each event is like a star shining with light, the star might look different from any given angle although it is still the same star, this is how we each perceive events in our own continuums.

Now imagine that each shaft of light coming from a given event-star is a separate version of the event. The more extreme the angles of light are from each other, the greater the difference in the experience and interpretation of the event. Your beliefs and expectations will align with that shaft of light, that vibrational resonance that matches you completely, thus the experience you have will be in harmony with what you believe.

This is where the answer is found to the question I posted earlier: “By only focusing on what you want, aren’t you just ignoring all the bad stuff that’s out there, like pollution and crime?”  If you look at an event from any angle, you are automatically not focusing on some other part. We often use our beliefs in powerlessness and our fear to guide us toward looking at the most unfavorable aspects of such an event. If you look at the event called New York City and expect to see crime, you will align with that aspect and experience crime either directly or via the news or some other source.

It’s not that the “bad stuff” doesn’t exist, the truth is that EVERYTHING exists; however, you will experience whatever you choose to focus on. The more you choose joy and love, the more you will resonate with events that reflect those choices. The impact of such things as crime will begin to disappear from your reality, becoming more and more distant until you don’t even hear about it anymore.

Another good example is the focus on earth changes that has increased over the last decade or so. I recently read some channeled material from 1992 which stated specifically that the Florida, USA, would be underwater by 1995. This event has not happened in my own space continuum, and I’m assuming not in yours or you wouldn’t actually be reading this. <grin>  If there was some part of your consciousness that was interested in living that reality then it will be explored, but that aspect of you, that “probable” you, is not the same as the self you are right here and now, although you spring from the same source and are always in communication with each other.

The reality of dramatic earthchanges exists for those who chose the experience. Whether the choice was made through a focus on fear and beliefs in powerlessness, or through a need for drastic re-structuring of physical reality to reflect internal changes. Each person’s choice for the experience was unique and provides some form of value fulfillment for them. Each one of us still has the ability to create such a reality now. Using the star analogy again, there are infinite shafts of light coming from that star, and infinite ways to experience any event.

The beauty of infinite probabilites for the conscious creator is that it literally opens the door for magic to happen. Believing that there is an infinite range of experiences to choose from frees up your energy from any limitations you may have placed on it in the past. This is magic in its purest form, the ability to manifest something directly into your life. All you need to do is believe that the probablility exists where you have achieved that goal, and then feel yourself resonating with it, and stepping into it. Up until now you have created your life in this manner, possibly while being unaware of the mechanics behind it – now that you have an understanding of these mechanisms, the universe is now completely your playground.


1. Pick something you would like to manifest. Nothing major, just something that you would enjoy, that wouldn’t be a stretch for you to achieve. Focus on it, allow yourself to really feel good about having it, then let it go.  In a few days it should manifest within your life – start looking for it!

End Lesson Four