Magic & Manifestations – June-July 2000

Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 2000, Issue 12

Magic & Manifestations

Tickets to See Paul McCartney

I recently came upon your CC Journal and have a true manifestation story to tell.  This happened about ten years ago, well before I had ever heard much about manifesting our reality.

I was out for a lunchtime run, with a set of radio headphones on.  I was feeling strong and positive when the deejay announced that the radio station’s van was parked at a local gas station and they were signing people up for a drawing to be held later in the month for a trip to Seattle to see Paul McCartney.  I remember thinking to myself, “I can win that trip!”  I ran over to the gas station and signed an entry form.  I told the radio station guy that I was going to win as I deposited the slip into the box. “Yeah, right,” he probably thought. “You and a thousand other people!”

I thought about the trip quite a bit over the next few weeks – attaching a lot of positive energy to the “idea”.  I probably told my wife that my name was going to be drawn a dozen different times.

The morning of the drawing, I almost stayed home from work just to answer the phone – I was feeling that positive that I’d be called, but I drove to work anyway.  The minute I got to work somebody told me to call my wife at her place of employment, so I did.  She gushed into the phone that someone had just heard my name announced over the radio and that I needed to call in right away.  I called, and sure enough, they had drawn my name, just like I “knew” they would.

My wife and I flew to Seattle, spent three nights there at the radio station’s expense, and saw Paul McCartney and his band in one of his last American tours.

An interesting postscript:  About five years later, my wife had her name drawn from a different radio station for a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to see Brooks & Dunn in concert. We attended that concert too!  My wife figured that if I could win a concert trip – she could too!

– Mark Salo

The Power OVER Television

The other night I was watching Ally McBeal (a lawyer sitcom) on tv and I was getting REALLY annoyed with the plot – it was getting boring and predictable and kinda harsh.

So I was telling John what I’d rather see… “They’re making John Cage’s character fall into the background and be really non-existant and he should be more in the forefront.  And the writing’s lacking a little cohesiveness and cleverness – like remember that trial John Cage did where he appealed to the jury using the movie “The MusicMan” that they watched in their hotel rooms that night?  And the characters don’t feel ‘right’ to me – they’re like little children bickering and it’s boring – they need something to bring back the feeling of the show.”  I was about to cross it off my list of ‘watchable’ shows.

Well, RIGHT after that, during the last five minutes of this episode (celebrating Ally’s 30th birthday at the bar.)  Suddenly, John Cage’s character gets up on stage and starts talking about the song he’s going to sing especially for Ally, his best friend, who helped him come out of his isolative tendencies.  The song he’s picked to sing is from the musical “Music Man” and had really cool, touching lyrics about not knowing magic until she came into his life, etc.  It ended the show on such a positive note and had ALL of the details I’d mentioned, almost entirely TOO perfectly!  <GG>

The lesson?  When you don’t like something, just start talking from the heart and off the cuff about what you feel would be better instead and then just sit back and watch!

– Kristen Fox