Wake Up! You’re Creating!

Wake Up! You’re Creating!
By Kristen N. Fox

What if I told you that everything you experience in physical reality is a reflection of who you are in each moment? That each experience, each person, each event, each object, is a projection of yours onto the screen of life, an expression designed to remind you of your incredible power as a creator?

Let’s say that each of us is a being of energy and that we each resonate or vibrate with our own unique signature vibration. These differences in vibration create our physical bodies differently, as well as our experiences, and the thoughts that we entertain, and so, you get what you vibrate! More simply, like attracts like, or, you get what you focus on. Not only are we an extension of our Whole Selves cleverly directing our focus onto the details of physical reality – but as we go about our lives we are the ones who pick the perspectives and the probabilities that we live out…by choosing what we focus on!

Now, you might say that you could definitely see where SOME things reflect who you are, like that new car that you just bought, or that apple pie you just made, or the grinning child you just tickled, but certainly not EVERYTHING… especially those things in your life that you find at least somewhat disturbing. That’s where the “becoming conscious” part fits in. If there’s a part of your life that you are not happy with, that’s probably a place where you have been creating haphazzardly and are unaware that you’re doing it. That is, you’re sending out a certain vibration without your conscious knowing – like the background music piped in at your local grocery store, or the wallpaper in your kitchen, or the air that you breathe – these objects or experiences are all a part of your life, yet you may accept them as simply a part of the WAY LIFE IS, rather than a reflection of your personal symbology or vibration. One way to get a handle on this concept is to start looking at your life and the events you experience as you would interpret a nighttime dream. You’ll never look at your shoes or your annoying coworker the same way again!

I remember the first time I became conscious of an assumption I’d made about “how life was.” I was about 13 years old and had gone to a friend’s house to stay the night. When they pulled out the extra bed and her mother made it for me, she put it together without a top sheet – just a bottom sheet, a blanket, and a pillow. I remember wondering if I should tell her that she forgot it, until I saw that my friend’s bed was made the same way. This is a funny but important example – it wasn’t until I met with this contrasting experience that I began to see the actual framework of beliefs (vibrations) in which I grew up. I was suddenly aware of the song being played in the background – I now saw the wallpaper, or at least peeked under the corner of it – as if for the first time. Talk about opening Pandora’s box!

So, how then was the fact that my bed at home was made with a top sheet a reflection of who I was or what I was vibrating? That’s where our feelings about what we experience come into play. Contrasting experiences also allow us to see our own emotional reactions more clearly. Now, what if I told you that “feeling bad” about something is not just a part of how life is, but a call to pay attention because what you’re choosing to focus on and experience in that moment is not aligned with who you really are? And, what if I told you that “feeling good” is not just a part of how life is, but a call to pay attention because what you’re choosing IS aligned with who you are?

We feel good when our vibrations are aligned with what we’re experiencing. But we feel BAD not just when our vibrations are NOT aligned with what we’re experiencing, but when we alter our own vibration to match the discordant vibration of what we’re experiencing. In essence, instead of being the director and setting our OWN tone to create in joy and alignment, we’ve become reactive to things and events we perceive OUT THERE. The ironic part is that we’re the ones that created the experiences in the first place and just seem to have forgotten – and so we perpetuate the loop of projection and reaction until we decide to jump out of the cycle. At that point, we stop identifying ourselves with all the “stuff” out there and come back to our own centers, where it all starts.

The process of becoming aware of what we’ve been creating and then learning to consciously alter our own beliefs (vibrations) to create what we WANT can be one of the more challenging and psychological tasks of our time. And yet, isn’t that exactly what we came here to do in this time of awakening? We’re given prophecies of doom and dramatic situations to help shake us up and make us ask, “Isn’t there something ELSE? Something BETTER? What are my other choices beyond FEAR?”

The more we let go of our habitual stance of focusing on fear as reality and instead look to love and joy and connectedness, the more we align with our own sense of personal integrity – the more we INTEGRATE and work WITH that divine aspect of each of us. Although our unconscious lives may have created through a habitual focus in fear, our growing conscious awareness now knows it has the choice to choose love where it once defaulted to fear. And when we realize this, then we are truly free. And then, that’s how we vibrate, and how we create our new experiences in physical reality!

[Originally published in The Edge, February 1999.]