Quotes About Reality Creation

Various Quotes About Reality Creation

The following quotes have been assembled from a variety of sources.

Seth, channeled through Jane Roberts

“You form the fabric of your experience through your own beliefs and expectations. These personal ideas about yourself and the nature of reality will affect your thoughts and emotions. You take your beliefs about reality as truth, and often do not question them. They seem self-explanatory. They appear in your minds as statements of fact, far too obvious for examination.

Therefore they are accepted without question too often. They are not recognized as beliefs ABOUT reality, but instead considered characteristics of reality itself. Frequently such ideas appear indisputable, so a part of you that it does not occur to you to speculate about their validity. They become invisible assumptions, but they nevertheless color and form your personal experience.” – The Nature of Personal Reality, p. 16-17

Jane Roberts channeled Seth from 1963 until her death in 1984, there are a large number of Seth books still in print and are currently being reprinted. I would recommend beginning with The Nature of Personal Reality, or Seth Speaks.

Gradius & Ragon

Channeled through Becky Burke, with Kristen Fox

The outer experience is simply a reflection of the inner. The creative process unfolds continually, infinitely, constantly. You cannot miss it. ; It’s going to happen whether you pay attention or not. So the question becomes: how do you create the inner experience with the most harmony and ingredients of joy or the ingredients you seek in the outer? The answer is, you train your attention away from the outer long enough to perceive how the inner process works. Once you have perceived how the inner process works, that is, you have lined up the details of the inner mechanisms: thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, tendencies, influences, choices, then you are free to go back and watch the outer reflect the new understanding.

It is not that you live in life focused only on the inner, you could do that without a life, or a physical manifestation of life. The objective here is to live in life in the outer, from the inner. Which, if you understand, you do every time you open your eyes. All the sense perceptions you receive are your creation. The more powerful your rational training, the more time it takes to get this turned around correctly, unless you can use your rational training to help you. The difference seems to be in the conundrum or paradox of experiencing the outer physical reality as real while knowing it’s a creation of our inner being.

For example, this table we see is real. Just as you and I are real. And if you attempt to raise your leg through the table, you will encounter its reality. And this is a place of confusion for many of you. But remember, we are not asking you to deny what is, just to recognize its source. This table is here with you precisely because you chose it to be. And the further you go on this path of understanding, the more flexible and fluid physical matter will become. But this is not a change in physical matter. But a change in your ability to perceive and focus.

The most difficult challenges come when you confront those areas which you still regard as real and outside of yourself. And this is why the particular challenge of creating money via conscious creation is such a worthy one because it is the thing within the culture that is seen as most real and most outside the self. And in another way it is the most within your control because it is an idea. You see this when you look at it from a global perspective more clearly because the idea of money changes from culture to culture. The actual physical representation looks different and is different, and yet its cardinal truth remains the same. You could say it is the physical representation of supply. But do not place too much emphasis on the meaning or implication of what it represents. It would be far better to reduce the contrast between money and all other physical objects, including your body, the earth, sky, and understand it as just another form of the camouflage. In this way you regain your power returning the displaced power you put on the idea of money and putting it back on the self where it belongs.

Remember that all time is simultaneous, therefore, others you have drawn into your life, to some degree have always been there and always will be. Do not assume that you must create artificial boundaries or separations between yourself and others. It is not necessary. The natural order of events based on choices, when allowed to move freely, is the best course of action, and again, as stated earlier, recognizing the source of all the experience is from the inner, dealing with those inner ideas. Conflicts, resolutions, restrictions, ideas of limitation or less-than-perfection themselves bring forth or create the experience of less-than-perfection. [perfection as alignment and not a “static” state of completion] This applies to relationships, supply, the physical body, all experience.

So by resolving your own internal issues, you will resolve the experience. And by that I mean, the outer experience will reflect the harmony you are seeking. So here is the paradox. The conscious mind seeks inward for resolution of what will outwardly be experienced by the conscious mind. It is not so difficult to understand. But it is true that many beings on your physical plane attach their identification so strongly to the conscious mind and its habits and ways of thinking, and what could erroneously be called “predispositions” that the beings themselves are unable to use the conscious mind effectively. It is as if using the power of creation to experience life you decide that a portion of your creation is in control of the experience and you further decide that this portion that is in control is fixed. Otherwise how could you possibly say “That’s just the way I am” or “It’s my genetic heritage,” etc.

The evidence for the opposite truth is all around you. For without Absolute Freedom none of you could possibly change ANY of your circumstances. And the extent to which you learn discernment and choice to replace limitation and restriction and the extent to which you understand the power of the self in face of all experience, there is no circumstance you cannot overcome. The foundation of your being is built on this model. And everything, every evidence to the contrary is in its simplest form, an opportunity to choose a new perspective.

