Q&A – 3

Questions and Answers – Number Three


Are you telling me that cause and effect really doesn’t rule life’s actions? Then what does karma have to do with us or is there really and if so that is cause and effect. scientifically then, does cause and effect really exist? Show me specifically how you can say there is no cause and effect in the world

It sounds as if you are looking for outside proof for reality creation, which is something that no outside source can provide for you. The concept of conscious creation is based on the premise that each of us creates the reality we perceive. You then are the only person who can provide any proof for yourself.

You mentioned science, which is a belief system that is based around only those things in physical reality which can be measured. Conscious creation does not fit into the framework of science, from the scientific perspective it is literally “non-sense.”

The concept of cause and effect as it is normally understood does not apply to conscious creation. It is based on linear time, which is an illusion, and it pre-supposes the concept of absolute freedom. As a conscious creator, YOU are the cause and reality is the effect. Your beliefs and intent cause reality to be formed around you, and the world you perceive is the effect.  However, if you BELIEVE in the scientifically-based idea of cause and effect, that will be your experience.

As for karma, the concept varies from various religions and belief systems, but the common definition is based very much on linear time: What you do in this life has an effect on the next one. When you step out of the illusion of linear time, this definition falls apart, since all lives are happening in the NOW moment.

From a perspective of simultaneous time, karma looks very different. Instead of a cause and effect duality, it becomes a communication based on unity. Imagine that when you are not focused in physical reality (such as when your asleep) there is a conversation among all your various “reincarnational” selves. Experiences and lessons learned are being shared, each learning from the other, rather than any one being punished for a deed done in the preceding life.

Ultimately, you are your own guide; if this or any other material does not resonate with you then discard it freely. You are your own best judge and all paths are equally valid. We have offered conscious creation because it has been successful for us and we enjoy sharing the concepts with others, we make no claims to having a monopoly on “the truth.”

What about limitations that we perceive right now. Sometimes even if I am filled with creative energy I can get tired later, and for each wish or reality that I want to create I must have enough wish power or creative energy focused. Even if I feel joy in imagining the “positive” change. What if I need to change a lot of things in my world? As time passes by I have more and more ideas, or details that I sense, and by doing it seems that I’m getting out of resources. I’m losing focus for some things. Are we limited or I just need to gain more energy and focus by centering into my love field. How can I do that? It seems to me that we have to go through periods of recovering energy too. Or can we just wish for more energy so we can do creation continuously, and during sleep or meditation we can imagine that we are resting multiplying the effect 100 times? I suppose (even sure) that there are no limitations out of the material world, but where is the catch then?

It’s true that there are no limitations (except those that we create for ourselves <grin>) but the shifts in personal energy are not an uncommon occurrence. There is no trick or technique specifically for centering yourself in love, though affirmations or visualizations might be helpful.

It sounds like you might be pushing “too hard” or putting more effort then necessary into your creations. Remember that once you are setting the process in motion, it will build momentum and you don’t have to “push” as hard. Trust the process and act in harmony with your own inspiration.

And this segment was a comment more than a question, but we wanted to include it in this post.

In reference to the question about individuality and separateness — I’ve been thinking this way so long that I can’t remember when I realized that it was like a body part, as it relates to a body. e.g. A leg or an arm is a part of your body( individual and unique, it is also a part of your total body (the whole or God consciousness)  The leg doesn’t stop being a leg or individual just because it is a part of the body or the whole. We are a part of the whole God and just like any body part we don’t stop being unique because we are a part of the whole ( God Consciousness). I hope this may help any of you who are where I was when I first confronted with this truth a while ago.

And another similar expression:

The comment I wanted to make, was because there seem to be some on the course who are having difficulty with the concept of unity and separation. Many years ago I read a small book, written by a man who’s name I can’t recall unfortunately, but who had experienced a physical death (heart attack or something) and had been brought back by ambulance or medical staff. His experience of death was that he had access to all the answers, for all the questions he had wondered about while here… He said the veil of forgetfulness had been lifted, and on his return to his body life here it remained lifted. His description of the individual vs. unity was this – that all consciousness is like water in a pool. And individuals are like single droplets of water. These drops can merge completely to become the “body” of water, but also retain their individual droplet awareness – while being totally merged.

