Can You Feel It?

Can You Feel It?
By Kristen Fox

Did you ever have that FEELING that you’ve been somewhere or done something before? Did you ever have to work at something until you got the FEEL of it and then it became really simple? Did you ever FEEL like you were being watched? Did you ever walk into a place and feel some really good or really bad vibes about the place? Did you ever meet up with a long lost friend who, despite all outward appearances, seemed like a totally different person? Did you ever feel that a chair needed to be in one corner of the room and not another? Did you ever know that someone wasn’t telling you the truth even as they looked you in the eye? What does it all mean?

It means that you’ve had direct experience with perceiving vibration, without necessarily translating it through any of your five physically-focused senses.

Of course, everything is vibrational – including you. Each person, being, or speck of consciousness has a distinct and unique vibrational pattern. Red vibrates differently than blue, and we call them different wavelengths of light. Jazz vibrates differently than Hip Hop music, sugar vibrates differently than salt, a car engine vibrates differently than a cat purring. While much of our conscious vibrational experience comes through our physical senses (we can be especially vision-intensive too), there is an identifying essence beyond the illusion of physicality. This is the truth of us that exists after we leave our bodies, our truth that we project into physical reality, to be interpreted by our senses.

In fact, there’s so much diversity of experience here on earth, it can be a pretty big job to figure out what we really like and want, especially if we approach this quandary by trying to think it all through. And how can we learn to deliberately call up the vibration of something we want to create? We can say all the affirmations we want, talk about what we want until we’re blue in the face, but in a vibrational universe like ours it’s the VIBRATION or FEELING that we need to attune to. In fact, one of the goals of meditation is to quiet the mind, to rise above (or sink below) the chatter of points, reasons and ideas and find our center. That center is that part of us that’s aware beyond our physical focus, our vibrational knowing.

For instance, in my attempts to create money, I took a dollar bill in my hand, and realized with some surprise, that I had absolutely no FEEL for it at all. I looked at it like I’d never seen it before. I knew it helped me buy what I wanted. I knew it was a means of energy exchange. I knew it had a pyramid on the back. But I didn’t know what money FELT like to me at all! Without understanding my personal relationship with money, it was no wonder it had been extremely difficult for me to create it! My mind was filled with the proper thoughts about money and how I was supposed to feel about it and there my focus had remained, but that was it – there was nothing of ME in this relationship at all.

Tuning into our vibrational awareness is one of the keys of learning how to trust ourselves, particularly in areas where we grew up trusting in outside rules or authorities instead. Fear this, beware of that, better do this, that’s a bad thing – more points, reasons, and ideas, and many of them contradictory. But asking yourself how something FEELS to you is the first step in being able to, perhaps for the first time, develop your personal relationship in these areas and create what you really want.

One of the reasons we have feared change so much in our society is that if it was different than the system of rules we’d learned to trust, we felt naked and vulnerable and unsure of how to proceed. The more steps you take down the path of conscious creation, the more you get to trust yourself, because the usual rules no longer apply. In creating NEW situations in our lives, we’re no longer recycling the old – in other words, we’re looking inside for our vision of what we want and then nurturing that inner vision into existence. It’s no wonder there are no ready-made maps to follow!

To take another small example, how many times have you walked into a store to buy something and simply seen NOTHING that you want? You may have an intuition or feeling for what you want, but nothing presented to you in the moment matches that feeling. So, do you react and adjust your own vibration to match something that feels “close enough” or do you maintain the vibration of what you DO want, and trust that it will manifest? This is where awareness of your vibration or focus plays a key role.

By following our vibrational awareness, or our intuition, we’re allowing our energy to bring forth our true selves, our unique energy, into manifestation all around us. By becoming aware of and releasing that which feels bad to us and accepting that which feels good, we are releasing the old world filled with fear-based vibrational patterns, and creating a new world in vibrational alignment with our true selves. Vibration isn’t something to resist or struggle against or fix, it’s just another signpost that we can learn to use to create what truly makes us happy.

[Originally published in The Edge Newspaper, February 2000.]