Picture This… by M.M. Haffner

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 2000, Issue 12

Picture This…
by M.M. Haffner

……living in a reality, (This reality) where the ONLY thing that exists….is what is continually held within your FOCUS. –NOTHING– exists by itself, everything has it’s existence ONLY thru Your –Focusing Upon–

BUT then, picture living in a reality, (This reality) where the above -could be- intimately Known by certain groups who want Power over…….SO, it’s made sure that the populace is “allowed” or a better word would be “Molded”…..only to FOCUS on certain things, in order to “hold back” this populace.

All kinds of “Names” are evolved, to hide the fact that these “Namings” are simply Continued –Focusing Upons–, and a mass infrastructure is set up, to keep the “Namings” ongoing.

The whole Medical and Pharmaceutical field, is one example. They have it down as for as the “Namings” are concerned. But see, they have run out of one words phrases, and now they have to start using multiple words to “Name” and “identify” diseases.

Have you heard of the new one?
—–The “Feeling-Tired-And-Run-Down-Syndrome”….F.T.A.R.D Syndrome.

Or here, take these chemicals to fix your mind, when in fact could it not be the system itself that is screwing up your mind?

Keep it going, is the motto of Society, keep the “Namings” going, in order to not let people know the simple truth.

–==What You Focus On -WILL- Expand==–

Take a look at the word “Economy”. The very word means “not enough of.” This is Complete Bullshit, there is Pure Abundance everywhere. At this very second what you are, is Infinite Awareness, Infinite Energy, so how can you NOT have enough abundance? Very simple, because of the constant ‘brainwashing’ going on day in and day out……..

Now the thing is, there IS no such thing as “money”……..think about it, what you think of as money, is ONLY a Representation of a concept. But the concept is flawed, as you can see, the Mass awareness is ‘funneled’ into believing that there is NO such thing as Abundance…….and then, what do you have? Why this society, of course.

On a very simpler scale, our little friend, Mr. Greenspan* has “fallen” perfectly into this little trap, by thinking the “economy” needs to be “slowed down”, by raising interest rates, for the “good” of us all. Here we have all this Huge NEW financial Awareness that has been brought to this planet, and that Idiot has the power to slow it down………….only for now though, Hmm.

This last phrase “only for now, though”, jettisons us into the last and most important part of this little article.

It is the realization that there is something Massive and Invisible that’s going on. The people who are Aware, can see it somewhat, the people who are un-aware are scratching their heads, wondering what the hell is going on.

In a nutshell, it’s basically this. People are realizing the COMPLETE absurdity of defining one’s self as Limited.

You have seen proof on the Internet, the stock market, and the “economy” in the last year.

This awareness is Contagious and is moving from person to person. The “powers that be” are not entirely to happy about this, but there is Nothing they can do about it. They can briefly implement new plans, to try and stop it, but the momentum is way too strong, and it then comes crushing back, rolling right over whatever has been planned.

Connected to this belief (unconsciously) with most people is the other part of this awareness. This was defined at the very top of this article.

If you use this awareness conciously, it catapults you into a totally new realm of physical existence.

No longer do you use the paradigm of the last 20,000, but you are using a brand new paradigm, that sees the REASON why things happen.

Then the “impossibility” of healing diseases and stopping the death process, is simplicity itself. Almost too simple, because of the way this “formulae” works. That being another thing in itself, by the way.

Your friend, someone you know, has a disease? Teach yourself the above, then apply this to the situation, then you’ll be asking yourself, why was I FOCUSING on this aspect of the person for so long, and not FOCUSING on the other aspect?

Then think about, what happens, if more and more and more and more people start thinking in this manner?

When life is apprached from this angle, it is so simple…..BUT conversely, it is seen how Easy it is to FALL right back into forgetting that FOCUSING creates Everything. BECAUSE, this “Process” is SO intimately connected to who you are.

Try this, go thru your days, look at the things that happen to you, and soon you’ll see that Everything that is coming to you, is ONLY by virture of your Ever-constant FOCUSING UPON. Some of it your Own FOCUSING UPON, and some of it given to you by what Society believes.


—What happens when you see that the only thing that exists, is –FOCUSING UPON–

Then the sky really does become the limit….. or I should say Un-limit. (watch out for those damn “sayings”.)

* Chairman of the Federal Reserve

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