Back to the Questions….

Just finished lesson five.. very interesting, and a different thought, for me, came to mind.. I agree certainly about dreaming…….. Is it possible, in an unlimited thinking, that in creating our dramas, as in dreams, if we could experience them only as experiences, without the major attachments… (ex. riding in the car, then your on the bike and it just is so..) our interaction with others, also be created strictly for our own experience and they would not even necessarily know.. be aware of our experience???? Then this would put another slant on karma… maybe its not at all what I have thought it to be.. and maybe “what comes around, goes around” would then carry our experience in creating… I can recall several times when another has walked away with a very different idea of what occurred than I ….. So then would this mean , realizing ones own powerself, would not have the impact upon another as I have thought.. the experience would strictly be mine…. unless it was a group experience.. and even then my personal control to create, would  be completely mine, and would have nothing really to do with another… To thy own self be true! WOW. Hope I have made my meaning clear, this really is a very exciting thought. Lots of old sayings come to mind.. make more sense.. “I’m not my brothers keeper” for instance… Well thanks for listening.. going to work on this a little more.

Technically, you can never “do something to” another person without their permission – you will draw people to you that are a vibratory match to you, although you may play varied roles within that vibration. For instance, if you vibrate in duality with a victim mentality, you will draw others who also believe in victims. Believing in victims also requires a perpetrator, of course. So in some relationships you may experience being a victim, and in others, you may experience being a perpetrator – getting to see both sides of the coin. This is yet another way to look at the usual concept of “karma”.

And yes, there are many times when two people will walk away from an event with completely different ideas of what “really happened” there. One obvious example of this is to ask siblings (and their parents) about events from their childhood – not one person will remember that time in the same way. Perspective is a very real and literal concept here. When we sit down to dinner, John experiences a different “perspective” or “space continuum” than Kristen does. If we talk about it later, we may realize some of the discrepancies that we overlooked as irrelevant or weren’t even aware of at the time. Truthfully, we experience different probabilities/perspectives from others all the time – some have more details in common, some are so different we sometimes wonder if we were talking about the same event at ALL!

This next post was broken up into parts…

In my own life there is a difference, I can take the pain or illness from another but not myself. I learned via experience that if I fight a reality I only draw more. In other words if I have a problem I don’t dwell on it because it seems to draw more of the same, I try to let it flow through me and release it.

It’s wonderful that you help others recover from pain or illness. Sometimes we’re are simply not USED to looking at ourselves the same way we look at others, or helping ourselves the same way we help others. When you help to heal others, you are directing love/energy their way. Do you do the same when you “don’t dwell on” your own problem or do you try to ignore it?

There is a difference between not giving something energy or not focusing on something and ignoring your own problems. Most of us grow up thinking that it’s not okay to “complain” that we feel we have problems at all. And sometimes, as you said, we try not to focus on how bad we feel because we’re afraid of feeling worse.

However, there’s comes a point when you are ready to really look at the problem directly, especially if it doesn’t simply go away on its own. If something doesn’t just dissolve when you redirect your focus it usually means there is some emotional attachment to the situation. This could mean that while you’re trying to let it go, you can’t until you find out WHY.


My husband of 12 years now is my problem… I don’t like to criticize, but he is lazy and thinks he knows everything. Cannot hold a job, complains about everything in fact I lost patience one day and told him he would bitch if hung with a new rope. He is a terrible hypochondriac and if I have a pain he has it to but worse.

Relationships can sometimes be the most challenging parts of our lives to untangle. We have to figure out what we’re focusing on, how the other person is cooperating with our own beliefs and expectations (whether or not we’re conscious of them), and how to choose a new focus.

