How the Millionaire Maverick was Born by Susan James

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
March 2003

How the Millionaire Maverick was Born
by Susan James

When I began teaching myself the shortcut to getting what I wanted, something very simple was born. I called it, “The Magic Wall.” The concept may not seem so new to others, but what was new to me, was that I understood why it actually worked. That only made me want to use it more. (Editor’s Note: The Magic Wall is a technique involving a mixture of images and symbols on a wall as a place of focus for what you intend to manifest. For more in-depth information about Susan’s Magic Wall and its applications, click here to email her for more information.)

The inspiration for this Magic Wall came like a soft bolt of lightening. I had a choice in that moment: follow it or not.

I followed it out. All the way out. It became and still is an important part of what I do and how I do it. After I perfected it for myself, I began offering it to others for free. I still do that. It’s now the basis for many of the extensions of my writing and various communications with others.

“I wrote very clearly, that I wanted the entire world to have a Magic Wall, to use it, and to understand why it works.”

An early intention developed from this magic wall. I wrote very clearly, that I wanted the entire world to have a Magic Wall, to use it, and to understand why it works. If that happened, then the world would change on a large scale. I knew it would.

That overall intention, unknown to me at the time, has now shown up as an important backdrop to my newest book, The Millionaire Maverick. The Magic Wall was the motivation and inspiration for this book and around it, a wonderful story was built.

The premise, because I won’t tell you the story here, is this:

What would happen if the entire world used a Magic Wall to create their own wealth. What would happen to the banking systems that seemed to be in control of the world and its resources? What would happen to the men and the institutions that seemed to hold the world’s purse strings? What would happen to anyone messing with those hands that held those same purse strings?

Hank Ramsan, The Millionaire Maverick was about to find out.

Susan James writes and speaks of the mechanics behind energy and spirit. She self coins these concepts the basics of User Friendly Physics to the higher level of understanding in Genius to Brilliance.

The application of the mechanics of energy and spirit to our lifestyles and businesses continues to be a quest for Susan as she offers it to all that are interested in following their potential path. She does this through her many forms of writing, including books, newsletters, courses, consulting, and speaking engagements.

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