A New Relationship With Physical Reality

A New Relationship With Physical Reality
By Kristen N. Fox

When we identified ourselves solely as physical creatures, we thought physical reality was all there was. We experienced the boundaries of our world with our physical senses. Now that we are expanding beyond that previous definition of who we are, we have to release the old relationship we had with physical reality and forge a new one under new circumstances, and a new role for ourselves as well. Why? Let’s say you have a well-balanced arrangement of three works of art on the wall and you create a fourth piece to hang with the other three. If you just tack that fourth piece up wherever there’s room, leaving the previous three untouched, the arrangement will be out of balance – you have to place all FOUR works of art in an entirely new pattern in relation to each other in order to achieve the desired sense of symmetry and aesthetics. Our new “work of art” in this metaphor is knowing that we create our own realities, that we are far MORE than just separate, physical creatures. In our new roles as conscious creators, we take a step back from our exclusive focus on the details of physical life and open to a wider perspective.

I actually started to use a version of this “new relationship with physical details” as a survival method when I was working as a technical writer. At my job, there were so many details coming in from so many different people that I would have driven myself crazy trying to remember each one, even when they were written down. Instead, I created a folder for each kind of change and simply filed the detail where it belonged, and then I could access it when I wanted to. I remembered the idea of where the detail was or what it dealt with without having to remember the detail itself.

Our new relationship with physical reality follows this same idea. If we continued to focus all of our energy into controlling or even remembering ALL of the details in our physical lives as our awareness expanded, we’d grow increasingly crazy trying to react to this, prevent that, or coerce something else so that all the details would “look like they were supposed to.” Instead, as I did as a technical writer, we can take a huge step back from the detail level and began to focus our energy more on the conceptual.

Once I did this in my technical writing job, the details automatically flowed into the right places at the right time, effortlessly. In my physical experiences, as in my job, instead of focusing on the details, I now focus on the idea of what I want to experience in physical reality and allow the details to move around freely. When they reach the configuration aligned with my desired probability, my inner guidance tells me, “Okay, NOW!” usually with a feeling of KNOWING. The most challenging part, for me, was to learn to allow even those details that did not SEEM to be aligned with what I wanted, to exist anyway. I didn’t have to get rid of or even change those “undesired” details. Actually, changing my focus from my desired experiences to struggling with the details that already exist in physical reality would have simply given me more details to struggle with, since the fundamental idea behind conscious creation is that you get what you focus on.

It took a few reminders before I was consistent with not getting caught up in the dramas and bells and whistles and shiny baubles that dazzle the senses and have tended to distract my focus as well. Now, I wasn’t simply IGNORING all of these sense perceptions, as they are part of the fun of physical reality, but I was learning to enjoy them without having to concentrate ALL of my focus on them alone. As conscious creators, our new relationship with physical reality includes an expanded awareness, expanded beyond the physical yet including it at the same time. In many ways it’s like doing or focusing on more than one thing at a time, physical and non-physical all at once – a wonderful new balancing act.
Another way to look at this “step back into the conceptual” is similar to being able to look at an entire lake while standing on shore instead of trying to see the whole thing while treading water in the middle of it. Now, while we have the perspective of being IN the lake, if we think the waves are too choppy, trying to restrain the waves with our hands not only doesn’t work, but will merely exhaust us. Instead, we conceptually step out of the lake EVEN WHILE WE’RE STILL SWIMMING IN THE MIDDLE OF IT, direct our creative focus towards experiencing a lake with gentle waves. Then, we allow the feeling tone of this conceptual probability to flow through us, allow the details in physical reality to align with our vision and vibration, and then enjoy experiencing our creation in physical reality!

This new relationship puts each of us in the center of our own lives as the creator, in our natural state of love, joy, and abundance. As it stands now, many of us still experience struggle in some parts of our lives. Most of the “hard work” we expend trying to make physical reality the way we want it is an overcompensation for “limited” beliefs in the first place. For instance, the more we believe in lack, the more it seems we must struggle in physical reality to have what we want. Our new relationship gives us a way to let go of our struggles to control or manipulate the physical effects of our beliefs. Instead we look inside for the originating beliefs (focus) themselves, release them, and then choose new beliefs that will simply create what we want in physical reality, without the struggle.

In other words, as conscious creators, we are the cause, and our experiences in physical reality are the effect – what an amazing new relationship this will be!

[Originally published in The Edge, April 1999.]