One of the most interesting things about a relationship between two people is that often each person will become polarized, expressing one side of a coin, as the other person expresses the other half. And many times we experience situations with other people to see what we are projecting away from us. For instance, you mentioned that you were a healer and helped others, that you are married to a hypochondriac, and that you try not to dwell on your own problems. If you try not to dwell on your own problems, especially when you are talking with others, perhaps your husband’s hypochondria is a dramatic overcompensation for you being UNABLE to express your pains. If you are critical of his pains, you may be expressing a judgment you’ve internalized against expressing your OWN pains. In other words, when we criticize someone else, we are actually criticizing ourSELVES, but we are expressing it with someone else.

Let me offer an example. Let’s say I grew up with my parents always criticizing me for not washing the dishes. As an adult, if I have not released this behavioral pattern, it may manifest in many ways. I may still rebel against washing my own dishes until the last minute and then criticize mySELF (having taken the voice of my parents within me) for not doing the dishes. Or, I may do my own dishes so that I can avoid the feelings of judgment around the issue, but criticize someone close to me who is not doing dishes. Why would we criticize someone else? Because we’re still holding onto the judgment ourselves – we’re just avoiding the circumstances that cause the judgment to come out. I may believe I am a bad person because I have not done the dishes, so I do the dishes so that I can feel good about myself. To release this criticism, we must look it in the eye and say, “I am a good person even though I HAVEN’T taken this action. I deserve love even though my dishes are still dirty.” That’s where we start to heal ourselves. And when we heal ourselves and our unconscious behavior patterns, we create different events in our reality to reflect that new self-healing.

For instance, if your husband complains all the time and you criticize him for it, is this event a mirror for some behavior pattern that you may have experienced growing up? Did your parents tell you not to complain? Did your parents criticize you for expressing unhappiness? There is nothing wrong at all with expressing how we feel in the moment, although we sometimes grow up with a lot of judgments about what makes us a good person and what doesn’t. Expressing unhappiness doesn’t mean we keep creating unhappiness. It means we allow the energy (the emotion) of our experience of the current situation to flow through us and leave. Often an experience of unhappiness, when we allow ourselves to express it, will offer us a contrast and help us decide what we would RATHER experience, but first we must release the pent up energy that we have, before, refused to express.

I saw potential in this man and began teaching him the spiritual ways of my people as well as some of what I have learned in my journey. Meditation, and focus. He tells me I am full of hooey that he does meditation in his own way, which seems to be losing himself in the television and he creates a separate world in his mind where he thinks he has psychic ability, leadership ability and everyone owes him.

Him telling you that it’s a bunch of hooey could be a voice of criticism about your own doubts about your path. If it bothers you when he says this, then most likely there is a place within you that you need to love and accept unconditionally. Even in a close relationship, it’s completely okay if your husband believes differently from you. And – here’s a tough one for many – YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TEACHING YOUR HUSBAND, OR ANYONE, ANYTHING. (Great advice coming in the form of an email class!) What if you stepped back from the situation and simply allowed him to “meditate” anyway he wants to? If this is difficult for you, you may want to look at your beliefs around this. WHY is this difficult?

And even if you think you know that your husband is kidding himself, what if you ceased criticizing him and started supporting his ideas? You don’t have to agree with his ideas to support HIM emotionally. And, if you want to look at this creation more deeply, as you begin to offer unconditional love to your husband, you are also learning to allow it for yourself, because you are starting to step away from the focus on criticism. When you are not sure what to do, ask yourself, “What would love do? I choose love.” Other people can sometimes be our best teachers for what we are unaware of inside ourSELVES, ironically.

It is as if he feels he doesn’t need to work for what he or we need because he will weedle (I call it) or cause others to feel they have to provide what we need…. food, cigarettes, vehicle repairs, everything. I on the other hand feel it is up to us to earn what we get. I am not comfortable having others helping us all the time, and he uses me to get what he wants from others. People have actually told me that they do for us not for him but for me… this gives me a guilty feeling I can not shake off. I appreciate the help, don’t misunderstand me. but my husband is not crippled (really) He just doesn’t like to be as he calls it controlled (told what to do at a job) resents any authority. How can I create my reality when I must fight this all the time. again when I resist, I draw more of the same.

