RC101 – Lesson 1

RC101 – Lesson One

What is Conscious Creation?

Conscious creation is the heightening of self-awareness to its greatest potential. It is not necessarily a spiritual path, since it has no rituals or specific rules to follow in order to achieve enlightenment. We are all as enlightened and as spiritual as we will ever be and have ever been – the only difference is that we sometimes project our power outside of ourselves, giving strength to perceived structures or systems that don’t support us in our joy. The reasons why we do this vary according to the individual, however the answers are not buried in the subconscious, hidden in cryptic texts, or kept secret by off-world beings. The answers to every question you can imagine are inside of YOU, though you may be unaware of them at times. Conscious creation presents a way in which such answers may be realized by becoming more aware of your thoughts and the life you create around you in physical reality.

Conscious creation is about the total integration of self. It’s a way in which you can become clear about your own desires and wishes, discover that true sense of inner joy and harmony, and learn to express that joy in physical reality. It’s about reclaiming those areas of power we have projected outside of ourselves and reintegrating them back into our lives, whether that’s in the form of love, relationships, finances, or personal expression.

The main rule of conscious creation is: “You create your own reality.” It is the only absolute rule, and what it means is that everything you have experienced in your life is your own creation, it also means that anything you wish to create in your life is never further away than your own fingertips. The keys to creation are self-honesty, self-love, trust, acceptance and awareness. Many of the homework assignments in this class will focus on enhancing these qualities within your life. The homework will be geared towards being fun. If an assignment doesn’t look fun to you, don’t do it. Feel free to create your own assignments, keeping in mind that making them fun and interesting are the only “requirements.”

The manner in which each of us creates our own reality is through our beliefs, whether we unconsciously accept the default beliefs we grew up with or choose beliefs consciously that support us more fully in our joy. The beliefs you hold about yourself, the people you love, the world, are all projected outward to literally form the world you perceive around you. Anything you have ever wished to experience within this lifetime is possible for you. How is this possible? We will be devoting an entire class to the metaphysical aspects, tying all these ideas together with a bright red ribbon. For now, we only ask that you play with them, consider them, and keep your mind open about them.

“There are no separations of the self.” – Seth

Many entities and spiritual paths often use terms like ego to describe various sections of the psyche with greater clarity. We have found that people often get hung up on these separations though, believing that they need to transcend their ego, or alter it in some way in order to achieve the life they want. Therefore we have chosen to work from a perspective of unity, letting go of false separations so that there is no part of the self to project outward, and cast blame upon.

One key concept we would like everyone to comprehend is that all separation is an illusion. Each one of us is a brilliant point of focus, with our own “direct connection” to the source, whether you call that source God, Goddess, ATI or some other name, the energy is still the same.  There are no hierarchies of beings between you and “the top” – you are as much a god, or an angel as any non-physical entity you may have encountered. Nor is there a “nirvana” in which your consciousness will dissolve after death, never to be seen again. Consciousness IS, and YOU ARE – you will change as you continue to grow, but even as you are not the same as you were ten years ago, you still retain a sense of identity that is uniquely “you.”

The words “direct connection” are important here, because as a conscious creator, you accept that you are the being who is the creator of your reality. Everything you love about your life, you can give yourself a pat on the back and a hug for, everything you don’t love, give yourself a little forgiveness and a pat on the back for being such a good creator anyway. The hardest part of conscious creation is that you don’t have the luxury of blaming your problems on “the other guy.”

If you feel separated, as if the only “you” you know is the physical person that you are experiencing right now in this lifetime, that’s fine. You are simply basing your identity on the experiences you are aware of in your daily life. For now, be playful with the concept that you are the divine creator of your own life, that you are both the writer and main character of the novel which is “you.” Whenever you base some part of your life solely on your physical senses, or previous experiences, you are essentially creating by default, which is what most of us do until we find a way to become aware of what it is we have been creating.

Creating by Default

Each of us has chosen an overall pattern for our lives outside of physical time and space. You can think of this as “before” birth, however, keep in mind that this is inaccurate because there is no “before” when you step out of the physical. Communication with the non-physically oriented parts of your being is constant, and using the novel example in the previous paragraph, you are constantly re-writing the story as you go along.

Within this overall pattern are the circumstances of your birth and early childhood. You chose your parents, and the conditions in which you lived and grew up in. Many of the challenges we create for ourselves are woven into these years, expressed through the type of relationships we had with our parents and/or siblings, as well as the types of relationships they had with each other. For many people, the type of economic circumstances is important as well. Many of us have chosen to grow up believing that there is a lack of money in the world, and that we must do something outside of our joy in order to create it.

Believing in the patterns we grew up with, or accepting beliefs presented in the mass media is creating by default. There is nothing wrong with this; however, if there is some part of your life where you are unhappy, an examination of these default beliefs will often hold the answer to why you have created the experience. As you become more aware of yourself and your patterns, you will learn to question these types of beliefs more often. As you learn to examine world events from a creation-based perspective, the essence of these events will become plain and you’ll start to see what sort of message they have for you in your own life.

This brings us to your first homework assignments.

Assignment #1

Get a pen and a sheet of paper and write down at least two things you know to be true about yourself. Next, do the same about a loved one, about the world, and about the city or town in which you live. Now, write the words “I believe” in front of every one of those statements.  Congratulations – you’ve just crossed the threshold into conscious creation!

Assignment #2

Find something you think of as beautiful. It can be a flower, the sunrise, whatever fills your heart with joy just to look at it or be with it. Now, while you’re observing it, tell yourself, “I created this.” And pay attention to the feelings that come up as you say this. You may want to write these down as well. (This exercise can be a great tool for self-empowerment during those times when you feel out of touch with your own creative being. Too often we will judge ourselves harshly for an undesired creation, while ignoring those areas of our lives where we are creating smoothly and effortlessly.)

End Lesson One