The further you progress down this road, the more sustained joy you will experience, because sustained joy is the natural response to choices made out of freedom. So, you experience greater and greater periods of simple contentment. Less and less of your time is spent in the old patterns of pointless mental entanglement. This is because you have satisfactorily proven to yourselves that at the very best mental entanglement is a waste of time, and at the worst, it represents creative power ill used with unpleasant and sometimes dire results.

The question of responsibility must first be clarified so as to determine the application and definition of the idea. You are responsible for your experience. This is not a question, this is a simple statement of fact. How you feel about this fact is another matter entirely. Whether or not you accept it, and what you do about it, are also separate and distinct issues. But your feelings, your acceptance or rejection, and your actions do not change the nature of responsibility. You could say “responsibility is” just as “life is.”

Now as to your definition: “able to respond” This is based on the Outer Perspective discernment of reality. The Inner Perception would say “able to know, able to choose, able to create.” The Outer Perception definitions make a wrong presumption that you will respond to a physical time and space experience generated from outside yourself. The Inner Perception would say “you respond to your own creation based on your choices, your desires, your beliefs, your goals or chosen outcomes, and your comprehension about the nature of reality.” In other words, responding to an outer-generated experience, seen as an adversity is a completely different context and knowing than responding to an innerly-generated experience for which you know you made the choices. When you know you created it, you ask very different questions of yourself, which questions you do not have to ask if you assume it was created outside yourself. Further, when you know you have created it, you know you can “uncreate” it, if that’s your choice and create something else.

Think of it this way: There is a man standing under a shower. When he turns the knob he experiences the water pouring full force down on his head. Now this man believes he cannot breathe water and is fearful of drowning. If he forgets that he turned on the water the issue is simply to get out of the water, hoping it never happens again. If he knows that he is in control of the faucet, then he might ask himself “What is it about this fear I want to understand?” or even “Am I ready to deal with this fear?” or he might decide he is not interested in experiencing the fear and simply turn the water off and do something else. Notice that the man who knows of his control of the faucet has more creative options, while the man who does not has more limiting consequences. For example, the shower will eventually overflow if the drain is not open. Or perhaps the water will run out. These consequences are seen as things that need to be dealt with, but from a place of powerlessness.

This is quite an impossible situation. And yet this is exactly how so many of you define the world you live in every day. No wonder you are depressed. No wonder the highest cause of disease is stress. As you break through these barriers and limiting beliefs, you will come upon centers of resistance within the culture itself. These do not have to affect you. But you will be aware of them. You will also come upon smaller versions of these obstacles within yourselves. What happens to compassion in a world where each person is responsible for their own lives? And which is compassionate? Allowing the consequences of ignoring the truth about the power of your own creation in the lives of those around you, trying to show them the power of their own creation, or, as in the example of our man in the shower, reaching in and turning off the faucet for him?

One of the things you will discover is that there is no right answer. For just as there is no one way to create, just as you are all individuals, each with your own highly specific and chosen ideas to work out, so each situation is individual, and so the spiritual principle “Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged” takes on a completely different meaning. Each of us, in each moment, in each interaction, in each choice, using our own powers of discernment, from our own point of power, to suit our own purposes. Absolute Freedom. This is a foundation piece which is required on the path to total reorientation.

You have discovered the difference between the intellectual discussion and the actual experience of this principle. Any who wish to learn from you, or follow in this new path you cut, will need to use their OWN discernment to do the same. And of course, you will have to remember and continue to practice this experience. Expanding until you are able to experience all experiences from this stand point. And at that place you will know ease. You will also know Joy and Playfulness, in ways you are just beginning to comprehend. So carry on down your bold path.”

Gradius and Ragon are channeled through Becky Burke, and transcribed by Kristen Fox. Many of the sessions are accessible from the Conscious Creation Main Page.

P’taah, channeled by Jani King

“Life is meant to be easy. Your life is meant to be of love and laughter, abundance and fulfillment. What keeps you from these things is your old emotional baggage, your beliefs about reality, and your fear that you are not worthy. Everytime you find yourself in a struggle, you are in a place of fear. Each time you refuse to deal with an emotional issue in the now moment you are adding to your emotional baggage. If you will not examine your belief structures and fears, and deal with the emotions, you limit yourself to a most confining prison. Each NOW is another opportunity for you to chose how it may be for you.” – The Gift, p. 22

Ptaah has been channeled by Jani King since 1947, although she didn’t make the information public until 1989. You can learn more about Ptaah at http://www.ptaah.com/.