A Question of Rightness by Jeri Noble

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
March 2001

A Question of Rightness
by Jeri Noble

What if every choice you’d ever made turned out to be the most “right” of all possible choices? What if in the future, looking back on your life you were able to see that no matter how badly it may have seemed you had chosen, in the long run you’d done exactly the right thing?

It can be difficult to accept our own rightness. It seems that there are so many possibilities, so many choices, that we sometimes just have to guess at the answer. But if we were to assume that there is something within us that does know the answers, always gets it right, wouldn’t that improve our odds for success? Just from the viewpoint of increased self-confidence there would be improvement.

The good news is that it isn’t just increased self-confidence that makes the difference. In metaphysics there is a principle which states that there is a Universal Mind, or Consciousness. This Universal Mind does have all the answers, and we’re connected to it. In fact, we are an extension of it. When we allow ourselves to consciously connect with it, miracles happen. Life flows better, we have a far better idea of what we’re doing, and there’s a sense of Universal co-operation.

I’m not promoting any particular religion here, since most of them incorporate some variation on this theme. The science of metaphysics allows us to utilize this spiritual phenomenon and work with it. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to violate any other philosophical principles if we truly explore it. As a matter of fact, it seems to strengthen our personal belief systems, making them far more accessible.

Practice with this technique of accepting one’s own rightness can lay a lot of old ghosts to rest. This is because the guilt and self-doubt which accompany any assumption that we’ve been wrong only inhibit our effectiveness. At the very least, we can believe that we’re in the process of learning, not in the process of screwing up.

Within each of us is a core of rightness. We have the right to be here, to live our lives and to accept that we are loved. We also have the right to our own choices. If we can live our lives from the belief that somehow, we’re doing it right, rightness happens. It’s a metaphysical truism that what we hold in consciousness is what manifests for us in reality.

Go ahead. Be right.

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Jeri Noble has been a professional counselor for over 30 years in a variety of modalities. These include past life regression therapy, astrology, and rebirthing . Jeri lives with her life partner Tom, (that’s right, Tom and Jeri) and their furbeing Silky in the New Age mecca, Sedona, Arizona. An avid bookworm and writer, she produces 4 regular columns plus two newsletters and original weekly articles for her websites, Circles of Light Internet Magazine and AstroEvolution.com.