Here is the important point, which you have stated quite clearly. You BELIEVE you must fight these tendencies in him you do not approve of. However, and you know this, what you resist persists, because you get what you focus on. The only way to release something is to love it, to say, “It’s okay just as it is, and there’s nothing I need to do to change it.” After a lifetime of struggling, this is not always the easiest task, to release struggle, but it is important. This doesn’t mean you are letting his ideas take over your efforts. But you do not need to struggle against HIS ideas and attitudes in order to create what you want for yourself. Sometimes we grow up believing that in order to have what we want others must agree with us. And when they DON’T agree with us, we feel we must try to convince or manipulate them so that we can have what we want. You can release this belief. Notice how much energy you focus on what HE is doing instead of what YOU are doing and how YOU are thinking.

When we stop struggling against someone, we are breaking a pattern of energy expression for ourselves. “Others” might resist our change, but they are free to resist it if they want. So we stop struggling and start becoming conscious of what words and feelings we project towards another person, and realize we have also been projecting towards ourselves. Then, choose love – unconditional love – not matter how “horrible” or “inappropriate” or “lazy” someone might appear to be. And then we can also forgive ourselves for these judgments and begin choosing love instead of separation. You may also want to develop a vision for the kind of relationship you would PREFER to have with your husband, and with yourSELF as well.

Along the way, things may get confusing for a while, but remember that you can always trust yourself – if you have a question, ask it. The answers may come in many surprising ways.

The question I have is that though I am fully aware I am still creating the circumstances of my existence, I have yet to allow many of the things which I truly desire to create into my life. I would like to identify what I am allowing to block me, or learn how to go about allowing myself to understand and remove the block. I understand that gratitude is important. As well as forgiveness and love of self. I understand that fear and doubt close many doors which we wish to open for ourselves. I also understand that part of creating is understanding that we already have what we desire, though oftentimes there is still the veil of illusion preventing us from seeing it.

In your post, you also described the feeling you had when you did your first manifestation in such a magical and simple way and that you still remembered that feeling. When we create what we want, we have taken that item, person, or event, the FEELING of it, and have brought it within us. Technically, we have internalized the vibration of the desired creation, and when we have internalized something, we have made it a part of us. (And whether this is a desirable or undesirable thing) it is now a part of our vibration and expression and will be manifested in physical reality. How do you FEEL about these things that you want to create? When you think about them, if you are unable to hold the resonance and feeling of love and complete acceptance for these creations, pay close attention to the feelings or thoughts that come up around it.

Because you haven’t manifested it yet, you are still technically “separate” from the creation, and separation often manifests as feelings of fear. Are you afraid that you won’t be able to create what you want, or are you afraid that you WILL? Are you afraid of consciously admitting your power to create? Do you experience any kinds of judgments about what’s okay to have and what’s not?

In our own experiences, when we try to make large changes to our lives (like creating a mate or a perfect job, instead of simply creating a parking space) we must change our vibration. Changing our vibration can be a process by which we experience various events that help us to spot what limiting beliefs or emotional blockages we still have. If a manifestation feels like it’s taking a long time, you may have a larger vibration shift to make before you are aligned with the vibration of what you want. But don’t worry, your inner Self (you, of course) is leading you even when you don’t know where you are going. Trust that your destination is assured and allow the events between you and your creation to unfold as they may.

So, I suppose the real issue here as you have pointed out is doubt and fear. How to get past that hump even when you know that it actually isn’t real.

You trust yourself. And you continually CHOOSE to trust yourself even in situations where you feel doubt and fear. “I may feel fearful right now, but I’m going to trust myself anyway.” One of the subtle judgments many grow up with is that it’s not okay to feel completely fear-free, to trust yourself completely, to feel utterly confident in your life here (no matter what it looks like), etc. But it’s perfectly fine not to feel doubt and fear anymore – remind yourself of this. And in every situation where doubt and fear pop up out of habit, you have an opportunity to see a place you used to unconsciously choose fear and separation and to make a new choice. Ultimately there’s no fix but choosing love and trust instead of doubt and fear.

