Three Steps Into The Magical: Living the May 5th Alignment by John J. McNally

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 2000, Issue 12

Living the May 5th Alignment
by John J. McNally

As a reality creator, it is very easy to dismiss the concept of astrology; after all, if I create my own reality then how can the movements of the stars and planets actually affect my life?  It wouldn’t take too much exploration to back up this view either, most daily horoscopes and sun sign information are gross generalities, an attempt to appeal to Mass reality, which as we all know doesn’t really exist. <G>

As a reality creator though, I create everything around me as a reflection of myself. The Egyptian astronomers believed in this concept as well, recognizing that the cosmos existed within the body as well as without.  The trick is to remember that each of us is creating these planetary movements. The planets are actually the effect and WE are the cause.

On May 5th 2000, there was an alignment of most of the major planetary bodies. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were all within 26 degrees of each other, creating one of the largest conjunctions in the last 50 years.  Predictions about this event ranged from everyone being swept up into cosmic nirvana to total annihilation (is there any difference <G>,) but once again I remind you that such predictions are made for that non-existent mass reality.

My initial reaction to these kinds of predictions was to disregard the entire event completely, I knew confidently that the world as I perceived it would not change that radically during the event.  My personal experience turned out to be another story all together however; I spent the month of May physically living out a recurring nightmare.

For as long as I can remember, one of my scariest nightmares involved rats. In some dreams they would be infesting the house, in others I would wake up believing that they were in my bed. I would jump out of bed and have to strip off all the covers before I could go back to sleep.  Most of the time these dreams had to do with the feeling of things being out of control in my life, there were times however, when I couldn’t connect the dreams to any waking event.

Living out in the country, mice and rats are common, although we’ve rarely had problems with them in the house.  In early Spring, a rat got into our back hallway closet making a mess, and possibly chewed the wires on our heating unit shorting it out and leaving us with power in only half of our house for over a month.

Despite our attempts to keep them out, rats and mice continued to get in through the hole in the ceiling of the closet. Kristen flushed out one rat several times, and discovered a mother mouse with several babies living inside one of the boxes. We emptied the closet in order to give them nowhere to hide, hoping this would get rid of them, unfortunately that one rat kept coming back in, and now kept us up at night jumping around in its attempts to get back out again.

During the last week of April, after having flushed the rat out of the closet the day before.  I started our car only to see something gray shoot out from under the front wheel. The car, which normally runs fine sounded terrible. I thought the engine would stall any moment, a quick look under the hood revealed that the rat had been chewing on the fuel injection wires.  Now along with a half powered house, came a half powered car, it was drive-able but it ran extremely rough and threatened to stall when you accelerated too quickly.

As the alignment reached its peak we got power back in the house, and got the car repaired. If this was where the story ended I would say “big deal” but the best/worst was yet to come.

While I was on my way home from work, shortly after getting the car fixed the first time, I heard a strange thump come from the ventilation fan, and a horrid burning smell seconds later.  Apparently one of the mice had decided to commit suicide in our ventilation system.  I had to spend several agonizing days driving the car with the stink of a dead rat wafting toward me until we could get it to the dealer again to be extracted.

We were still having problems with the rat getting into our closet as well, we had taken to buying traps, which he sprung regularly but never got caught. One night he had managed to spring one of traps, and stack one glue board on top of the other in a perfect cross pattern. I had decided to check the car at night as well;  lo and behold there on the engine was a rat about 5 inches long, slinking away casually as I yelled in shock and anger.

I also distinctly heard one moving around in the car as I got into it on my way home from work.  I couldn’t tell if it was in the engine or in the car itself so I freaked. My emotional state was identical to that of when I wake up at night thinking there’s one in the bed. I had to move everything in the car, pulling up one of the floor mats and tossing it on the back seat because I thought I had seen movement there.  I was jittery and angry the whole way home, listening for any sign of movement within the car.

When I got home, I realized that something in me had changed. Up until that point I was reluctant to kill these creatures. Even when I had set the traps in the closet, I felt guilty doing it, I didn’t want to cause any harm.  HUH? Wait, what did I say there? Cause any harm? Whatever happened to everything being an agreement and there being no victims? Apparently I had reached a level of myself in which I didn’t really believe this.  The rats gift had been to push me until I realized this,  I had reached the point where I would (and did) kill them gladly in order to be rid of them.

This was the peak of the rat invasion and it settled down soon after. A few strategically placed traps by the car’s front tires got rid of the perpetrators. A combination of staples, steel wool, and screening finally made the hole in the closet rat proof. We had been putting mothballs under the car hood as a repellent for a while, but even that is fading.

The alignment had some powerful effects on other people I know of as well. Kristen had a serious back pain for several weeks, only to be followed by a pulled muscle in her leg. At the hospital where I work, the patient census was up, mainly due to births and heart attacks.  A woman I work with, who has been talking about “going through the changes” since I’ve known her, suddenly needed an immediate hysterectomy, another woman I work with has taken her first airplane ride and real vacation- ever. All of these people are expressing this sudden surge of energy in unique and individual ways, the energy bringing forward what they most needed to deal with at that time in their lives.

This is the real nature of alignments, personal energy brought outward and reflected by the stars, not the other way around.  You are the center of your universe, everything else, no matter how seemingly large or powerful is only a holographic projection of your own being.

(c)2000, John McNally.  Published in the June-July 2000 issue of the online Conscious Creation Journal.   Feel free to copy this article for personal use – please include this copyright notice.