CC FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Conscious Creation?”

Conscious creation is a system of beliefs based on the idea that each of us creates our own reality. This belief is not new, and has been expressed in many forms and ideas throughout history. In recent history many of these ideas have been expressed through channeled entities, such as Seth and Abraham.

“What is channeling?”

Channeling is a form of communication, often with the inner self. By relaxing your conscious mind you allow information to come in that is not always available to your five senses.  There are other forms of inner communication besides channeling – automatic writing, pendulums, ouija boards and tarot cards are all popular methods. Channeling can also be a term describing someone who is allowing another entity to speak through them, whether consciously or while in deep trance.

“O.k. so what’s an entity?”

An entity is any self aware, intelligent being. I’m an entity and so are you. Some entities are not physically focused, they are focused “outside” of physical reality. We can communicate with these entities through various methods, including the ones mentioned above.

“Isn’t channeling equivalent to possession?”

Possession is the concept of a demon or evil spirit taking over a person’s body without their permission. Channeling, in comparison, is a voluntary action, the channeler always has control and is never a victim to the entity being channeled. Breaking the connection is as simple as hanging up the phone.

“What about evil spirits? What if someone contacts the spirit of a mass murderer or something worse?”

This is a question of trust vs. fear. If you trust your inner self, and you have a strong sense of your own safety, then you know that you would not be guided into an experience you were not ready for.  As for ‘evil’ spirits, IMO they do not exist, per se. Whenever we leave physical reality we immediately gain a larger perspective on who and what we are. Good and evil are judgments created here in physical reality, but we can let go of them while still living here – why wait?

“I’m confused. You mentioned that channeling is a communication with your inner self, but you also mention talking to other entities?”

Channeling (or any of the associated activities) does put you in touch with your inner self, and sometimes with nonphysically focused friends as well. You might think of them as angels, entities, or spirit guides – the name we give them is unimportant. Some people seem to connect with a deeper level of themselves without another entity involved – this is perfectly valid too, no method is better than another.

“Can I learn how to channel?”

Certainly. You can buy yourself a ouija board, or just sit with pen and paper to see if anything comes through. (More information on this appears in the “Getting Started” section.)

“I’ve heard the expression ‘you create your own reality’ before, but I don’t really understand it.”

YCYOR means that the reality you experience every day has been created by YOU through your own beliefs. This is a pretty radical concept, for it asserts that the physical reality you perceive is essentially an illusion that you have created to experience as reality.

“Don’t you mean that my beliefs affect how I perceive reality, not actually affect reality itself?”

Some people believe this, others believe that there is no one ‘rockbed’ reality that we all share. One way of looking at it is that each of us creates our own unique reality, and we interact with each other via telepathic agreement. As a conscious creator, there is little purpose in believing in a rockbed reality, since it puts the power of creation outside of yourself regarding specific areas of your life.

“If each of us creates our own reality, why would anyone create a life of suffering, or create a life where they die violently? What about people who have birth defects like Downs Syndrome, why would anyone create a life like that?”

When one of us chooses to come into physical reality we pick the circumstances of our birth “before time” we choose where we will be born, the time period, our parents, and possibly a general vision of what we wish to accomplish/experience in that lifetime.

Since linear time is only part of the illusion of physical reality, we always have the option of choosing the events we really want to experience.  We might choose more challenging circumstances like birth defects, only because they provide a unique experience of perceiving physical reality. From a “normal” perspective we perceive these lives as less desirable, however we can’t really know how or what this person is perceiving, their reality is unique unto themselves.

As for dying a violent death, there are as many possible answers here as there are people to create them. If a person believes they are a victim, they might indeed choose to experience a reality where they become one. However, this would be done by choice, and the person who ‘attacked’ them would be someone that they agreed to have this experience with.

“This stuff sounds very morally ambiguous, what about people who lead evil lives, like Adolf Hitler, or Ted Bundy?”

The principles of conscious creation are free of moral judgment – each of us creates our own reality, and decides for ourselves what morals to apply. We can judge others from what we perceive of their lives, but we can’t force that judgment on them, nor does any “higher power.”

What does this mean in terms of a Hitler, or serial killer?  This means that we recognize that nobody was actually a victim of this type of entity, Hitler created his life to play the part of an “evil dictator” many played the part of being his victims.

“This sounds like you’re putting the blame on the victim, a variation on the ‘she was asking for it’ theme.”

Actually, it’s dismissing the concept of blame completely. Since we are all ONE at a deeper level, and since everything happens by choice, the whole concept of blame becomes moot. From a conscious creation perspective, the concept of ‘no victims’ can be very empowering.

“Is this some sort of internet cult?”

In order to be a cult, you first need some sort of organized group, an established leader who makes the rules, and people willing to follow those rules. Conscious creators are generally rule breakers by nature. The only rules we accept are those we apply to ourselves, and we recognize that we are the ones who have the power to change those rules if we choose to.

Some people have made heroes out of the channeled entities, and even the people who channel them, but that’s as far as it goes. If in your own investigations you discover something that makes you uncomfortable, we suggest you choose a different path ASAP – your intuition is your highest and best guide in any situation.

“How seriously do you take this stuff?”

This is strictly an individual choice. Many of us began experimenting with these ideas, had a lot of success, and decided to apply them wholeheartedly in our lives. Others are still content to play with these ideas as just interesting theories.

“If each of us creates our own reality, how can there be world wide events, like the destruction of the rain forests.”

Here’s my own working theory, as brief as possible. Our beliefs have a magnetic effect, and draw to us the experiences we choose. We choose from a sea of infinite probable events, since no event is ‘real’ until we have actually chosen to experience it. If you imagine your life as a symphony, then your beliefs are the sheet music, and you are both the conductor and the composer. Changing your beliefs will not just change your perception of reality, but alters the reality you experience. Your beliefs form your reality, it’s that simple, and that complex.

“So, what exactly do you mean by beliefs anyway?”

Beliefs are anything that we hold to be true about reality. Some beliefs are obvious and appear to be shared by everyone – gravity and the shape of the earth for example. Seth refers to these beliefs as root assumptions because they’re basic assumptions we accept as truth in order to make interaction in physical reality possible.

Other beliefs sometimes appear to BE reality, although as a conscious creator you can recognize it as just a belief, and change it. For example, if you believe that mankind is destroying the environment, then that is a belief, no matter how “real” it appears. If you choose to believe something different, like “the environment is getting better” then that will become your reality instead.

“How do you know that it’s not self delusion?”

I don’t, in truth. I don’t ‘know’ anything, however these are the beliefs that work for me. In a larger sense, all of reality really is a self delusion. At some point, you might find yourself deciding whether or not to embrace these concepts as your own truth.