I would assume, dangerous word I know, that basically this means if we can imagine it then we can live it. So taken to the extreme this would mean that I could wake up in my current world work through lunch and then decide that I want be Darth Vader from Star Wars for several years and come back to this “reality” without missing a beat. I know this is extreme but I am trying to test the boundaries here.

Yes. Of course we’ll say yes! Anything and everything is possible, and you get to choose EXACTLY what you want to experience. Nothing is impossible. You create what you focus on and what you put energy into. The key here is to free up the energy that is habitually and unconsciously focused in places you are truly NOT interested so that you can fully focus on the adventure you really want to experience.

Secondly, if we all have our own space continuum this means that the people we are dealing with are just our own personal holograms of these people and that what we do in relationship to or with them really has no impact on them specifically. They would just experience what they are creating. So I guess my question is are we really dealing with others or am I just playing with myself here, no pun intended. I guess this goes back to that whole thing of I am GOD and everything and everyone else is just a figment of my imagination that I created to keep me entertained.

You are god. Everyone else is god too. You are as real as we are, and as unreal as well <grin> You are creating an interpretation of their energy just as they are creating an interpretation of yours. You are in complete “control” of your own space continuum and will attract people who resonate with your own vibrational state and the thoughts and beliefs that you choose. It’s another one of those interesting paradoxes – you are in complete charge of your own experiences and you interact with other who are just as real as you, but you do not CONTROL them.

For instance, say you are in a loveless relationship and want to spice it up, so you start focusing on the kind of relationship you really DO want. Next thing you know, your previous partner has left and a new one comes into the picture. Perhaps your previous partner did not want to experience the same kind of relationship that you now chose to, but you attracted one that does. You did not “control” these people or make anyone do anything, but you got exactly what you wanted. One of the key things here is to let go of any specific symbol in physical reality that you are attached to – allow your symbols to shift around and adequately reflect who you really are. In some cases, your previous partner may also decide to change and experience a new reality with you. Most often if we have attached ourselves too much to a specific symbol, we’ll have to let go of it in order to allow ourselves to change. By “symbol” I mean any physical representation of an energy or vibration – could be a person, an event, an object, or a kind of situation.

I have read about how by changing your NOW you can change your past. I have understood that, up to this point, to mean that through a more complete understanding of your NOW you can change how you feel about your past but I am wondering about changing the actual events. I think that you could pick to experience a similar event but how would that work out. Would you now remember the new event as your actual past and the old one as a possibility now or would you remember experiencing two different events for the same time period?

When we look at a “past” event with a new perspective, we are actually choosing a new probability where different events occur that more resonate with our new perspective. As we go through our own changes in the NOW and apply this to a “past” event, we will be gradually shifting probabilities to another alignment. Eventually (and we have had our own experiences with this as well as talked with others) you will experience the new probability “past” as more vivid, real, and “present” and the old “past” will seem more hazy and unclear, as if it were a dream. The more “vibrational difference” we have between two events – for instance, if we focus on love or on criticism (two different kinds of vibrational states) the more psychological “distance” there seems to be between the two.

Why “101”, why is the course called “reality creation 101”? What next? Do you know whether there will be a discussion list as a follow to the course?

We called this course “Reality Creation 101” because while it discusses the general ideas behind how to consciously create reality, it would have taken at least a year-long course to discuss all of the specific nuances of the concepts and the specific kinds of applications of the concepts that people experience. For instance, we could spend an entire year talking about nonlinear time and multidimensionality and how it relates to conscious creation, but we wanted to touch on the key points.

If you’re very confused and don’t really know what to do, can you then trust your unconsciousness to give you the right inputs and opportunities that your consciousness then can grab and make use of ?

Most definitely! If you can ask the question, you already know the answer! Just ask with the intention to receive the answer and be open to receiving it in any way that it wants to come. Sometimes, the most difficult thing to do is “nothing,” you might not feel like any action is the “right” one, in which case not taking action might be the correct choice.

End Questions and Answers Part Three