What is the Value of One? by Sanat Kumara through Carla DeMarco

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
March 2001

What is the Value of One?
by Sanat Kumara through Carla DeMarco

Dear ones you think you can make no difference in a world riddled with confusion, anger, and disillusionment. You see your fellow humans suffering from the pain of separation, committing acts of violence, playing mind games with one another – generally bringing the energy “down.”

You find yourself struggling just to stay balanced in the midst of all the clatter and calamity, and you think you have nothing to contribute that will affect the greater whole. After all, how can one person stop organized crime or nations at war? You want to help change the world because you want to live in peace and harmony but it looks so hopeless sometimes, does it not?

I will speak to you about the power of One. You as an individual unit of light can make or break the universal substance in and around your planet Earth. Earth swims in a bubble of etheric energy designed to be modeled and molded by you, by your collective thought vibrations and heart emanations. Energetically, your thoughts and feelings shift and change this substance which surrounds and permeates your Earth, and as this energy substance changes, it re-enters the molecules of the humans, in turn changing their thought patterns, either to higher or lower frequencies. So you see dear ones, as you “clean up your thoughts” so to speak, you actually clean up the energy that the entire planet and the human species is feeding upon. It’s like you are all in a big pot of soup and as it simmers in ever increasing frequencies, it just grows more delicious, flavorful and nutritious.

Some of you wish to do more than simply live a life of good thoughts and intentions. You wish to precipitate change on a more dramatic scale. Know that avenue exists for you and all you have to do is hold your desire in your heart and the way will open up for you. Many services are needed now to assist with the awakening so if you feel drawn to work which will share your light with the masses, enlist the support of your unseen brothers and sisters who are all around you. We will gently nudge you in directions which complement your soul’s mission. But know dear workers of light that each life lived in striving for clarity and purpose creates a higher frequency for the whole, and no life is wasted, less than, forgotten – or unappreciated. It is a magnificent service you are performing here on Earth, where universal tenets are being created, where Experience, the Great Teacher, is driving creation to new heights of understanding and magic is the mechanism at work behind the scenes.

Earth is home to many different kinds of beings and not all are here as lightworkers. You are the light of the world my dear workers; as you shine, you purify the substance in which you all swim. You “burn away” the darkness and the density of human despair. Know that your lights grow only brighter as they are used, for light begets light and magnifies itself a thousandfold exponentially. The power you have as One is that of 1000, for the light of One serves as a beacon to awaken 999 more lights, and those 1000 awaken 1,000,000. Before you know it dear ones your world will be shining in the universe like no other. Earth is nearing its Golden Age and you, just one, are bringing that age in, just by shining.

All love to you forever,
I am Sanat Kumara

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