Immaculate Techniques – The Manifesting Shortcut by Susan James

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
March 2003

Immaculate Techniques
(The Manifesting Shortcut)
by Susan James

We’ve reached a new place in humanity, but not such a new place overall. We are being given new uses of higher techniques and methods for getting what we want in life.

These tools use to fall under the name Ancient Wisdom, but that term for me needs a fresh face based on what I now know. I’ve renamed it for the sake of my own stuff and use “Immaculate Techniques”.

We’ve reached a place were all we have to do is look at some symbols and we receive higher energy from them. Why would we want this higher energy? Because, it automatically raises our vibration, expands our consciousness, lets the sun shine in, brings us illumination.

However we define it, what it does is give us a Super Dooper Shortcut to having what we want to show up in our lives.

I’ve also begun using the term “backstory” a lot, because I’ve been studying the terms of my friends in the business of Hollywood. And there is definitely a backstory to this Super Dooper Shortcut to Manifesting.

Many people are not yet willing to get clear on what they want for their lives. So they allow Mr. Random to design it for them. If we are not clear, and then apply Immaculate Techniques to our lives, then we will get hit with a whammy somewhere along the way.

So, it’s one thing to say, “Cool, this manifesting stuff just got easier!” And it’s another to say, “What do we do when the whammy shows up?” Quite often, we think these whammys are normal and just life. Then without notice our lives get sucked down the toilet, and we excuse it away, with “This is just normal.”

We can not become our illuminated power charged selves if we still are making most of our choices by what we are afraid to do and not do. We do this to ourselves in every single day by choosing and then changing our minds. We become a worn out rubberband that simply breaks apart from all of the tension and non-constructive energy. Our dreams fade into the dust, and then we tell others, “Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be.”

We are not off the hook with that statement, however. All it means is that we chose Dumpy for our life companion

“We can not become our illuminated power charged selves if we still are making most of our choices by what we are afraid to do and not do.”

These Immaculate Techniques coming to the surface of our consciousness are quite incredible. But if we are not yet willing to do the simple mechanics of getting clear on what we want, paying attention to what we are shown, saying yes to what we are shown, following through on ourselves, then there’s not a single Immaculate Technique in the Universe that will serve to our human benefit.

I have reached the place in my own expansion by studying and applying the physics of what we have already been given along the way in the form of energetic tools. But I have had to design them for myself so that they would be fun for me to do or I would not do them. That’s where all of my Manifesting Games and Courses have begun. How can I make this fun for me, so that I will apply this stuff, was always my method of operation.

BUT NOW…..along comes a new use for techniques and powers that have not been available to us humans for many a moon. And for the life of me, I have been asking, “Ok….there is nothing hard about this at all. I don’t need to make myself do anything but sit in a chair and look at this paper. I don’t need a game to make this easier.”

But the games and tools are needed if we are not vibrationally prepared for what will happen in our lives as we consistently apply the new powerful Immaculate Techniques to our lives.

Are you ready for what is coming?

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