Tune In, Chill Out, Let It Sprout by Mia Pokorny

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 2000, Issue 12

Tune In, Chill Out, Let It Sprout
by Mia Pokorny

“We did it!” She looked into his sparkling eyes, laughing joyously.

It all started a month ago after her decision to let go of all that did not resonate with her hence making available space to fill with new creations. They had met on an e-list, liking each other from the first line, so to speak. She had felt very attracted to his humor and he appreciated her sincerity. With every email they revealed more to each other; their relationship moved at a light-speed pace. Dropping off layer after layer they finally stood naked in front of each other, they had come to paradise to be innocent once again.

As magnificent as it was having met another conscious creator, another focus who claimed its god power, there were swamps of fearful beliefs to be crossed. Swamps with ugly-looking creatures living in it. Creatures that seemed so REAL. These were times to be traveled with compassion & patience. Would they choose to focus on their differences or oneness? Each equally valid; and that was probably the hardest of all to accept – no matter what they choose they would still be loveable for they were one. And they knew it. Now it was time to live their knowledge.

Amid the turbulence of stirred up emotions she couldn’t help but marvel at her own growth, the trust she had won in remembering her true nature, how much less she was impressed by the storms of fear-based beliefs whirling around her. There she stood, in her center, letting the gals bend but not break her, being aware of her roots firmly holding her.

“Yes, we did it,” he smiled happily. And then, he did what in his mind he had imagined over and over again, thus providing the grounds for its manifestation.  He kissed her.

One of the creatures from the swamp had been the geographical distance between them. How would they create meeting each other in person? And how would that be? Could they be sure to like each other? A courageous step to leave the safety of the internet and look each other into the eye. However, she knew without doubt that she wanted that adventure, if she wouldn’t go for it she would forever ask herself how it would have been … and there had been too many adventures unlived to allow that. It simply was a matter of growth and that seemed to have a dynamic of its own, unstoppable.

When they didn’t hang out in the swamps, they celebrated the new freedom they had found after unchaining their hearts, which allowed an openness to fall in love with each other. They fell until they remembered their unused wings; from that moment on they rose. Now they could sail over the swamps and from time to time, when they looked into the past or future, they encountered a fierce thunderstorm.

She tasted his kiss on her lips. Hmmmm! Her imagination had been pretty good but nothing like the real thing. That’s what’s so wonderful about manifestations, you create them with the intention of, “This or something even better.”

The first time he called her on the phone, her heart had beaten fast. Just 20 minutes earlier she had taken a nap. Before dozing off she had sent out her wish for him to call. Holy smoke, this really worked!

What were the thunderstorms about? Beliefs nestled comfortably in their minds, one of them was about the difference in age. Almost a quarter of a century. Could they be lovers when they could be father and daughter? Would they choose equality or stay with their rigid moral values? They decided to see eternal beings in each other, connected beyond time & space, one.

After this storm had passed they continued to fly, each of them with a thread in their beaks, one golden and the other rainbow colored, weaving the tapestry of their co-creation to meet in person. Enchanted by their curious adventurousness and child-like trust the universe couldn’t help itself but conspire with them and provide in miraculous ways.

Dolphin-like they played in the warm ocean of love, mostly like paradise except for the times when they got tangled up in the nets of illusions and forgot who they really are. Luckily these nets were so ancient that their strength was weary and they evaporated into the light of love when the dolphins wiggled a little bit.

One day she realized that their meeting would coincide with a rare planetary alignment which promised fertile grounds for positive changes. Amazing. This helped her see and therefore appreciate her magic! How beautiful a creation, everything just fell into place.

“So, this is how it feels when manifestation is completed,” she thought, “falling in love with an idea, watering it with your desire and before long watching in awe how it blossoms, bearing the fruits of your faith in it.” After holding each other for the longest time, they left the airport.

And then?

Did they get married on the beach, enjoyed their honeymoon in Hawaii and nine months later were delighted by the birth of their twins? Did they just stay friends? Did they eat chocolate until they burst? I don’t know. I hope they keep us posted, though.

PS: In case anyone thought differently for a moment, this story was made up in my mind from first letter to last period. Any similarities to actual people are nothing but coincidence. ;o)

©2000, Mia Pokorny. Printed in the June-July 2000 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal.  http://www.consciouscreation.com (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.)